He came out of the cheap seats…

…and yes we were moved!

At Crufts it’s a long wait for Best In Show on Sunday night but one individual (no gentleman would appear without a tie) decided to liven things up a bit. Admittedly he wouldn’t have got past the “fit” bit of the KC slogan but it was possible to see that he was entire.

Getting better and better!

Two group placings and now, pause for fanfare, a Best In Show! Yes, you read that right and it is something that isn’t often read in Glendom. The Dunc (Amhard Damson Sauce and it has to be full name for SUCH an event) took Best In Show at Bury Sporting Terrier. Second pause for frantic clapping.

If Best In Show with a Glen isn’t an exactly common occurence it follows that a judge who has awarded it to a Glen of Imaal Terrier isn’t that common either. Eileen Foy, the replacement judge for National Terrier, can have that claim to fame twice; once at Manchester Sporting Terrier with Tom and once at Birmingham Gundog and Terrier with Bogglin.