Rupert recommends…….

Rupert is the proud possessor of a Pets Passprt and regularly travels to France. For any Glen of Imaal Terrier (or travelling canine) he would like to suggest Camping la Chaumiere, 59285 Buysscheure, France as the place to go. Your name is always remembered and a biscuit offered on arrival. Also you are allowed to accompany your people into the restaurant on site for an evening snack…or whatever you can scrounge. If you ask in advance they site owners will book you an appointment with the vet in St Omer to get the Pet’s Passport stamped up. Whilst the people are there they can stock up at the supermarket on those French neccesities of wine/cheese/beer/bread. You can even keep up to date with the EFG blog via the free Wi-Fi in the site bar.