Countryfile TOMORROW

The Animal Health Trust’s investigation into seasonal canine illness (SCI) will feature on BBC’s Countryfile this Sunday 21 October, with the programme on air from 18:20. As part of his ‘Investigates…’ series, Tom Heap speaks with Dr. Richard Newton who is spearheading the AHT’s investigation into SCI. Tom will also report from woodlands where suspected cases of SCI have recently been reported. If you are a dog owner who is still unsure about what SCI is, what the clinical signs are and how you can help our investigation into this mystery illness, please watch this episode. You can watch it live on BBC1 on 21 October or when it becomes available on BBC iPlayer for the following week.


Didn’t Jason polish up well but his beautiful cream trousers wouldn’t have done if it was muddy. It was a wonderful bit of populist broadcasting but the dogs looked good so we forgive Paul┬árepeating (once again) the myth of less than a thousand Glens worldwide. The global Glen community is getting a bit brassed off with it but what the heck; why should facts ruin a good story!

We can announce something for the men at the PRA Weekend in July. A lawnmower firm is coming with some of their very, very, very interesting sit and ride tractor mowers so now the menfolk have no excuse not to come. If you want any information about their products taking along just have a look at their website and email your requirements for brochures but don’t forget to tell them it is for the Glen of Imaal PRA Fundraising Weekend at Swineshead.