The year is running away…

Not even Crufts yet and Blackpool schedule is the latest to come through the door. It’s very efficient to send them out so early but how many people can find them in ten weeks time? And the answer isn’t to send them off immeadiately because who can say what coats etc. will be like by June. We’ll try and remind you when closing dates are approaching but it works both ways….you’ll have to remind us!

Schedule roundup

January still but Championship Show schedules for the late Spring/early Summer are arriving thick and fast. Judges for Glen of Imaal Terriers are:-

SCOTTISH KENNEL CLUB-Alan Small. A Terrier man who has judged Glens for quite a few years. His second set of Challenge Certificates, his first at WKC 2007 with the top awards going to Daisy and Homer.

BATH-Karen Forbes (No CCs). A Glen of Imaal owner since 1996. Living in the north of Scotland but has the only Show Certificate of Merit for a Glen and a Champion.

THREE COUNTIES-Jean Rogers (No CCs). A Glen of Imaal owner since 1988. Dominated the “of the Year” competitions for 15 years, three Champions bred in one litter.

BLACKPOOL-Peter Chappell (No CCs). A Terrier man with a long connection to Glen of Imaals so possibly a waste of a judge with only four classes scheduled.

Down, down, waaaay down.

This weekend is Blackpool Show and the Glen of Imaal Terrier is a great big one only. Next on the calendar is East of England and there is only an entry of nine there.  The recent Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Show only had 21 entries and the majority of those belonged to the Committee; what in tarnation is happening?

Were the “doom and gloom” merchants correct? That was what the people were called who said that the awarding of Challenge Certificates to the breed would be a huge negative. CCs at some shows would mean shows without would see a reduction in entries so judges wouldn’t get the practice. This would mean judges appointed with a “huh, what are they to do with Glens?” so there would be even less entries. Some would say the answer would be to give CCs at all shows but

a) Where would the judges come from?

b) What exactly would be gained? Other than a chance to spend a lot more money on entry fees

The last non CC terrier breed, the Cesky, has just been turned down by the Kennel Club for tickets & their people are not really grieved about it at all. Have their owners and (maybe the KC) looked at what happened to the last terrier breed awarded?