Up the list…a bit.

The yearly registrations for Glen of Imaal Terriers in 2009 saw the breed just one above the bottom with only Cesky below us. 2010 saw Glens “climb” up three places with Cesky, Australians, Skyes and Sealyham now registering less in a year. In America the Glen also, for the first time, registered more than Dandies and Skyes in 2010.

Nice to be appreciated!

I should have written this letter ages ago, this is a massivethank you to all of the Glen of Imaal Terrier, Cesky and West Highland White Terrier owners/ exhibitors/friends for their continued support, whether it be in the breed ring, the junior handling, grooming and now my eventing on my young pony. If it wasn’t for the support, advice and encoragement given by so many of you I wouldn’t have achieved many of the things i have been lucky enough to have done. Also a big thank you must go to Spey Valley Dog Training Club and Banff, Moray and Nairn CC.

Thanks again everyone,

Caitlin Forbes

Unfortunately here we go again….

Only a few short weeks ago the unexpected death of Joe Welch was announced and now another one of us has gone; on Thursday Brenda Jones left the room. There are so few left that had Glen of Imaal Terriers in the late 70s and early 80s and Brenda’s passing, she had her first Glen in 1982, is felt very keenly. She came to Glens from American Cocker Spaniels & couldn’t believe how different it all was. A very formal Gundog life was quickly exchanged after her first show with a Glen. A well known Terrier man was the breed judge and he paused in the middle of going over her puppy to welcome her to Glens & the steward, on hearing the words of the judge, also told her what a great breed Glens were……the steward was Percy Whittaker. Brenda came out of the ring hooked.

Her favourite Glen was Bwyan and his over 50 Best of Breeds meant he obtained the accolade of being known by his first name to many in Terriers. The two of them adored each other and a bit of the heart went out of Brenda when he died; she believed there would never be a dog like him again and began to look more closely at Sealyhams and Cesky & had brilliant success in a short time with the Sealies.  She still loved Glens, owning a few oldies still, and had been really pleased to have been passed to award Challenge Certificates but unfortunately it is not to be.

We send sympathy and thoughts to her family and raise a glass to the memory of bonfires; singing and a dustbin.

Down, down, waaaay down.

This weekend is Blackpool Show and the Glen of Imaal Terrier is a great big one only. Next on the calendar is East of England and there is only an entry of nine there.  The recent Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Show only had 21 entries and the majority of those belonged to the Committee; what in tarnation is happening?

Were the “doom and gloom” merchants correct? That was what the people were called who said that the awarding of Challenge Certificates to the breed would be a huge negative. CCs at some shows would mean shows without would see a reduction in entries so judges wouldn’t get the practice. This would mean judges appointed with a “huh, what are they to do with Glens?” so there would be even less entries. Some would say the answer would be to give CCs at all shows but

a) Where would the judges come from?

b) What exactly would be gained? Other than a chance to spend a lot more money on entry fees

The last non CC terrier breed, the Cesky, has just been turned down by the Kennel Club for tickets & their people are not really grieved about it at all. Have their owners and (maybe the KC) looked at what happened to the last terrier breed awarded?