Goodbye Barney, it was nice to have known you

                                BROCKLAND BRAYHEAD LAD                    

7th November 2004 – 30th May 2017


Ruth and the late Joe Welch’s Brockland Brayhead Lad (Barney) journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday 30th May, at the age of 12-and-a-half years.  Barney will long be remembered for being consistently and successfully shown well into his veteran years.  He is the current breed record holder, at least since the breed was conferred Championship status in 2007.

Prior to his sad passing in June 2009, Joe used to take Barney to agility classes, which they thoroughly enjoyed, practising between classes over the mini courses that Joe set up in the back garden! They also went to obedience classes, and Barney was one of just a few Glens who have achieved their bronze and silver Good Citizen Dog Scheme awards.

Barney’s success in the show ring in the UK is unrivalled and his record of 20 Challenge Certificates, 18 of which were with Best of Breed, will likely stand for many years to come. Over his show career, he won a total of 32 BOB awards at Championship Shows, and he was also an International Champion.

Barney was always immaculately presented and beautifully handled by Ruth, and was an impressive representative of the breed on his appearances in the Group ring.  Barney’s significant achievements in the show ring include BIS at the Glen of Imaal Terrier Association’s first Championship Show in April 2007, under the late Bryn Cadogan, and Crufts BOB under breed specialists Harold Gay (Malsville) in 2010 and Kathy George (Romainville) in 2012.

This critique from Patsy Hollings, who awarded him BIS and BV at the EFG’s first Open Show in 2014, epitomises Barney’s qualities, “… he just presented a balanced, masculine and typical outline on first appraisal. Great head piece with dark eye giving good expression. Has strength and width of skull, good set on of small ear used to display confidence and type. Strong jaw housing big white well placed teeth. Clean powerful neck flowing through well laid back shoulder, correct wrap of upper arm provides neat elbows and easy reach. Good length of rib, firm loin to muscular driving quarters. In prime order and quality coat. Even as a veteran he is notable and just what I was looking for.” Barney was 9-and-a-half years old at this show!

Barney’s swansong came just last year, in March 2016, where he won a strong Veteran class at Crufts. The oldest Glen being exhibited, he belied his age as he gave an exuberant final performance at a Championship Show!

Dear Ruth, all your Glen friends and acquaintances send you their love and condolences on the passing of your beautiful, and very special boy.


Today we’ll hear it for the boy

Anybody who was at Crufts on Sunday and around Ring 6 for the Best Dog judging of Glen of Imaal Terriers will have seen the boy leading them around give a leap and metaphorically punch the air. You were left in no doubt that this was a dog enjoying himself to the hilt as he strode out with style and gusto. He liked what he was doing and he knew he was doing it well. That leader of the pack, in more ways than one, was Brockland Brayhead Lad, the winner of Veteran Dog, a mere stripling of eleven years and he was making his final appearance in a Championship Show ring. If he was going to go he was going to do it as he had so many times before: from the front.

20 Challenge Certificates, 32 Best of Breeds at Championship Shows, 2 Best In Speciality Shows and 6 CACIB/CACs makes for a pretty good CV with the limited showing done here compared to AKC & FCI but, heck, it’s just numbers really. Barney is a Glen of Imaal Terrier, a breed that just gets better and better as it gets older and nobody was left last Sunday how true to the breed mantra he is. You’ve done us proud boy and we salute you, the showring won’t be the same!

LKA critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers L.K.A

I would firstly like to say a big thank you to all exhibitors for your support. I was pleased with the amount of dogs entered.

As expected this time of year coats were not going to be at their best. But some of the dogs could have been a little tidier. I was surprised and pleased to see that mouths do not seem to be such an issue any more; all the dogs had good dentition and correct bite.

Still a variation in sizes, I think this can get confusing for observers looking at our breed. Breeders need to remember the primary function of a Glen of Imaal terrier and try and keep to the standard.

Other than that I very much enjoyed Judging and seeing old friends.


Minor Puppy Dog

1st GEORGE & SULLIVAN’S Romainville Becks Blue. Nice size brindle puppy which was well presented. Mouth was correct, nice front movement. Has potential

2nd SMITH & SIMON’S Romainville Bilbo Baggins. Much larger Wheaten Puppy, Good mouth and bone. Moved ok hopefully will mature into a nice dog.

