Crufts Critique

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Coat texture was a concern today. All were great characters.

Veteran D (1) 1st KIRIKEE CELTIC WARRIOR (MRS L J & MR G H FRASER) V typical d in super muscle. Strong and masc head, would like better ears. Medium neck. Well laid shoulders. Would like better legs and he is a bit close in front action. Well ribbed. Correct topline. Strong rear with moderate angulation. BV

Puppy D (1) 1st BORDERGLENS MICHAELMAS (MRS S R SMITH) Happy pup. Masc head, quite good ears. Medium neck. Well ribbed back. Would like a better topline. Moderate rear. Even stride. Coat soft and open at the moment. BP

Junior D (1) 1st ROMAINVILLE ROCK A FELLA (MR A HICKMAN) Good moving d. Has a masc head, lovely eye and expression. Medium neck. Underline cuts up a bit much. Could have more coat and a better texture. Uses his moderate rear v well.

Post Grad D (1) 1st JEONTY YIPPE KIAYE (MRS L SAMUEL) Typy 5 yrs d. Liked the strength of his head, could have slightly more stop. Dark eyes. Medium length neck. Fair shoulder. Could be better coming towards. Well ribbed. Typical topline. Rear angulation matches his front.

Open D (4) 1st PAJANTICK RAZAMATAZ (J WITHERS) Sound and active d of v good type. Liked his head, dark eyes. Well set ears. Correct neck. Well laid shoulders. Sufficiently bowed front. Typical topline. Well made and strong rear. Coat texture is correct. CC & BOB. 2nd IR CH ABBERANN COSMIC COWBOY (MRS A WHITE) Liked him better moving than stood. He has a super head. Correct front. Well ribbed. Tends to stand with his rear under him and slightly low set tail. V free and easy mover. V good coat. RCC. 3rd CH GOLDEN SPURS (DR J ALSTEAD)

Good Citizen D (1) 1st CH GOLDEN SPURS (DR J ALSTEAD)

Veteran B (3,1) 1st CH ROMAINVILLE UPTOWN GIRL (MISS A HANNINGTON) V typy b in super form. Has a fem head with strength. Lovely eye. Rose ears. Enough neck. Correct front. Topline rises. Has a better rear and coat than 2. 2nd RHUMSAAMIST GLEN ELFIN AT QUAYWEST TAF NAF (MR D A & MRS J QUARRIE) Well muscled b. Most super eye and expression. Good neck. Rise in her topline.

Post Grad B (1) 1st JEONTY LETTY BE MAGIC (MISS C MARTEL) Very good moving. She has a fem head that has strength. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck. Shoulders set slightly far apart. Well ribbed. Topline of. Moderate rear. Coat is a little soft and sparse. RCC

Limit B (5,2) 1st ROMAINVILLE IZZY WIZZY (MRS K A GEORGE) She is a v good type. Well balanced head, fem with strength. Correct neck. Fair shoulders. Bowed front. Well sprung ribs. Slightly long in loin. Correct topline. Moderate hind angulation. Could have a better coat. 2nd ROMAINVILLE ROCK’N ROLLA AT COEDRHOSYN (MRS M J CAMPEN) Fem b who has a more typical front than 3. Well balanced head. Good eyes and ears. Lengthy neck. Topline slightly flat standing, but rises moving. V moderate rear. 3rd JEONTY DREAMS A DREAM WITH KARENSBRAE JW (MRS K FORBES) Sound and showy but rather lacks breed type.

Open B (3) 1st CH SIGRID HELGA AT PANTCOTTAGE (DR J ALSTEAD) Typy b who showed and moved v well. She has a pleasing head, fem and strong. Ok neck. Turns a front foot out too much. Well bodied. Correct topline, moderate rear. Could have a better coat.CC 2nd RHUMSAAMIST GLEN ELFIN AT QUAYWEST TAF NAF (MR D A & MRS J QUARRIE) 3rd CH/IR CH ABBERANN REACH FOR THE STARS RYANNE (MRS A WHITE)

Jeff Horswell (Judge)

Crufts critique


I would like to thank the Crufts committee for inviting me to judge at this prestigious show also my two excellent stewards. The entry was full of quality good movers with super temperaments my thanks to the exhibitors for entering under me and giving me the privilege of judging their dogs.

