Still international but a bit different….

Back in 2004 Glen of Imaal Terriers joined the “full” register of the AKC with Scoobie and India actually gaining their Championships that first weekend. A mere four years later there have been 72 Glen Champions in the States. To many Glen exhibitors in the rest of the world that appears an incredible number; the US is a huge place but WOW!

The UK Glens hit “full” status in 2007 with Homer and Daisy being the first two Champions but since then there has only been one other. The first Champion in Germany was Rhett Butler in 1985 and he also had the registration number of 001 but how many Champions have there been since then? Anybody know the figures for the rest of Europe? It would make interesting reading.

Anybody who read this earlier on today will now be blinking and asking themselves if they had read the number of AKC champions wrong because “didn’t it say…..” Yes it did but Monique forgot to take her socks off when counting all the American Champions so got a little cross eyed with the number of times she had used her fingers. She suddenly thought she may have and counted up with fingers AND toes….hence the reduction to 73. Still a WOW of a figure!