Puppy Dog

1st HANNINGTON’S Boudivella Oscar. This was my best puppy, wheaten dog nice movement very strong head with good bone. Good future I feel for this puppy

2nd GEORGE & SULLIVAN’S Romainville Becks Blue

3rd SMITH & SIMON’S Romainville Bilbo Baggins

Junior Dog

1st ROGERS’ Kingcottage Boogie on Basil. Nice colour wheaten dog, strong head with a correct bite, well-muscled, a bit narrow chested and only moved ok.

Post Graduate Dog

1st DAVIS’ Donvaleset Rafferty at Viahninns. Blue dog with nice coat. I liked this dog he was a nice size with a tremendous Head. He was shown well, back movement quite close.

2nd O’HANLON & MONTFORD’S Pajantic Jimmy Mack. Large wheaten dog with a very strong head and a good colour coat, very strong boned didn’t move for me on the day.

Open Dog

1st GEORGE & SULLIVAN’S Romainville Billy Whizz. Another large wheaten dog very strong powerful head and jaw. Nice shape well-muscled and deep chested. Cracking movement at the rear, just a bit on the large side for me unfortunately. RBD

Veteran Dog

1st WELCH’S Ch & Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. What can I say about this dog that I haven’t already said before; a credit to his owner and the breed.He was the best presented dog on the day and showed well for a veteran and moved well for his age BD RBOB

2nd HADLEY’S Ch Donvaleset Rebus. Nice blue but out of coat as so many other dogs today. Strong dog low to the ground, good head and nicely balanced. Moved ok for an older gentlemen.

3rd BROWN’S Jeonty Dinky DoughnutWheaten dog nice little chap, a bit short in the body but moved ok and well handled.


Minor Puppy Bitch

1st ROGERS’ Jeonty Minnie Meme. Stunning wheaten puppy, great shape, very pretty bitch moved great especially from behind. Nice top line. Promising future.

2nd GEORGE & SULLIVAN’S Romainville Razzamatazz. Very pretty brindle puppy, nice dark colouring adorable expression and nice dark eye moved well. Will swop places with 1st place I am sure over the next few years.

Puppy Bitch

1st GEORGE & SULLIVAN’S Romainville Razzamatazz

Open Bitch

1st ROGERS’ Jeonty Meme Fern. Nice wheaten bitch, great top line and very nice head. Looked the part and look very good on the move. Very nice head and expression BB & BOB

2nd GEORGE & GARNHAM’S Romainville Fade to Grey. Unfortunately this lady was sick before getting on the table and looked a bit shaken afterwards. Nice dark brindle good depth of rib and a powerful front. Unfortunately lack some muscle at the back. Moved ok considering being upset.

Veteran Bitch

1st HADLEY’S Donvaleset Domino. Good strong blue bitch, good head and expression, strong bone nice top line. BV

James Sage (Judge)

What a collection!!!

Finnish Winners, Helsinki Winners, Nordic Winners, Holland Cup, Eukanuba Cluster and LKA; what a collection of Glen of Imaal Terriers!!

The Helsinki & Finnish Winners are held together and also have a Puppy Show included. The Helsinki Winners saw Gleann Bigwig BOB with Gleann Una Noonan Best Opposite whilst the Finnish saw Una Noonan Best of Breed with Gleann Cotton Candy taking Best Dog. At the Puppy Show Pearytail Candy McCoy get the nod with Pearytail Clumsy Clint bowing the paw to his sister and then the Pearytail Kennel also took a fabulous BIS3 Breeder Group! At the Nordic Winners the currently all conquering Una Noonan was Best of Breed with Gleann Bumpkin taking Best Opposite Sex.