Class 1039   VETERAN D                                     Entries:       1     Absentees           0

1st         MRS L J & MR G H FRASER  –  KIRIKEE CELTIC WARRIOR   Blue  of 7 years well-made lad good width  of head  ears set on good broad chest nice length of rib slight slope to loin strong front and rear quarters moved soundly.

Class  1040   PUPPY D                                       Entries:     1     Absentees           0

1st         MRS A HARDY  –  AMHARD MANHATTAN   Promising Attractive  lad  super length of body good type of head developing well defined stop dark eye  pleasing  expression good ear set   strong forehand  spring of rib nicely muscled throughout correct  turn of stifle good bone and feet moved out soundly.

Class  1042   POST GRAD D                                   Entries:       4     Absentees           0

1st          MISS L J SMITH  –  ROMANIVILLE BILBO BAGGINS  Wheaten strongest  mover in this class good length of head broad back skull ears well set strong neck super fore chest balanced angles front and rear nice depth of brisket slight rise to loin good bone and feet moved soundly with even strides covered the ground well.

2nd           MRS S PIERCE  –  ROLLO THE GREAT  Blue  liked his outline and proportions  impressive head correct height to length ratio well laid shoulders  good  rib cage strong rear quarters turn of stifle correct amount of bone tidy feet moved soundly good tail carriage.

3rd          MR & MRS I ROGERS  –  KINGCOTTAGE BOOGIE ON BASIL  Wheaten  good head type super expression clean stop good neck and length of body slight rise to loin tail strong at root moved well                                                                                  :

Class 1044   OPEN D   (Quality class)                                     Entries:       4     Absentees           0

1st   MISS A HANNINGTON  –  BOUDIVELLA OSCA Wheaten in lovely coat well-proportioned outline balanced head broad back skull good ear set dark eye  pleasing expression good front assembly strong neck nicely developed withers correct top line good turn of stifle well-made hind quarters strong tail carried well moved  freely soundly covering the ground CC BOB

2nd     MRS K A GEORGE  –  CH ROMAINVILLE BILLY WIZZ  Quality boy good shape and size in proportion good length of head clean stop dark eye giving pleasing expression well set ears strong neck and super fore chest   and depth of brisket correct top line strong rear quarters good turn of stifle moved out with strong drive. RCC

3rd     DR J ALSTEAD  –  CH GOLDEN SPURS  Another male with pleasing outline and shape good head pattern strong  foreface and back skull dark eye well set ears strong neck  sprig of rib correct top line moved freely with drive

Class 1045   GOOD CIT D                                    Entries:       1     Absentees           0

1st          DR J ALSTEAD  –  CH GOLDEN SPURS Repeat

Class 1046   VETERAN B                                    Entries:       2     Absentees           0

1st           MR J A & MRS J SAGE  –  JEONTY LOLA MAY AT WICKHOLM  Wheaten feminine  all through  like her size and shape good head dark eye soft expression strong neck shoulders balanced angulations front and rear correct top line nice coat of good texture  moved soundly  keeping top line.

2nd         MRS L SAMUAL –  JEONTY RED CLOVER  Super character  11yrs young feminine head pleasing expression good front well-muscled throughout  for age nicely angulated rear quarters moved out soundly on good legs and feet.

Class 1047   PUPPY B   (Lovely class)                       Entries:       4    Absentees           0

1st         MRS K FORBES  –  JEONTY DREAMS A DREAM WITH KARENSBRAE   Super outline shape and length of body    head developing well  showing strength but retaining femininity dark well set eyes giving  gentle but mischievous expression balanced front and rear quarters nice length of rib correct top line good turn of stifle moved soundly and freely. BP

2nd         MRS A HARDY  –  AMHARD MAI TAI    Another  appealing  puppy feminine head dark eye giving desired expression well filled foreface  so well made super front  neck and shoulders good spring of rib and top line well-made rear quarters and turn of stifle moved freely with strong drive.

3rd           MISS C MARTEL  –  JEONTY LETTY BE MAGIC  Lovely character good head nicely filled foreface deep stop dark eye well set ears good neck balanced front and rear angulations excellent turn of stifle moved soundly.

