It’s a new month!

                                                    Karensbrae team at homeDecember 1st so we’ll do seasonal with a shot of the Karensbrae gang at home. Even though they live in the North of Scotland they rarely get snow because they live near to the coast but not this time!

Snow on the ground and temperatures on the way down but another first. Remember the Glen of Imaal Terrier who was driving the owner crazy because of its quest to get out to find and kill myxamatosied rabbits? Can you think of anywhere else the “little visitors” that are currently residing on the Glen are from? Winter fleas….boy oh boy!

There is now a picture of Daisy pounding around the ring at the Amsterdam Winners on the blog of the 29th.

Amsterdam Winners…to finish off the International Week

Champion Daisy DownutThe biggest dog show of the year in The Netherlands is the Amsterdam Winners. Under judge I. Borchorst Best of Breed Glen of Imaal Terrier was Daisy and Best Dog was Buster, the third year on the trot he has taken such an award. Obviously foreign travel appeals to them (and Jean)