“Of The Year” (2011)

The “Of The Year” results are now coming out. In Glen of Imaal Terriers Top Stud is Donvaleset Black Velvet (Jeonty Tinker Boy Murphy at Brockland-Monavoth Girl Among Donvaleset) & Top Brood Bitch Brocklands Brenna Anne (Gingers Fashion By Malsville-Jeonty Gold Leader at Brockland). Congratulations.

For pedigree/breed history buffs those two results are interesting. The two awards are from different animals winning CCs as Black Velvet & Brenna Anne never had a litter together. Black Velvet is the first Glen to get the award purely from a non resident address. (Malsville Soldier Blue won the award twice after moving to America but that was for dogs sired before he left.) Brenna Anne’s sire-Fashion- is also Black Velvet’s grandsire via Tinker  Boy Murphy and he was the grandsire of Soldier Blue via his sire Little Soldier. 

So a dog has influence…why is it particularly interesting? Fashion was imported from Germany on his pedigree alone and was not exhibited!