Class 1048   JUNIOR B                                      Entries:       2     Absentees           0

1st           MRS C J ROGERS  –  JEONTY JYN A NEW HOPE  Attractive pleasing head and eye well set ears  strong neck   good forehand length of rib back and firm loin correct top line nicely angulated front and rear moved out briskly carrying tail correctly.

2nd           MRS M J CAMPEN  –  ROMAINVILLE ROCK’N ROLLA AT   COEDRHOSYN  Slightly bigger but all in proportion good outline good type of head well set ears strong neck good rib cage firm loin correct top line moved well.

Class 1049   POST GRAD B                                 Entries:       3     Absentees           1

1st           MRS K A GEORGE –  ROMAINVILLE MAGGIE MAY  Liked her shape and outline well-made body attractive head good back skull and foreface firm neck clean withers good lay of shoulders and length of rib correct top line  good rear angulations nicely  presented  moved strongly round the ring carried tail correctly.


Class 1050   LIMIT B   (Lovely class)                                    Entries:       3     Absentees           0

1st           MRS C J ROGERS  –  JEONTY MINNIE MEME   Attractive bitch feminine all through quality head and eye good  width and   depth of chest  correct front clean on wither good lay of shoulders excellent height to length ratio just right amount of substance bone and muscle good turn of stifle moved as expected smoothly covering the ground with ease driving from rear. CC RBOB

2nd         DR J ALSTEAD  –  SIGRID HELGA AT PANTCOTTAGE Liked her head type balanced plenty of back skull good eye and ear set  clean stop shoulders well placed nice spring of rib correct amount of angulation front and rear enough bone and muscle tone moved well a tad loose at rear carried tail well.

3rd           MRS K A GEORGE  –  ROMAINVILLE WHISTLE DIXIE Super moving bitch pleasing head dark eye lovely expression  ears well set good front and forequarters nice length of body correct top line In good coat and condition moved soundly little overawed by the atmosphere.

Class 1051   OPEN B    (Quality class)                                    Entries:       3     Absentees  0

1st        MR D A & MRS J QUARRIE –   RHUMSAAMIST GLEN MAYE AT  QUAYWEST  Well-made good bone ,substance and height to length ratio strong head good fore face still retaining femininity  good eye and ear set strong neck well-muscled  nice spring and length of rib slight rise to loin showing strength to hind quarters could easily do a day’s work lovely character moved soundly. RCC

2nd         MR J A & MRS J SAGE –  CH WICKHOLM BREAKING DAWN   Wheaten Slightly longer in body still in proportion balanced head proportions  good stop pleasing eye expression good depth of brisket  nice length of rib  rise to the strong  loin  good angles front and rear correct tail set moved well

3rd           MISS A HANNINGTON –  CH ROMAINVILLE UPTOWN GIRL  Attractive  Blue head of good type nice width to back skull super dark eye giving lovely expression well set ears good front,  fore chest  and  spring of rib nicely angulated rear quarters good tail set moved soundly.

Judge: Mrs F Kaye







Crufts critique 2017

Many thanks to judge Alan Small for the speed of his critique-it’s appreciated!

Glen of Imaal Terriers.

My thanks to the Kennel Club for the invite to judge the Glen’s, and for the hospitality extended to us all. Not having judged the breed for a while I was looking forward to the day. I was not dissapointed, with some quality dogs to go over, so thanks for the lovely entry. The problem with beeing 3rd. in the ring was plainly obvious at the start of judging when dogs hoovered their way round the green beige !

Couple of points worth mentioning is the over all length of the Glen is important to give the correct balance to the breed. The length from withers to set on is only slightly longer than the height from wither to the ground and the top line from withers to the loin should rise slightly and be in a continuous line….not, I might add, be dipey or Dandyish. Only a couple of iffey bites present. Loved my winners and was quite shocked when I found my Res. CC bitch , from veteran, was the dam of my BOB winner. Type will out !

Special thanks to my two Ring Stewards, Jean Hay & Joyce Setterfield, who enjoured a long day with three breeds to cover, cheers ladies. To all, enjoy your dogs, I did.


Puppy Dog. 0.

Junior Dog. 2, 1 ab.