The Eukanuba Cluster in Florida had nearly a week of shows. Space Coast KC of Palm Bay (love the name) Had Daulton’s Princess C Hatteras BOB with Finnabair Caatskill’s Thunderstruck at Shorlyne Best Dog. Central Florida Kennel Club was a win for Finnabair Double D friend of a friend and Kilkenny’s Granite Glen Rooney Best Bitch. Brevard KC had Finnabair Ardmore Ned at the top of the pile Glen Rooney again Best Opposite. As there are so many Pro-Handlers in the States Eukanuba has a National Owner Handler Series. Finnabair Song O’My Heart took the Big Rosette home with Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone standing at the top in the dogs. At the Eukanuba show itself Daulton’s Wild Night of Galore was Best of Breed and, the very confusing named if UK based, Kilkenny’s Granite Glen Rooney Best Opposite (also Best Bred By) with two Selects being given to Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone & Finnabair Song O’My Heart. There was also a Chicago Cluster and Abberann Torcan, sire of the Eukanuba BOB, did Glens proud with a Group 2 and 2 x Group 3. 4 month old Abberann Stars & Stripes Ruari made a great start in her show career with Group 1 win for Beginner Puppy. Jeonty Sunny Sky Baby was BOB at Shoreline Dog Fanciers. A result that had somehow disappeared into the ether, and has now reappeared, is from Ozarks Kennel Club. Castle Valley China Girl of Glenbride was BOB, with Coleraines Coldplay Best Opposite, on Day One. Day Two saw Coldplay take BOB with Best Bitch being awarded to Coleraine’s Ginger Snap.

As a small aside Eukanuba is a Crufts qualifier so that means three of the five qualified from the US throughout the year could come over as they are undocked. Torcan did it most successfully last year so will Bill Browne-Cole be seeing some American cousins?

The Holland Cup was a triumph for Abberann Phelan and, rather than a photograph, he can be seen around 1 minute 58 seconds on here and at the Amsterdam Winners he triumphed once again.

LKA is the last All Breed Championship Show of the Year in the UK. Best of Breed was awarded to Jeonty MeMe Fern with Best Dog going to Brockland Brayhead Lad, the two Reserves were Donvaleset Domino, who was also Best Veteran, and Romainville Billy Whizz respectively. Best Puppy went to Boudivella Oscar.


As the year begins to wind down…

Realised that we’ve been lacking a bit this year in keeping up to date with the Glen of Imaal Terrier “Top” system, so here goes. Up to October Top Joint Glens were Abberann Phelan & Brockland Brayhead Lad both with 2CCs and interestingly opposite ends of the age scale, Top Puppy Romainville Jazzman and Top Stud Dog Amhard Damson Sauce with Top Brood Bitch Briar Rose of Romainville.

As six months have gone….

Six months of the showing year have gone so how are the “Top” Glen of Imaal Terrier tables looking? In the UK Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad is in the lead at the 6 month point with Romainville Jazzman Top Puppy and Romainville being the top breeder. The only other known half way leader is GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned for the AKC. If any other country would like to report in we’d be more than happy to put them up!

Southern Counties critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

PD (1) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Jazz Man, very promising puppy with excellent head. Nice in body shape. Excellent angulations. Nice coat texture. BP.

JD (0).

PGD (1) 1 Sage’s Romainville Fast N’furious at Wickholm, excellent size & very nice in type. Excellent body shape. Excellent strong head. Correct topline. Nice hindquarters. Soft coat.

LD (1) 1 Welch’s Romainville Brannigan at Brockland, excellent type. Well put together. Nice topline. High tail carriage. Needs some harsher coat.

OD (1) 1 Barnes’ Brockland Blackadder at Malsville, excellent body. Large in head. Wide in front. Nice topline. Needs more angulations behind. Like to see him with a better gait. Excellent body shape. RBD.

V (1) 1 Welch’s Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad, in excellent condition. Head of correct width & powerful foreface. Correct topline rising shortly to the loin. Excellent hindquarters. Very gentle & true behaviour. BD & BOB.

PB (0).

JB (2) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Fade To Grey, nice size. Needs a stronger stop. Excellent body. Like to see her with stronger bones. Excellent jacket. Nice topline; 2 Harvey’s Romainville Ladys First, quite nice in her shape & outline. Very lively ears. Soft coat texture.

PGB (1) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Rock On Ruby, a big bitch. Nice head shape. Excellent neck & body. She is a sound bitch with nice angulations. Excellent behind. Excellent harsh coat texture.

LB (1) 1 Seall’s Bregorrey Madam Defiance, needs more substance all over. Like to see her hear a little stronger. Excellent body & hindquarters. Excellent harsh coat. Moves a little narrow in front. BB.

