Autumn Breed Record Supplement.

The Kennel Club BRS is out and it makes interesting reading for Glen of Imaal Terriers with an eye watering 55 registered. On such numbers some may think applause but those haven’t been in touch but, for fairness, it has to be acknowledged they may be out there. What is out there, from people who understand the breed, is the literal OMG and not in a favourable way.

Twenty of the registrations are by one dog who doesn’t seem to have any eye testing results published. One of the bitches is tested clear but two are tested carriers so hopefully it is just a matter of “paperwork” not catching up with itself on the KC website. Another 18 pups are by the same dog, and he is tested clear, but all were born before he was 15 months old! Of course breeding practices change all the time but with Glens being such a late maturing breed it used to be that one litter was produced early-to get the dog used to be handled and to prove he could do it-and then there was a gap to see how the youngster himself matured and see what his pups provisionally looked like. Obviously that well respected, long held idea has been assigned to the scrap heap by one breeder.

In a year that there have been more Glens coming into rescue/asking for placement than for quite a long time previously the heart does sink a little to see numbers like 55 in one quarter. Hopefully we just pessimists but money isn’t being taken.

Spring 2015

The Kennel Club have released the Breed Record Supplement for April-June 2015. There are 16 new registrations for Glen of Imaal Terriers and 5 crd3 results recorded. The 16 puts Glens above Cesky, Australians and Skyes but 1 behind Smooth Fox. It’ll be interesting to see what the next BRS shows as there seem to have been quite a number of puppies around.

It’s just as things have panned out-nothing else.

The recent Breed Record Supplement recorded only three Glen of Imaal Terriers registered in the recent quarter. Last time we only a had a few registered just happened to be session when a journalist did their totally wrong, and very damaging, piece on Glens being rarer than the Giant Panda. Some of us fought it hard and got it removed or retracted from all over but the damage had been done-for the next two years we still got people advertising Glens under the Giant Panda strapline and attempting to charge prices accordingly.

Back then it was just how the registrations had been applied for and it is the same for the March-June quarter. At the Association Show a group of Glen people were “totting up” pups that were around and between 25 and 30 were known. Some of these may not be registered with the Kennel Cllub but the big majority will be and the numbers will show later in the year.

First quarter 2010 registrations

The Kennel Club Breed Record Supplement for the first quarter (Jan-March) shows 12 Glen of Imaal Terriers being registered with them, which is exactly the same number as in the corresponding period last year. Admittedly it isn’t a lot but the Glen has “two lives” and the KC unregistered side had four known litters at the turn of the year so the breed isn’t quite as rare as some will undoubtedly insinuate sooner or later.

Autumn Statistics

The Autumn edition of the Kennel Club Breed Record Supplement shows twenty Glen of Imaal Terriers being registered, eighteen puppies and two importations. One of the litters has “blue and brindle” as the colour but hopefully this is just a printing error. Sixteen Glens are also listed as having been eye tested and all were found to be unaffected at the date of test.