1st. Hardy’s, Amhard Lightening Flash, good headed wheaten dog, nice round eye & strong muzzle, correct bite, very good front with ample bone, pleasing body with strong quarters, hoovered his way round the ring.

Post Graduate Dog. 4.

1st. Samuel’s, Jeonty Yippe Kiaye, blue with pleasing  head & expression, nice eye, good front & bow with well padded feet, nice overall length & balance, correct top line with level rise to loin & good set on, in good coat and went well.

2nd. Smith’s, Romainville Bilbo Baggins, stong wheaten dog, very good head, correct round eye, good front & bow with slight turn out at pasterns, went with drive from strong quarters.

3rd. Dunning’s, Romainville Freddies Choice,  wheaten, happy dog with pleasing head, in good coat & lots to like about him.

Limit Dog. 5.

1st. Alstead’s, Golden Spurs, cracing brindle dog, loved his over all balance & top line, a typey dog with good head, correct bite, used his ears well which were neat & well set, good front with ample bone & correct turn out at pasterns, pleasing neck to well laid shoulders – good ribbed body with strong quarters, in good coat with nice muscle tone, moved & handled well to Res CC.

2nd. Hammington’s, Boudivella Osca, lovely headed wheaten with good skull & muzzle, nice round eye, correct bite, bit  whispy in coat, grand body & quarters with good set on, a good moving dog that went with drive.

3rd. Rogers, Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty, tidy blue dog, good head with well set ears, good eye, nice front & bow, good feet with black nails, pleasing body, nice overall balance, went well.

Open Dog. 7,  2 ab.

1st. Assinen’s, US/FI/DK Ch.Gleann Cotton Cody, FI W 17, well presened blue with lovly head & expression, best of ears that he used well, nice round eye & correct bite, pleasing front & bow with ample bone, well padded feet with correct turn out at pasterns, good neck to well laid shoulders, grand body & length with nice quarters, good muscle tone, pleasing in profile with correct rise to loin & well set tail, went like a dream moving true, put down to a T, well handled & pleased to award him the Dog CC.

2nd. Sage’s, Romainville Fast N’Furious at Wickholm, another nice blue, loved his head & expression, best of fronts with good bow & bone, bit longer cast than 1 & not the top line, in good coat, moved & handled well.

3rd. Varrela’s, Glenrosedale Buagh Ri Arthur Milo, good headed wheaten, nice round eye, pleasing front & bone, good feet with dark pigment, grand body & quarters, eventually got his act together & went well in this class.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme. Dog. 1.  1st. Alstead’s, Golden Spurs.

Veteran Bitch. 3.

1st. Sage’s, Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm, wheaten bitch of quality, nice feminine expression, round eye, correct mouth, well set ears, good front with ample bone, up on her pasterns with correct turn out, lovely body & length, pleasing profile with correct rise to loin & well set tail. Went well enjoying her day. Tidy bitch that was moved & handled well to Res Bitch CC. Learnt latter that she was the dam of the BOB winner. .

2nd. Blaenkner’s, Ger. CH. Fire & Ice Jazz, lovely wheaten bitch, full of type with similar attributes to 1, neat rose ears & lots to like about her & carries her crown well. Moved & handled well.

3rd. Samuel’s, Jeonty Red Clover, wheaten, another golden oldie who belies her years, pleasing expression, in good coat, went well.

Puppy Bitch.   3.

1st. Alstead’s, Sigrid Helga at Pantcottage, lovely blue puppy bitch, nice head & eye, correct bite, neat well set ears, nice neck to well laid shoulders, pleasing front & bow, in good coat, went well with head up & showing. Best Puppy.

2nd. George’s, Romainville Izzy Wizzy, lots to like about this blue bitch, bit dark at the moment, of nice length & profile, good feet & pads with black nails, head to come but time on her side, moved & handled well.

3rd. Tavernor’s, Romainville Sky Blue, lighter blue & the litter sister to Izzy, lovely head & ears, good bite, good body for age, carried a little weight.

Junior Bitch.   2.

