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Did you see…….

There was a lot of other activity beside the breed ring at Crufts. Up in Discover Dogs did you see Flynn, Alfie, Digby, Dylan, Muttley, Poppy, Misty & Finn? They all helped fly the flag for Glen of Imaal Terriers in hectic Hall 3. Were you at the Vulnerable Breeds Final and saw Brogan (Top Glen last year) most ably strutting his stuff?

Were you at home watching it via the television and wish for more Glen coverage? If you were in the Midlands you’d have seen Basil doing us all remarkably well on BBC Birmingham. Even the Crufts own ad hoc shots of the show managed to feature a Glen as Dylan studied the camera and a passing shot of Muttley waiting for customers on Discover Dogs. If anything has been missed do let us know!

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Certainly a different Crufts…..

….well it was for Glen of Imaal Terrier exhibitors and admirers. 2nd in ring 6 so you turn up there and, okay not the biggest entry, where is everybody and where’s my bench, where’s my breeder, where’s my family? Somebody, somewhere had suffered from a rush of blood to the head when drawing up the benching plan and Glens were one side of ring 6 and one side of ring 5; so far apart we couldn’t even see each other! Being as stoic as our breed there was a lot of sighing and a lot of walking to each other (Welsh & Airedales were between us) but then there was a “sod it, this is rubbish” and the organiser’s office was visited for a non-official, official complaint. Vanessa McAlpine said it most certainly shouldn’t have happened and she’d find out why and get back. What she finds out will be reported on here.

Nobody had travelled from abroad this year but the Quarrie’s & Lin Smith, being from the Isle of Man & Guernsey, certainly got their travelling miles. There were folk new to the breed and people returning once more to Glens. It was great to see everybody and everything certainly seemed to go well. Admittedly the Bring & Share had a bit of a problem with the ridiculous benching arrangements as it isn’t a good idea to leave your dogs but a lot of food was “brunged” and it was shared via platefuls being taken away.

Dog CC & Best of Breed was awarded to Boudivella Oscar with the Reserve CC going to his uncle, Romainville Billy Wizz. Bitch CC went to Jeonty Minnie MeMe and the Reserve went to the Isle of Man with Rhumsaamist Glen Maye at Quaywest. Best Puppy travelled to the north of Scotland with Jeonty Dreams A Dream of Karensbrae (daughter of the bitch ticket winner) and Best Veteran went to the positively infantile-in Glen veteran terms-Kirikee Celtic Warrior.

Various Glen people around the world have asked, as “we’re so good”, if there is any chance of a full set of photographs? Flattery like that and anything can be done. Feel free to share them collectively or individually but a credit to either RBT (International) or the EFG blog would be appreciated.

As usual they’ll be more about Glens at Crufts tomorrow






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Today’s the day

It’s Terrier Day today at Crufts so it’s your chance to see the biggest number of Glen of Imaal Terriers at the NEC this year. Glens will be judged second in Ring 6, Hall 1 so the results should be on Fossedata by mid afternoon. Photographs will be on here Monday. If you are visiting Crufts to see Glens in all there glory do understand if people aren’t as chatty as usual before going into the ring; we all have nerves of some form or other. Why not come to the Bring & Share afterwards when there will be plenty of time to chat? There is always Discover Dogs to be visited (Glens are in booth T13) in the morning.

As this week is known as the “Crufts Week” blog, and lists are liked, the following has been sent

Have a great time everybody

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List time

“When you do the list for Crufts remember to…..” “Will there be a list for……” “Don’t forget to put on the list about….”

Okay so in no particular order here’s THE LIST as asked for by Glen of Imaal Terrier people.

  • Remember your passes
  • Is the favourite lead packed?
  • Some comfy shoes
  • Headache tablets
  • Get an EFG Open Show Schedule from Jean. If you’d prefer one posting email her today
  • Remember Glens are 2nd in the ring so you don’t have to leave your bed at midnight.
  • We WILL be doing a Bring & Share. Finger food is best so it can be eaten as folk walk around, gossip and recover from being in the ring. Dips and things are nice but they need spoons and such and past experience indicates they just get left as, frankly, people can’t really be bothered.
  • Breed Club subscriptions (in a sealed envelope please with your name on the front)
  • Something to tie onto the car aerial. After the end of a long day all lines of cars look the same.
  • The map in the car in case of overrunning road works or stupidity by the satnav
  • Money for the shopping. Whatever you think before hand you will need it. So to assist with the assault here’s a list of everybody there
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It’s Crufts week already

Possibly the big majority of Glen of Imaal Terrier owner’s thoughts turn to Crufts this week; well they certainly do if they are exhibiting, manning Discover Dogs or in reach of the National Exhibition Centre. We’ll try, over the next few days, to put everything on here that you’ll need to (hopefully) make the day go a little easier.

Glens (26 entered) are on Friday and can be found in Ring 6, Hall 1. They are second in the ring after Welsh Terriers so not quite such an early start as it could be. Welsh (39 entered) have an 8.30am start so Glens should hopefully make the ring by late morning rather than the after lunch slot. Glens can be seen everyday of Crufts in Discover Dogs in booth T13 and if you’re at the NEC on Saturday don’t forget to go to The Arena at 18.25 to cheer Golden Spur on in the final of the Vulnerable Breeds Competition.

There will be a lot of television coverage of the show and live streaming on YouTube


1500-1600 – Channel 4 Crufts Daily Show


1500-1600 – Channel 4 Crufts Daily Show

1830-2000 – More4 Crufts

2000-2100 – Channel 4 Crufts


1500-1600 – Channel 4 Crufts Daily Show

1830-1930 – More4 Crufts

1930-2100 – Channel 4 Crufts


1630-1730 – Channel 4 Crufts Daily Show

1900-2100 – Channel 4 Crufts


1630-1730 – Channel 4 Crufts Daily Show

1900-2100 – Channel 4 Crufts Best In Show


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As Crufts was mentioned yesterday…..

Crufts schedules are already out. Terrier Day is Friday March 9th and Glen of Imaal Terriers are 2nd in Ring 6, Hall 1. Fran Kaye is to be the judge of the day. Online entries don’t close until January 22nd. If you are coming from overseas though and don’t already have an Authority To Compete with your dog you will need to apply for this by December 22nd AT THE LATEST. No overseas entries will be accepted without an ATC and Crufts have said that this will be the cut off date for applications.

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Crufts might seem forever ago..

..but the online Terrier Group magazine has just bought out their summer edition and it includes a Crufts roundup. There are two photographs of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Best of Breed Wickholm Breaking Dawn on page 57.

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