Birmingham Gundog & Terrier critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

Junior: 1) Bendikes Fidelma. Not a bad type, head okay, dark eye, good ear set and carriage. Turns front pasterns tad too much. Coat not at its best but enough coverage & good colour. Would prefer more rise over the loin & had no drive moving out. Excellent temperament.

Post Graduate: 1) Jeonty Yippee Kiaye. Another blue, very good head, eye dark & wide open black nostrils. Ears mostly in repose. Strong forechest, good shoulder & very good padded feet. Hind action okay if a bit zig zag at times. Another one whose coat needs attention.

Open: 1) Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty. This is a dog I didn’t care much for as a youngster but my word has he come on. More balanced & more together on the move (tad long hock to heel). Has bodied up well, front assembly very good, head planes correct & ears held nicely. Black nose & good eye colour. 2 years old but all coming together. BOB and Group 2. 2) Donvaleset Rafferty at Viahninns. Shorter coupled dog. Nice head/bite but far too much hair obscuring. Would prefer a tad more length to forelegs, little rise over the loin. Not a bad mover but a bit close behind.

Thank you to exhibitors. Most dogs present needed some ringcraft training and presentation technique. All tremperaments were good.

Pam Aldous-Town (Judge)


Busy weekend for beauty AND brains!

Busy weekend for Glen of Imaal Terrier people with two shows at the same venue on the same day, something well known in the States, but not in the UK. The EFG Open Show was held in the morning and Birmingham Gundog & Terrier in the afternoon with respective entries of just over and just under 30-the Glens giving the biggest entry in the Terrier Group at G&T. EFG Judge Roger Cruden certainly found as type he liked with Best In Show going to Bregorrey Madam Defiance and Best Dog (RBIS) to her brother Bregorrey Wannabe Victory by Jeonty. Their dam Brockland Belle Bregorrey was Best Veteran overall and her brother Brockland Blackadder at Malsville was Veteran Dog Winner. Best Puppy went to Romainville Razzamatazz with her brother, Roaminville Becks Blue for Zippor (nice to see that affix back in the Glen ring) Puppy Dog. The well admired clock went home with Cresta Garner, the ring number draw was won by Jean Rogers and the catalogue prize went to Gee Noone. At Gundog & Terrier Tony Hadley awarded BOB to Romainville Billy Wizz, BOS to Jeonty Maybee Daysee and Best Puppy to Jeonty Mini MeMe who made the cut in the Terrier Group.

At Tallinn Winners2016 BOB was Gleann Cotton Cody with BOS going to Gleann Una Noonan whilst at Vassa International Ungus MacGuire kept the Gleann flag flying with Best of Breed with Pearytail Candy McCoy Best Bitch.

Griffin (Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystoke) continued to show his abilities in the coursing field with getting his 10th & 11th coursing legs and so his Coursing Ability Advanced Title. Monique Oliver writes “What an amazing weekend! Oliver participated in 2 Performance Scent Dogs trials, Saturday in eastern PA and Sunday in MA. He qualified in 5 classes, coming in first in Excellent Exteriors both days, second in Excellent Distance & Excellent Buildings, and third in Advanced Speed earning a title in that class. The big news is my Oliver and another dog became the first dogs to ever earn the overall Advanced level PSD title!!!”

Huge congratulations to everybody


EFG Open Show entries close on Monday

Entries close on Monday(postmark) for the EFG Open Show. The show is on April 17th at SPORTS CONNEXION, LEAMINGTON ROAD, RYTON On DUNSMORE, COVENTRY. CV8 3FL. It is the 20th year of the EFG and many Specials are on offer.

Best in Show will take home £10 and there is £5 for Reserve Best In Show, Best Puppy and Best Veteran. Four special trophies will also be awarded. There is a catalogue prize draw for a Glen of Imaal Terrier print and each entry to the show will receive a commemorative glass. Royal Canin are sponsoring so there will be their generous dog food specials also.

The show is held in conjunction with Birmingham Gundog & Terrier (10 classes-judge Tony Hadley) which also schedules Glens so two shows, with two different judges, can be done for one set of travelling costs!