1st. Sage’s, Wickholm Breaking Dawn, cracking wheaten bitch, good all round, type, balance & movement, lovely head & expression with nice round eye, good bite, lovely front & shoulders with ample bone, correct turn out at pasterns with well padded feet, nice neck, good in body with nice bend of stifle & good muscle tone, good in profile wit h rise to loin & good set on, in lovely coat & condition, went like a dream with clean movement both ways with drive from strong quarters. Well handled by her young handler to Bitch CC & BOB. Loved her to bits – well done.

2nd. Blaenkner’s, Fire & Ice Naomi, blue, pleasing head & expression, nice round eye, good muzzle & bite, not the front of 1, nice body & quarters, moved & handled well.

Post Graduate Bitch.   4,  1 ab.

1st. Roger’s, Jeonty Minnie Meme, pleasing head on this typey wheaten, nice round eye, good front & neck, good top line with rise to loin and good quarters, good feet, nice overall length & balance. Tidy bitch.

2nd. George & Sullivan’s, Romainville Razzamatazz, blue of nice type, good expression, nice front, good neck with pleasing overall length & balance, bit dipey in profile, moved & handled well.

3rd. Smith’s, Bendikes Fidelma, strong bitch, good head, ample bone, grand ribbed body with strong quarters.

Limit Bitch.   2,  1 ab.

1st. Hannington’s, Romainville Uptown Girl, nice balanced blue of good type with pleasing head, good muzzle & bite, well laid shoulders with good front & bow, pleasing body with correct rise to loin, moved & handled well.

Open Bitch.     6,  3 ab.

1st. Seall’s, Ch. Bregorrey Madam Defiance, nice blue of quality, pleasing head with well set ears, round eye, good muzzle & bite, good front & shoulders, nice crest of neck, grand ribbed body with correct top line with rise to loin, in good coat, carried a little excess on loin, went with drive from strong well muscled quarters. Moved & handled well.

2nd.Quarrie’s, Rhumsaamit Glen Maye at Quaywest , wheaten with good head & bone, nice round eye, good bite, strong well ribbed body of nice length, good set on, strong quartwrs which she used to give good drive, went well.

3rd. Blaenkner’s, Fire & Ice Liberty, not the expression of previous 2 but good in front & shoulders, pleasing body, in lovely coat. Went well.


Alan Small.



Crufts critique


Glen of Imaal Terriers

VD (4)

1 Welch’s Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad, top quality blue veteran, in super coat & condition, excellent muscletone, a pleasure to see him move;

2 Ashcroft’s Ch Romainville Typhoon, 8 year old blue, very good coat texture, correct rise, covered the ground well;

3 Brown’s Jeonty Dinky Doughnut.

PD (2)

1 BP & RCC, Davies’ Romainville Becks Blue, free moving blue with great promise, liked his head shape & dark eyes, ample neck, correct rise, needs a jacket, should go to the top;

2 Noon’s Jeonty Diamond Ring, wheaten with pleasing head, excellent hindquarters & hocks, moved so well, going a tad wide coming.

JD (4)

1 R Becks Blue;

2 Hannington’s Boudivella Osca, promising wheaten with typical front, good body shape, excellent coat texture, moved very well both ways;

3 Assinen’s Gleann Dynamite Mike.

PGD (3)

1 Hardy’s Amhard Justin Thyme, excellent coated wheaten, correct front, good width to head, correct angulation, moved out well;

2 Dunning’s Romainville Freddies Choice, liked this wheaten very much, in superb coat & condition, moved out well but needs to keep his head up as difficult to assess front movement.

LD (6)

1 Koukkari’s Gleann Cotton Cody, blue with excellent bite, lovely dark eyes, correct front, in excellent coat & condition;

2 Rogers’ Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty, very smart blue with strong muzzle but would prefer slightly better bite, excellent in hindquarters, a pleasure to see him move;

3 Davis’ Donvaleset Rafferty at Viahninns.

OD (2)

1 CC & BOB, George & Sullivan’s Romainville Billy Whizz, top quality wheaten male with good width to head, strong muzzle, correct bite, neat ears, ample muscular neck, correct topline, in superb muscletone, excellent coat, great mover, one to use;

2 Sage’s Romainville Fast N’Furious at Wickholm, like the make & shape of this blue, just needs a jacket to finish the picture.

GCD (1)

1 Alstead’s Golden Spurs, pleasing head & eye, excellent bite, good body shape, needed to settle a little in hind movement today.

