Boxing Day-a tradition lives on!

We were giving ourselves the Christmas week off but the reports from Boxing Day say the “holiday” should be curtailed and as it has been suggested…….

The Glen of Imaal must be one of the few remaining Terrier breeds that still has legitimately docked puppies and this can be done because members of our community still work their dogs. Glen owners, both with working dogs and ones who supported the right to choose, were there on the Countryside Alliance marches but the Government was so wrapped up in its “class wars” ideal that everything which indicated they were wrong (scientific studies, their OWN inquiry) was ignored. So 5 years on how is the traditional Boxing day meet of the hunts seen in the media?

The Telegraph, Sunday Times, Yorkshire Post and The Independent are some of the papers that all believe that the Boxing Day meet of 2009 will be the last held before their is a possible repeal on the ban because nobody can really, in all honesty, quite see why it came into being!