And it was…..

WET! For the very first time the Companion Show & FUNDay was not smiled on by the Weather God but still people came. They came with umbrellas, wellies and all-terrain sandals so the water could flow through. They came in poncho’s, cagoules and barbours. They huddled together under any shelter and stood together out in the pouring rain debating whether it was raining quite as hard as it was ten minutes ago. (It usually was).

First impressions from the day: A Glen of Imaal Terrier doing his Good Citizens beautifully but only on a stand-no way was he going to sit in the wet. A teenage Glen owner practising and practising with her girl and it paid off; the Certificate was hers. Judge Jeff Luscott striding around the outdoor ring carrying & waving the arm of a giant Tigger being auctioned. Sausages and bacon being cooked under a gazebo as the rain poured down. The spontaneous round of applause after a bogged down van was driven out after a change of driver. The disbelieving thanks from the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf person who sold more goods than they had at a recent good weather event. The Womans Institute doyen who, on leaving, left compliments on the standard of the cakes.

Despite the rain everything says “we did good” which was as it should be considering the work that has been put in….over the last 15 years. Yes it was 1996 that the EFG came into being and on Saturday evening a rather magnificent creation was  shared out.

How about that for a cake!

Two months today!

Two months today, July 17th, will see the Annual Companion Show to raise funds for research into PRA in Glen of Imaal Terriers. It’ll be held at the usual venue of Swineshead and arrangements are well under way. Eye testing with Peter Bedford will also be held & pre-booking with Liz ( are essential.

This blog originated as something to keep people up to date as to how things were going with preparations for the first FUNd raiser and has grown beyond belief since then. From something that only appeared(maybe) two or three times a fortnight there is now something on here at least five times a week and many people send things they hope will be of interest to others. So in view of this we are doing something a bit different this year. Of course there will be news and updates of the FUNd raiser on here but a dedicated news email list will also be running so if you would like including let Liz, email above, know.

PRA Fundraiser schedule

The Companion Dog Show PRA Fundraiser is July 12th at Swineshead, Lincolnshire. The schedule is now on line and can be viewed here. Also eye test appointments can be booked via the website. It would be very appreciated if any Glen of Imaal Terrier admirer would link the site…BUT NOT YET! In 24/48 hours the website will have a new domain name  which will mean we can use it for all future fundraising events.