VB (4)

1 Baldock’s Ch Jeonty Maybe Daysee, wheaten with a good head shape, excellent lay of shoulder, well sprung ribs, correct hocks, moved with drive;

2 Seall’s Ch Brockland Belle Bregorrey, very worthy blue champion bitch, loved her make & shape, unfortunately lacked in coat today, moved so well both ways;

3 Koukkari’s Int/Nord/Fin/Sw/Dan/Lv/Lit Ch Gleann Nora.

PB (3)

1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Razzamatazz, good for size blue, lovely dark eyes, excellent bite, moved out well;

2 Rogers’ Jeonty Minnie Meme, wheaten with very promising head shape, dark eye, moved well both ways.

JB (0).

PGB (4)

1 Studd’s Wickholm Gone In Sixty Secs, wheaten with a typy head, well sprung ribs, excellent muscletone, good for size, free mover;

2 Smith’s Bendikes Edith May, up to size blue, dark eyes, good bite, moved a tad close behind today;

3 Harvey’s Romanville Ladys Waiting.

LB (4)

1 RCC, George’s Romainville Rock On Ruby, up to size wheaten but full of quality, loved her head shape & strength of muzzle, such a pleasure to see her move;

2 Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl, very sound moving blue, in good body, just slightly preferred angulation of 1;

3 Hardy’s Amhard Indy Kate.

OB (5)

1 CC, Assinen’s It Ch Stiubhard Cutie Pie at Gleann, top quality wheaten bitch, loved her head shape & eye, correct bite, strong muzzle, excellent topline & rise, couldn’t stand wrong, in tip top condition;

2 Assinen’s Int Ch Gleann Una Noonan, good for size wheaten, loved her body shape, legs & feet, just would have preferred a slightly better bite;

3 Varrela’s Int/Nord/Fin/Sw/No/Est Ch Glenrosedale Aoibheann Nion Ros.


Crufts 2015 Critique

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Temperaments were good except one nervous dog which is not typical, some straight fronts and level top lines, some also lacked substance which take away the essence of the breed. Some move to fast which throws them off balance. Coat presentation on the hole was good , but some lacked that harsh texture. I was pleased with my principal winners.


1st Welch Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. This dog is 10 years old and a credit to his owner good head with strong jaw, good shoulder, well balanced throughout moved well

Puppy Dog

1st George Romainville Delli Gaf. Pleasing puppy ok in head well placed ears, good neck and shoulders good spring of rib good tail set moved well

Junior Dog

1st Alstead Golden Spurs. Good head and expression well placed ears ok in front and rear, harsh coat covered ground well

Post Grad Dog

1st Sage Romainville Fast N’Furious at Wickholm well balanced free moving dog, broad skull with good stop, neck and topline was firm and strong, tail set on and carried well RCC

2nd Squires Bendikes Edward Bear at Squiresbeach strong head large nose and good bite,good width across shoulders well ribbed harsh coat

Limit Dog

1st Hardy Amard High Flyer dark eye well placed ears, nice ribbing and top line moved ok, new coat coming through

Open Dog

1st George & Sullivan Romainville Billy Whizz soundly made dog of correct proportions,balanced head with strong jaw, good width across shoulders well ribbed and correct rising topline, strong muscular hindquarters, free mover who covered the ground well harsh coat. CC & BOB

2nd Nesbitt GCh/Ir Ch Abberann Torcan Strong head with good bite, good stop, well placed ears strong neck and lay back of shoulder, well ribbed and good length, well set on tail, harsh coat moved well

3rd Ashcroft Ch Romainville Tyhoon


Veteran B

Seall Ch Brockland Belle Bregorrey. 10 years old and still covered the ground with ease, dark eye good bite with clean teeth, strong neck into good shoulders, good top line well angulated

Puppy Bitch

1st George Romainville Annabelle pleasing puppy with correct bite, good head proportions ears carried correctly, good front well ribbed good outline and overall balance, moved well

2nd Percy Ringhaddy Teal not as well boned as 1 dark eye with good bite ears not correct, nice neck and shoulder both dog and handler need more ring experience

