Keep Calm…..and be prepared

We don’t know if or when some heritable health condition will again “pop up” in our lovely breed … but if it ever does, let’s be prepared!

It is easy to take 5 cheek swabs from your Glen of Imaal Terrier … and send them to the Animal Health Trust (AHT), along with a copy of your Glen’s pedigree and a simple health form …

The more samples we have stored at the AHT, the quicker a research project can “get off the ground” … so please “do YOUR bit” for the breed and request a swab kit … and return it to the AHT!

Here’s what you will find in a swab kit:

You can find a video demonstrating how to take swabs and an online swab kit request form here:

Thank you for your support!


Fancy a bit of volunteering?

Calling all volunteers!

If you love the Animal Health Trust, horse racing and/or cycling and don’t live too far from Newmarket, then we have some volunteering opportunities that might be right for you. Volunteering is a great way to help support a charity, meet new people, experience new things and we need some keen volunteers to help us at the below events.

To sign up to volunteer, just email for more information.

AHT at Royal Windsor Horse Show

We’re thrilled to announce that the AHT, in its 75th year, is the first Equine Charity of the Year at Royal Windsor Horse Show next week (10 – 14 May). So if you’re visiting the show, or watching it on TV, look out for the AHT!

Bucket collectors wanted for Newmarket Charity Race Day – Saturday 10 June

If you like horse racing you could help represent the AHT on its annual charity race day at the July Course in Newmarket. Every year we are lucky enough to have volunteers run a bucket collection at the end of the day’s entertainment, often raising well over £1,000 in a short amount of time!

Marshals needed for charity cycle ride – Sunday 25 June

We’re delighted to be the benefiting charity of the Newmarket Hilly Sportive on Sunday 25 June and need volunteers to help marshal the event and make sure the cyclists make their way round the course safely. If you like cycling, this will be a great event to be involved in as the competitors will find that Suffolk isn’t as flat as you might think!

rwhs-logo-enews Support the AHT at Royal Windsor Horse Show

If you’re off to Royal Windsor Horse Show next week (lucky you!) look out for the AHT! We’ll be at the show promoting our work to improve the lives of dogs, cats – and especially horses! – as the Show’s Equine Charity of the Year. Visit our stand in the Shopping Village to find out more about our work, buy merchandise or make a donation.

Gift Shop Volunteer needed!

If you’re looking for more regular volunteer work, we are always grateful for the help of volunteers in our Gift Shop and Visitor’s Centre.

For more information, please contact

 PHONE: 01638 555648 FAX: 01638 555604 EMAIL: INFO@AHT.ORG.UK
REGISTERED ADDRESS: Lanwades Park, Kentford, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 7UU
If you no longer wish

Give A Dog A Genome

The launch of The Kennel Club/Animal Health Trust Give A Dog a Genome project is an exciting time for all pedigree dog breeds. The chance to be included in the initial 50, and so get £1,000 donated towards costs by the KC Charitable Trust, is a wonderful opportunity. Glen of Imaal Terriers have registered interest to be included and will have a representative at the AHT Seminar on Friday 26th to present questions that have been forwarded. It is intended that those answers will be with the Breed Clubs over the weekend for discussion by the Committees before an absolute final decision is made.

From the KC to Glen of Imaal Terrier owners

The Kennel Club, on behalf of the Glen of Imaal Terrier breed clubs, would like to let you know how you and your Glen can help with important health initiatives​ for your wonderful breed.

Health Records and Surveys

Please help the Glen of Imaal Terrier breed clubs monitor the health of the breed by recording any health events that occur during your dog’s lifetime in this compact booklet and/or online at MyKC, and completing any health surveys that will be sent out from time to time.

DNA Archive at the Animal Health Trust

The breed clubs are keen to encourage all Glen of Imaal Terrier owners to support the Glen DNA Archive at the Animal Health Trust. You can make a valuable contribution to future research on inherited conditions by taking five simple cheek swabs from your Glen and sending them to the AHT. For more information, and a video demonstrating how to take the swabs click here.


The Royal Veterinary College’s VetCompass project works with a number of UK veterinary practices to collect anonymised clinical data for research that will benefit the health and welfare of all animals. If not already part of this nationwide project, please do ask your veterinary practice to consider joining VetCompass. For more information, click here.

If you would like further information about the Glen or wish to join a breed club, please click on the following links, where you will find contact details for the club secretaries and health coordinators:

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club (EFG)

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association (GOITA)

Yours sincerely,

Bonnie-Marie Abhayaratne
Health and Breeder Research Assistant
The Kennel Club

Smile please

This was sent just before Christmas. It shows the Vice Chairman and Secretary  of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Association, Mel & Anne Hardy, meeting the Princess Royal at the Animal Health Trust on the opening of the new cancer centre. They were invited to attend as a donation to the cause had been made by the Association. For a small breed Glen people certainly seem to do their bit for health.

Serious bummer or any other word you would prefer

All year Glen of Imaal Terrier people have been waiting for some news. You haven’t pushed us, we haven’t pushed them…well, not to be begin with anyway.

Back when the Kennel Club Charitable Trust gave the grant to the EFG  (on behalf of Glen of Imaal Terriers) one of the provisos was that, if the gene could be found, it would be very appreciated if the Animal Health Trust could have the test for inclusion in the services they offered. We all know that Optigen and Bochum discovered it seemingly within about 30 seconds of each other. We all know that the test has been adopted with enthusiasm by the international Glen community. We all expected it just to be a matter of time before the AHT included it on their list as Bochum had instantly made it available to them. We are all to be disappointed.

This is part of an email from the AHT “Due to the nature of the genetic change involved, the test would not fit in with our diagnostic procedures. I had hoped that we would be able to get round that but I am sorry to say that we haven’t been able to do that yet, and I cannot justify committing any further resources when your members do already have the option to have the test done at two different laboratories.” Needless to say we have contested this VERY strongly but the decision has made.This now leaves us with the choices of Optigen or Bochum University who both will continue to provide us with the necessary testing.

OptiGen will be offering their Winter Discount Days for online entries starting January 2nd through January 16th. Entries need to be made during that time using the code Happy2012 for the maximum discount of 25%. Clients will have up to 30 days from the date of their online request to get samples to OptiGen for testing. For more information, please contact Becky at (001) 607-257-0301 or email

It isn’t just dogs…

A lot of discussion has been going on recently about genetic testing and problems with close breeding. It would be easy to think that it only concerned dogs but other species are also going down that route. Today the Animal Health Trust announced the discovery of a marker for “Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome”, something that affects Fell and Dales and potentially any mixed-breed pony related to either of them. Maybe the “mongrels are healthier” cry isn’t as true as some like to think?