As Crufts was mentioned yesterday…..

Crufts schedules are already out. Terrier Day is Friday March 9th and Glen of Imaal Terriers are 2nd in Ring 6, Hall 1. Fran Kaye is to be the judge of the day. Online entries don’t close until January 22nd. If you are coming from overseas though and don’t already have an Authority To Compete with your dog you will need to apply for this by December 22nd AT THE LATEST. No overseas entries will be accepted without an ATC and Crufts have said that this will be the cut off date for applications.

Crufts (postal) closing on Monday

Postal entries for Crufts 2016 close on January 4th (next Monday). If you haven’t got a schedule yet it can be downloaded but be warned that it is a biggie. If you are coming from abroad and need an Authority To Compete (ATC) for your Glen of Imaal Terrier, or any other breed, that can now be done online.