Oct-Dec 2018

The Kennel Club Breed Record Supplement for the final quarter of 2018 is out. Glen of Imaal Terriers registered 48 for the year, exactly the same as 2017. Somebody, somewhere (as Crufts is here soon) will attempt to get a few lines in the press about “Vulnerable Breeds” and as Glens are in the bottom five of registration figures they may decide to use us. After the debacle of the “rare as giant pandas” year and managing to get that headline off the BBC website when we proved it was false the request went to the Kennel Club NOT to use Glens again and, up to yet, they have been as good as their word but time has passed and people in the KC Press Department have moved on.

Let’s do figures. Four litters were born late on last year that didn’t make the BRS, and Glens don’t generally one have singleton pups. Already this year four bitches have been-or are about to be-mated. Eight litters in a few months….not a lot if you are in a numerous breed but if the Gods are smiling it’ll mean more pups than all of last year’s registration figures.

The figure that everybody needs to know and remember though is this one:12. Twelve, an imperial dozen, the number of roses in a bouquet before we went metric and the number of Glen of Imaal Terriers that needed assistance by Rescue last year. Let’s do it this way as we’re doing figures; the equivalent of 25% of last year’s entire Glen of Imaal Terrier KC registration number had problems. Does this bring home what figures can mean? Absolutely nothing, absolutely everything and already this year, just eight weeks in, five more Glen of Imaal Terriers have been have been notified to Rescue.

Glens may be on the KC Vulnerable Breed list but they are not for everybody. They are not a breed that is cute. They are not fur babies. They are not a dog to be owned on a whim and are most certainly not a breed to take on unless you know what you are doing and what a Glen is. It’s appreciated that not many know that much about Glens so BREED BUDDIES (Here To Help) has been launched this year and the Glen of Imaal Quiz is designed to make you think.

Breed Buddies

Last year twelve Glen of Imaal Terriers needed assistance in the UK; the sort of assistance that meant a change of home and already this year four have come to notice. Quite a proportion of these have been due to wrong decisions by their owners. It’s easy to see how gorgeous a Glen is and to get carried away with enthusiasm but what happens when the bundle of teddy bear fluff is a stroppy teenager or a hormonal bitch? A love affair can so quickly fail when you aren’t sure what is happening or have no idea where to go.

Today BREED BUDDIES (Here to Help) is launched. Experienced Glen people have always been willing to talk but perhaps a bit difficult to find. Now they are under one banner and very contactable across as many regions of the UK as possible. Want to talk about having a Glen, both the good and the bad? Want to discuss your Glen? Maybe want grooming help or possibly even meet up for a cup of tea and a bun somewhere?

BREED BUDDIES (Here to Help)



International Breed Buddies

Thank you all for the interest in the “Breed Buddy” idea last week. It’s always good to know that ideas are well received-this one was incredibly-but we’re putting out a further idea. This blog is part of the worldwide Glen of Imaal Terrier community and it was great that non UK folk put their names forward. Thing is though the EFG website, however well thought of, just won’t be on the radar of somebody in say, the Netherlands when looking Glen information. So why not  put the idea of “breed buddies” forward to the Clubs and Associations in your own country? The idea should work wherever you are based and the majority of Clubs have a website or newsletter. See what you can do in 2019….Breed Buddies here to help you, will translate to any language.