All change for gPRA testing.

It is no longer possible to have the DNA test for CRD3 in Glen of Imaal Terriers at Bochum University. Biofocus (also in Germany) have taken it over.

The form for submission is on

Information on how to take a swab and 1 ml EDTA-Blood is sufficient

The price, if a member of a Glen breed club is 40,00 Euro plus 19% VAT, Non-members will have to pay 45,00 Euro plus VAT.

Another couple of 2013 diary dates

Val Tiller (Foxbarton Border Collies) holds two (all breeds) Optigen (USA) DNA testing sessions a year – in February and September.

From Val:

“Optigen are offering 30% discount off DNA tests, paid for online, at Val Tiller’s next Optigen 20/20 Clinic, on TUESDAY 5th FEBRUARY 2013, in Epsom, Surrey.

Glen of Imaal Terriers are invited to be DNA tested for crd3-PRA. Clients may attend the clinic in person, or be Postal Participants. Contact Val Tiller direct for further details and to book places … ASAP … AS SHE IS AWAY FROM 8th-15th JANUARY.

E-mail: or Tel: (01372) 273597.”

Next Optigen clinic

Val Tiller (Foxbarton Border Collies) is holding her annual September OptiGen 20/20 session on Tuesday 6th September.  All breeds are welcome, and a number of Glen of Imaal Terriers have already been DNA tested for GPRA-crd3 through Val’s very efficient sessions.  You can either attend the session with your Glen, or you can choose postal participation.  Either way, please contact Val as soon as possible to either arrange an appointment or to find out when she needs blood samples sent.  Val provides a very comprehensive and helpful information package for anyone having their dogs DNA tested through her clinic session.

There is a 5% discount for online submission of paperwork, which is pretty straightforward to do but needs to be done in advance of the session, so that you can print off and bring the paperwork with you.  If you are going to do this, please wait until you have spoken to Val, because she can give you her discount code to enter on the paperwork, and which entitles you to a further 25% discount.  Alternatively, you can print out the submission form and fill it in by hand; or Val can complete paperwork for you at a small charge that is donated to Border Collie Rescue.

Remember, your dog must have some form of permanent identification (PI) – microchip or tattoo – to be eligible for testing for GPRA-crd3.  Val offers a microchipping service at her sessions.  If you are doing “postal participation” please remember that OptiGen will only take BLOOD samples for Glen testing; you will need to arrange for your vet to draw blood and then send the sample and paperwork to Val for shipping to the OptiGen lab in America.

There is a very reasonable charge at Val’s sessions to cover drawing blood, labelling and shipping.  Tea and biscuits are provided!  For more information, please contact Val – Tel. 01372 273597 or Email:  The sessions are held at: Foxbarton, 15 Beaconsfield Road, Langley Vale, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 6HA.  Val’s next session will be February 2012.

Fancy Discounted Optigen PRA Testing?

OptiGen has generously donated two coupons to the Glen Gathering to raffle off. 

50% off a Glen of Imaal Terrier crd3 gene-test. SAVE $60 to $75!

TWO (2) chances to WIN! 

Tickets are 1 ticket for $1, or 7 tickets for $5, or 15 tickets for $10

The 50% off coupon can used be along with 20/20 Clinics or Discount Days.  No expiration date.  If you buy tickets online, you can pay for them by using PayPal.  Or, tick that circle that you’re paying at the door & mail a check to:                   Kathy Georgianna, 1070 B. West Rd, Williamsburg, MA 01906 USA

 After you pay, we will e-mail you your ticket numbers.

 The winning tickets will be drawn after Glen judging at MCKC.  If you will be there, you can buy your tickets in person.  See Martha Parry or Kathy Georgianna  at one of the dog shows–Morris & Essex, Hatboro, Devon or MCKC


And now…..

Within weeks of each other the two organisations declared a breakthrough in the search for the gene that causes PRA in Glen of Imaal Terriers and today, after the epublication from Bochum the full paper from Optigen. They also conclude an ADAM 9 mutation is the cause so provisionally it seems both have found the same thing. The full link to the Bochum paper is here  for anybody who wishes to check research and analysis. We should have realised that some of our more learned people would want the full monty rather than the abstract!

And the news of the day is….

Last week Glen of Imaal Terriers celebrated the news that Cornell University had found and identified the gene that causes PRA in Glen of Imaal Terriers; at long last there was a test to help take the breed forward. There was also equal, but very low key, rejoicing in Europe because, as so often happens in these sort of experiments, Bochum University also found the gene. Bochum felt parties that had donated major funding and grants should know first but now proudly stand as able to offer the test to all Glen of Imaal Terrier owners.

We say thank you to the various scientists that have made this possible but biggest thanks must go to the Glen of Imaal Terrier owners who have “done their bit” to raise funds in so many ways both sides of the Atlantic and now the reward is there for the taking. Obviously now there are laboratories on two Continents worries regarding shipping blood, and the time it will take, are reduced. Details from Optigen (licensed by Cornell) can be found here and details from Bochum can be found here-do read the PDF file attached to the Bochum release.

Two continents and an entire breed-we can all applaud ourselves!