OB (2) 1 Seall’s Bregorrey Lady Belleisle, a little light in her body. Needs to carry her ears better. Nice topline. A lot of colours. Forelegs need to improve; 2 Sage’s Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm, needs to slim down & she is too wide in front. Nice head shape. Straight topline. Soft coat texture. Needs to improve her front legs.


Bath Critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

PD (1) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Jazz Man, head of good width & good muzzle, well defined stop, good eye shape, good ears, strong & good length in the body, good bone & depth of body, correct topline, good coat & condition, good front action, a puppy of very good breed type. BP.

JD (0).

PGD (1) 1 Withers’ Pajantick Star Trooper, good skull & muzzle, good eye shape & well set ears, good neck & bone, strong body & correct topline, good coat texture, good front action & held good shape in profile.

LD (1) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Billy Whizz, masculine balanced head with good expression, good eye shape & colour, well set ears, strong body of good length, good fore & aft movement & presented in coat of good texture, a balanced dog of good breed type. RCC

OD (1)1 Welch’s Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad, masculine head with good skull, stop & taper to the muzzle, good round eye of good colour, strong neck & good length to body, in excellent condition for age & holds a good picture when covering the ground, good coat texture & full of breed type. CC & BOB.

PB (0).

JB (1) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Fade To Grey, feminine head with good expression & muzzle, good eye & expression, strong & balanced, good length & also well ribbed, good muscle & body condition, presented in good coat & well set tail, covered ground well.

PGB (0).

LB (2) 1 Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl, a quality balanced head with good skull, stop & correct muzzle, good neck & bone, good length in body, a strong picture but balanced & presented in good coat of good texture, good front action & also holds correct topline. RCC; 2 Seall’s Bregorrey Madam Defiance, another balanced feminine exhibit with good head & balanced shape, also full of breed type & holds a quality picture on the move, strong & well bodied but felt the winner just was in better coat & finish today.

OB (1) 1 Seall’s Bregorrey Lady Belleisle, feminine head with good width of skull, good stop & muzzle, good round eye of good colour, well set ears, strong neck & body, good rib & correct topline on the move, active & full of ring presence, good coat texture & in good condition. CC.


It’s a family affair

Last weekend many Glen of Imaal Terrier show results were a family affair and a half!

At Southern Counties the two veteran brothers, Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad & Brockland Blackadder at Malsville were Best Dog and Reserve Best Dog respectively whilst their nieces, the two sisters, Bregorrey Madam Defiance & Bregorrey Lady Belleisle were Best Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch. The Estonian Winners  saw the sister & brother act of Ch Gleann Una Noonan & Ch Glean Ungus McGuire nodded through to BOB & BOS. The Abberann siblings, Phelan & Derbla, were BOB & BOS at Munster Canine & Cork & District with Phelan getting a group shortlist at Munster.

Admittedly not such a family affair over in America but Best of Breed at back to back shows in Wrentham MA for Ch Liberty’s Padraig with GCH Abberann Abaigael BOS at both shows. GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned may have been the only Glen at Olean Kennel Club and Conewango Valley but he did magnificent breed flag flying with Group 1 both days.

Many congratulations to all!!!

Bregorrey Madam Defiance/Brockland Brayhead Lad

And who was where?

Bath Championship Show was rather wet but Glen of Imaal Terrier people were there. Best of Breed, and his 20th CC, was Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad with the Bitch CC going to Bregorrey Lady Belleisle. A cluster of shows in Ohio saw 4 Best of Breeds for GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned plus a Group 4 and 2 Group 3s. Three times his Best Opposite was CH Emerald Isle Sweet Molly Malone with Daulton and once GCH Daulton Emerald Green. Daulton’s Dark Lily of Caradoc was Best Puppy and also nodded into the number 2 slot in the Puppy Group. In the States and owner handled Group is also scheduled (due to the number of professional handlers) and Glens placed in that Group on two days; a group 3 for Paddington of Tipperary and a group 4 for GCH Liberty’s Darren of Daulton.

Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone, not yet 12 months old, finished his Beginners Novice Obedience title and obtained 2 legs towards his Rally Novice Title. Fabulously well done to griffin and “not bad at all” to the other winners over the weekend!!!