Entries for both shows can be handed in at National Terrier-see Rachel Leeson for BG&T-but separate envelopes are needed!

Have you done it yet?

You picked your EFG Open Show schedule up at Crufts (or downloaded it from the website), you made the mental note to fill it in and send it but have you actually done it yet? It’s unusual these days to get the chance of food, money, specials, trophies and other goodies at a show but it’s all there for the taking…..and you can do two shows in one day with a venue being shared with Birmingham Gundog & Terrier  with 10 breed classes being offered

Are you ready for Sunday at Crufts?

Some Glen of Imaal Terrier people have started travelling, some have arrived already and the majority have yet to start the journey to the NEC for the best day of the event; Terrier Day. Of course have a great trip whatever stage you are of the journey and we’ll see you there and hopefully, if you’re a super long distancer, it isn’t going too badly up to yet. It’s preaching to the converted of course but have you got the comfy shoes found? The headache tablets in the bag? The passes to get in? The map in the car in case roadworks overrun? and have you remembered to get (and set) a couple of alarm clocks for the 9.00am judging start? If you have promised to pay Jean (and Noel) your 2016 EFG (and GOITA) memberships please put the money in an envelope with your name on the outside-it saves a heap of money all rattling around together and then them getting home with a “whose was that?” cry.

There will be Schedules for the EFG Open Show available so if you can’t remember where you put yours from before Christmas…….also entries can be handed in (hint, hint). The EFG Open Show marks the 20th Year since beginning so it’s a bit special. Besides the monetary Specials there are one off trophies to be won and rather an excellent raffle prize for any Glen of Imaal Terrier owner or fancier.

ClockOf course we’d love to see you but you don’t have to actually be there to have a chance of owning this. The “limited” calendar was so successful this is to be a “limited” raffle. 52 playing cards will be available at £1 per card so if you’d like a chance of owning it just email jean ( and tell her what card you would like, maybe the 10 of hearts is your lucky card. That card will then have your name on it and is then unavailable.

After the judging of the Open Show an unopened pack of cards will be handed to the judge to break open and pick a card out. That card will then be matched up to the name on the card in the named pack and the clock will be yours.

Remember as well that the EFG Open Show is held in conjunction with Birmingham Gundog & Terrier and this year they have allocated 10 classes for Glens with breed judge Tony Hadley. Two shows, two judges, one set of travelling costs, specials, prizes, how can you go wrong!

And don’t forget Sunday is BIRTHDAY CAKE day. 20 years of the EFG is to be celebrated with any and all friends of Glen of Imaal Terriers. As judging is so flippin’ early it’ll give plenty of time afterwards

EFG Open Show entries close tomorrow!

Entries close tomorrow (March 26th) for the EFG Open Show on Sunday April 19th. It is held in conjunction with Birmingham Gundog & Terrier so two shows can be had for one set of travelling costs! There is the usual generous sponsorship from Royal Canin and the BIS will also take home £10 with £5 each respectively for RBIS, Best Veteran & Best Puppy. Ryton On Dunsmore is easy to get to from all parts of the country so why not give it a go!

2015_open_show_schedule (This will download as a .pdf is you’ve forgotten where you’ve put your schedule) Birmingham Gundog & Terrier have their schedule on Fosse data.


A couple of Parish notices

The Annual General Meeting of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club is to be held on March 22nd. As items for the agenda need to be with Jean four weeks before the window is fast closing for submissions. Full details can be found on the website

You’ll also notice details of the Open Show on the same page…have you sent your entry yet? The Open Show will be in the morning and Birmingham Gundog & Fox Terrier will be scheduling Glens in the afternoon. This will mean to shows, two different judges, can be done for one lot of travelling costs. If you’ve misplaced your EFG Schedule it can be downloaded from the website. A Birmingham G&T one can also be downloaded.

and the numbers are….