Junior Bitch

Studd Wickholm Gone in Sixty Seconds. Pleasing well balanced bitch good head with large teeth, good pigmentation , good shoulder and correct front, good top line and tail set good angulation and moved well

Post Grad Bitch

1st Baldock Ellerton Dusky Beauty. Good overall balance strong head good neck into well laid shoulders well ribbed with strong rear moved well RCC

2nd Harvey Romainville Lady First. Not as strong in head as 1 ear carriage could be better, good ribbing and rear, coat coming moved ok

Limit Bitch

1st Rogers Jeonty Meme Fern. Good outline and overall balance feminine head neat ears, good neck and shoulders well ribbed and correct top line and tail carriage good harsh coat moved well. CC

2nd George & Sullivan Romainville Rock on Ruby. Well made bitch good neck and shoulders correct front, good bone and substance well angulated moved well

3rd Ashcroft Romainville Moira

Open Bitch

1st Seall Bregorrey Lady Belleisle. Well made bitch good bone and substance, pleasing head and front correct top line rising to a tail well set on harsh coat well presented

2nd White Abberann Dervla. Lively mover needs to slow down and concentrate to show herself to the best advantage pleasing head with correct bite, neat ears, good bone and substance

3rd Baldock Jeonty Maybe Daysee




Crufts critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

PGD:1 Sage’s Romainville Fast N’Furious at Wickholm, balanced overall, pale blown coat, fair head, scissor bite, good front & rear, moved soundly;2 Squires’ Bendikes Edward Bear, brindle, good head proportions, good front & rear angulations, erratic movement;3 Fraser’s Kirikee Celtic Warrior.

LD:1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Billy Wizz, wheaten, masculine head with strong muzzle, good front & rear, well muscled, moved well. RCC; 2 O’Hanlon & Montford’s Pajantick Jimmy Mack, very gangly as a puppy but rest of body has caught up, fair front, a little straight in the rear stifle & moved OK.

OD:1 Ashcroft’s Romainville Typhoon, mature top size brindle, broad head, strong muzzle, ears small & well placed. Good front angulations into a well laid shoulder. Well proportioned with excellent bone, new coat. Well angulated behind, he strode out well. CC & BOB; 2 Hadley’s Donvaleset Rebus, a masculine blue dog, ears are small & well placed. Mouth is scissor. Moderate neck into a well placed shoulder, good front & rear angulation, old coat with the new one coming through. Movement is sound; 3 Quinn’s Kirkee Ronan O’Gara.

PGB:1 Hannington’s Romainville Uptown Girl, brindle, feminine head & expression, correct head with good bite, good front & rear angulation, balanced body shape with good topline giving sound movement. CC; 2 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Jean Genie, blue, very feminine bitch, the mouth is a correct scissor. She presents well when viewed from the front, the shoulder is well laid, her proportions are good, as are her front & rear angulation. Coat is correct, but her movement let her down;3 Baldock’s Ellerton Dusky Beauty.

LB:1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Ellie Wheaten, neat balanced bitch, good head with correct bite, good body shape & moved OK, patchy coat; 2 Sutton’s Poachsmoon Sissy Mcginty, wheaten, good head & ears, correct bite, good overall balance, moved OK, on the small side;3 Seall’s Bregorrey Lady Belleisle.

OB: 1 Varrela’s Glenrosedale Aiobheann Nion, brindle, feminine head, good bite, balanced body, good front & rear angles allowing sound movement. RCC; 2 Harley’s Ch Donvaleset Brier, strong bitch. Good ear placement & carriage. Scissor bite. Front & rear angulations is very good. Well boned, lots of coat. Stands well, however a bit too much weight; 3 Baldock’s Ch Jeonty Maybe Daysee.


Crufts’ Critique 2011


PD: 1) White’s Abberann Karl, nice type & size, good head, neck & shoulders, in good body condition, attractive & showy, moves well for age. Coat not at its best. Should have a nice future. 2) Fraser’s Kirikee Celtic warrior, slightly bigger, nice head & expression, good coat & body condition. Moves freely but not accurately. 3) Quinn’s Kirikee Ronan O’gara, a reasonable type. Not in best condition for showing. Decent head & expression. Not moving well, needs time.

