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As Crufts was mentioned yesterday…..

Crufts schedules are already out. Terrier Day is Friday March 9th and Glen of Imaal Terriers are 2nd in Ring 6, Hall 1. Fran Kaye is to be the judge of the day. Online entries don’t close until January 22nd. If you are coming from overseas though and don’t already have an Authority To Compete with your dog you will need to apply for this by December 22nd AT THE LATEST. No overseas entries will be accepted without an ATC and Crufts have said that this will be the cut off date for applications.

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Crufts might seem forever ago..

..but the online Terrier Group magazine has just bought out their summer edition and it includes a Crufts roundup. There are two photographs of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Best of Breed Wickholm Breaking Dawn on page 57.

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Keeping in touch

Crufts is watched by many Glen of Imaal Terrier owners and their Glens. Dempsey was 13 whilst Crufts was on so he’s sent his birthday shot to share with everybody.



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Glen of Imaal Terriers-Crufts 2017 and live streaming!

The biggest number of Glen of Imaal Terriers (37) can be seen tomorrow-Thursday-in Hall 1, Ring 6. They are third in the ring but will be on their benches before that for people to say hello. Friday will see the Vulnerable Breeds Competition and Romainville Billy Whizz will be flying the flag for Glens.

Discover Dogs will have Glens there all four days. Booth T13 is where they can be found. Why not go and have a photo taken. Alternatively if you like to watch things from the comfort of your own home a video has turned up that was unknown to nearly all Glen people. You Tube has Crufts 1988 and just before12 minutes in Mike Stockman is talking to Angela Rippon about Malsville Moddy Blue of Farni-Blue is there in all her glory.(Great find Nicki)

There will be live streaming from the main arena so Billy will be able to be seen on Friday and the Glen representative in the Terrier Group on Thursday.

Romainville Billy Whizz

Romainville Billy Whizz

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“When you do the list for Crufts remember to…..” “Will there be a list for……” “Don’t forget to put on the list about….”

Okay so in no particular order here’s THE LIST as asked for by Glen of Imaal Terrier people.

  • Remember your passes
  • Some comfy shoes
  • Headache tablets
  • Breed Club subscriptions (in a sealed envelope please with your name on the front)
  • The map in the car in case of overrunning road works or stupidity by the satnav
  • Your entry for the EFG Open Show (again the sealed envelope with name on the front please)
  • Getting an EFG Open Show Schedule to replace the one you’ve put somewhere safe.
  • Remember Glens are 3rd in the ring (not before 2.00pm) and as dogs are accepted up to midday you don’t really have to arrive at the NEC before sun up.
  • We WILL be doing a Bring & Share. Finger food is best so it can be eaten as folk walk around, gossip and groom. Dips and things that needs forks and spoons are very nice when you have lots of time but with it being a lunch (pre-judging) slow, easy and languid won’t be words of the day
  • Money for the shopping. Whatever you think before hand you will need it. So to assist with the assault here’s a list of all trade stalls

National Terrier have extended their closing date until Monday 13th March. Entries can be made on

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Traffic news (that we know about) for the coming Crufts week

It’s always difficult to know which order to put the “Crufts updates” but as Terrier Day is Thursday this year it had better be the traffic news first to give people a chance to plan routes before the final brush of the dog. (Unlike Tiina who has already done that but she is coming from Finland)

There are traffic delays and roadworks on the M6.

M5 Northbound
J13-J12 overnight 9-10 MAR 1 lane closed
J12-J11A overnight 10-11 MAR 2 lanes out of 3 shut
J7-J5 (past Worcester) EVERY night 2 lanes shut
(Highways England is suggesting the entire motorway may be shut northbound between J7 and J5, and on to J4A the turn off to the M42)

M42 Northbound
J3-J3A Closed overnight throughout
J5-J7 2 lanes out of 3 closed overnight

Coming South on the M42 there will be a lane closure from J11-10 on the 9/10MAR and between J11-J9 on the 10/11 March. These are supposed to be overnight roadworks but do bear in mind that they might overrun

Highways England will give you the roadworks and Traffic England will give you any up to date problems

If anything else is learnt about it’ll be posted.

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Final reminder for Crufts!

Crufts closes on Monday. Terrier Day is Thursday and the judge of Glen of Imaal Terriers is Alan Small. Glens will be judged in Hall 1, Ring 6 and they are 3rd in the ring so be prepared for a very long day!

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