Only away for ten minutes…..

…and some really interesting things happen!

The Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare reports and OFCOM doesn’t. APGAW is lengthy so that needs to be read with (at least) two mugs of tea. OFCOM should have reported last Monday but didn’t as the BBC threw a giant flounce and got it stopped. Exactly, how come???? Just why is the BBC so desperate to object to a little programme about dogs? It is no secret now that OFCOM found that three of the Complaints were justified so why the histrionics from the Beeb? Just why is so much tax payer money being used to object again and again? IT gets more fascinating by the hour!! Reports of the non report can be read here and here

Is this the reason?

We have all wondered why Pedigree Dogs Exposed took place with the seeming blessing and co-operation of the Kennel Club. Just maybe the answer was found in the weekend cupboard clear out.

Anybody remember “Passion for Pedigree?” It’s a television programme that has totally slipped from the memory. Back in the late 90s the BBC had an “educational and documentary” programme called Modern Times and under that banner Passion for Pedigree was commissioned. A tape of that programme was amongst all the others. Filming was allowed in Clarges Street itself and the camera was even present at a Committee meeting. Chairing was Miss Churchill and one of the committee members was a Mr R Irving. Miss Churchill was also responsible for “explaining” pedigree dogs and the job of the Kennel Club; it was glorious! At one point you can nearly hear the person she is speaking to attempt to ask a question. Miss Churchill pauses just a fraction and gives THAT look. Miss C isn’t interrupted again!

The entire programme shows pedigree dog people as gently eccentric and a bit odd but generally nice people. It even showed a Pekingese self-whelping a litter which wouldn’t have happened in last year’s BBC documentary on pedigree dogs! Ten years on from Passion for Pedigree did a certain committee member remember something we had all forgotten about and decide he would become Sybil?

Animal Planet, ITV or Horse & Country?

Well was it the BBC that said “bye-bye” or the Kennel Club that said “push off”? It’ll never really be known because each side will run their version of the story to suit their own supporters but what an opportunity for the Kennel Club and if it was them; good on ya.

No more having to schedule the timings of Crufts to fit around the BBC. No more having to have silly presenters that obviously have little interest, if any at all. If it goes to Horse and Country there won’t even be the aggrevation of having to gear things for the American market. Nice words have been said by some of the heirachy about what Horse and Country did with Discover Dogs so is that an indicator where the Clarges Street affections may lie?  We know where ours lie….with a member of the family. Yes, a Horse and Country producer was a Glen of Imaal Terrier owner but then again the recent ITV programme on dogs showed that Martin Clunes seemed to “get” the point.

BBC v Crufts….latest Part 2!!

It is so tempting to do a conspiracy theory but one must behave. The first letter BBC v Crufts letter evidently doesn’t exist…well it does but it doesn’t mean what it says…read on:-

I must apologise that a mistake made in our complaints handling system meant that you were sent an explanation of why the BBC shows Crufts.

This was our reply to viewers who had contacted us telling us they generally felt that the event was cruel and pre-dates the transmission of ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’.

Following the broadcast of ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’ we are in discussions with the Kennel Club about our coverage of Crufts and this has been our reply to others who also contacted us following the transmission of the programme

That letter is from a BBC “head of” rather than a BBC editor so will the next letter be from a controller?? So does this now mean what dog people wanted-forget the BBC and go with a more dog friendly channel-will actually happen? probably not because whatever anybody says the BBC still has a contract to run so they won’t back out. Unless they can find a way to do it that won’t cost them money

BBC v Crufts…the latest?

A forwarded letter from Nick Vaughn-Evans, Editor BBC events, contains the following regarding Crufts which certainly seems to indicate the event will still remain with the corporation.

“events like this remain freely practised, responsibly governed, and attract a significant level of public support, we will continue to cover them. This does not mean that we are taking sides on a controversial issue (in fact we are prevented from doing so by our Charter), it merely reflects our concern to serve the legitimate interests of our audience”