The first Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club (EFG) Open Show is next Sunday. It’s Easter Sunday so would people come? The answer is yes with an entry of 26 for judge Patsy Hollings. With money (quite a bit), dog food (quite a lot), Easter eggs (a heck of a lot) and even an exhibitor draw everybody should go home with something. So if you want to see Glen of Imaal Terriers in a rather more relaxed setting than a Championship Show do visit the Sports Connexion, Ryton-On-Dunsmore, CV8 3FL Sunday morning. As it’s also Birmingham Gundog & Terrier you can get to see quite a few other breeds as well.

Closing this weekend!

Entries for the first EFG Open Show close this weekend. The Schedule is online or one can be obtained by post from Jean Rogers, Hedge Green Cottage, Blackjack Road, Swineshead, Boston. PE20 3HH. There are rosettes galore to be won and that old fashioned thing of money will also be taken home by a lucky few. Stain glass Glens from America, the only ones in the country (we believe), will make a couple of exhibitors very happy. Royal Canin have been very generous with their sponsorship and we thank them for their individual class “goodies” as well as larger bags of food for Best In Show, Reserve Best In Show, Best Puppy In Show and Best Veteran.

The show is being held in conjunction with Birmingham Gundog & Terrier so will give a great opportunity to do two shows, with two different judges, for only one lot of travelling expenses. Their schedule is also online and yes the date of the show is Easter Sunday so just think of the Easter eggs that might be donated…..hint, hint if anybody would like to follow that up talk to Jean!

Ryton-On-Dunsmore is a very central location and easily accessible off the motorway from any direction.


WELKS & Birmingham G&T critiques.

WELKS (Glen of Imaal Terrier)


Puppy dog< Romainville  Rock on ,George and Sullivan, Strong blue dog,well muscled.good strong head with a good stop,good ear set,bite level. good front,good topline and good strong shoulders, moved ok best puppy.

Junior dog< Pajantick Star Trooper,Mrs J.Withers. good wheaten yearling good strong head with a fair stop fair ear set,good bite.good  strong front. good topline on the move and moved very well, well muscled and boned,good coat. It will be interesting to see how this dog matures. Best Junior RBD.

2)Rogame Alfie, George and Sullivan. Nice wheaten yearling nice head,good ear set .stop fair good bite,good coat and top line fair muscled,move fair.

Open Dog< Romainville Billy Whizz, George and Sullivan Excellent dog,large, he has matured well ,strong,broad head with a good stop and bite,good ear set good strong front.good topline on the move, good coat and moved well. BD,BOB


PGD< Romainville Jean Jeanie a nice brindle bitch good head with good stop,good ear set and bite,good front and top line,nice coat ,moved fair just out of season.

2)Romainville Brigid of Pines, Betts and Sharpe a nice brindle bitch good,head and ear set,stop fair good front and a good harsh coat, well muscled and moved well. this bitch just would not stand and show itself which was a great shame as it may well have got best bitch.

It was nice to see some good strong dogs out on display with good heads and decent type it will be interesting to see how the junior dogs mature in the next 2 years. On muscle 3 of these stood out and it told in the result it was close in both dog and bitch for best of sex. Thank you to my stewards who were excellent and the exhibitors.

S.G.Holmes (Judge)


Thanks to everyone who supported me in my first B list appointment.

Junior 2 (1A)

1st Rogers Jeonty Meme Fern    very eyecatching 7 month old wheaten bitch.  Beautiful coat and condition, delightful expression.  Nice profile and good bone. Great on the move & handled well.  Looking forward to seeing her as she grows.  Definately one to watch for the future. Best Puppy

Post Graduate. 1st  Ashcrofts Romainville Moira  very pretty wheaten bitch.  Pleasing head and good overall shape, nice eye, correct mouth.  Moved well.

Open 3 (1A) 1st Whitehouse & Mcbrine’s Romainville Kyla at Knockcarrig.  Wheaten bitch. Lovely feminine expression, correct mouth, pleasing eye. Good profile, bone and moved very well.  BOB

2nd Ashcroft’s Romainville Typhoon Brindle dog.  Nice type, correct mouth, well muscled and in good coat.  Bit unsettled in the ring, (think he was a bit confused to see me in the middle of it!) RBOB.

Nicki Montford (Judge)