JD: 1) Welch’s Romanville Brannigan at Brockland, nice type, good head, nice neck & shoulder, good body condition, nice length and temperament, nice mover, nice bone, nice coat. Well handled. 2) White’s Abberann Torcan, nice head, neck, shoulders, size & length. Needs a better coat. Moves okay but a little straight in stifle. 3) Briscoe’s Abberann Special Edition for Belwood, litter brother to Torcan, masculine dog with a good head, neck, shoulder & front, good depth of body, good temperament. Needs a complete new coat & better presentation then he should do well.

PGD: 1) Barnes’ Brockland Blackadder at Malsville, average head, nice neck & shoulder, nice bone & substance, nice size. Bit straight in stifle. Prefer more accurate movement. A little disinterested. 2) Horton’s jeonty Highlander Boy, nice head, neck & shoulders, in good body condition. Needs a better coat & moves very close behind. 3) Hardy’s Amhard Freebooter, reasonable type with average head & expression. Needs much better coat & better presentation. Not moving accurately.

LD: 1) Rogers’ Jeonty Wannabe Bauer, perhaps could have more powerful head, but it was a nice type. Very good neck & shoulders, nice front, good hindquarters, nice topline & tailset, moves well in front & rear, very well presented & handled. 2) Garner’s Johnny Be Good at Romainville, very nice dog in superb coat & condition, good head, neck & shoulders, good front & rear end, good topline & tailset. Would not show well & did not help his handler. A pity, I liked him a lot. 3)Ashcroft’s Romainville Typhoon, a reasonable head, neck & shoulders, good body condition, not moving accurately.

OD: 1) White’s Ch/Ir/Am/Sw Ch Abberann Conan, a top class dog in every respect, great head, neck, shoulders & front, excellent body condition, big hindquarters, good angulation, big bone, good topline & tailset, super temperament & great mover, uses his hocks. CC & BOB. 2) Welch’s Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad, top class dog in excellent condition, good head, neck & shoulders, nice coat & body condition, nice temperament. A little straight in stifle. Good bone & substance. Has not got a good a topline & tailset as one & is not as good or as true mover behind. Still a very good dog. Res CC. 3) Smith’s Romainville Bodhran, reasonable head, neck & shoulder, in fair coat & body condition. Not showing well & not moving accurately.

GCD: 1) Fraser’s KIrikee Just Follow Seamus, at 12 yrs enjoying his day out, nice head & expression, nice body condition, a credit to his owner for keeping him in such condition. 2) Barnaby’s Kenoctos Chief’s Song, average head, neck & shoulders, in good body condition. Prefer a better topline & tailset. Not moving well.

VB: 1) Seall’s Brockland Merrylegs at Bregorrey, nice type with much to like, very short in coat. Not showing or moving well.

PB: 1) Rogers’ Winnie Wanna Make Music By Jeonty, nice type, nice feminine head, good neck & shoulders, nice coat & condition, good mover, shows very well, good temperament.

JB: 1) Whitehouse & McBrine’s Romainville Tigan, very feminine, has most of the essentials. Needs much better presentation & ring training. Will benefit from maturity.

PGB: 1) Sage’s Jeonty Lola may at Wickholm, good head & expression, nice neck & shoulder, good bone & substance, nice temperament, nice topline & tailset, shows well & moves freely. 2) Whitehouse & McBrine’s Romainville Tigan. 3) Smith’s Grizzlemarsh Dorathea, a reasonable type. Needs better condition & a better coat. Not moving well.

LB: 1) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Alley Oop, average head & expression, in good body condition, nice depth, nice length & size. Prefer a better topline, tailset & movement. 2) Allerman’s Emeldir Princess Astrid at Glenwellieka, eight years, in good body condition, decent coat. Not showing well but moves freely.

OB: 1) White’s Ch/Ir Ch Abberann Ennya, top quality bitch in lovely form, great head, neck & shoulders, good body condition, nice coat, good topline & tailset, super mover. I found it very difficult to choose between for BOB as both are top class specimens. In the end I gave the nod to her brother. CC. 2) Seall’s Brockland Belle Bregorrey, very nice bitch with a good feminine head, good neck & shoulders. Good coat although a little short. Moves freely, but not as accurately as one. Shows well. Res CC.

Harry O’Donoghue