Here we go again….

The Kennel Club (once again) have “revealed the plight of British Native Breeds”. Last time they decided to do it Glen of Imaal Terrier people were left in despair at the sensationalist headlines which happened through poor reporting, lack of research and total misunderstanding of the full picture. We even took the BBC on and got things removed from their website when we were able to prove “misleading content”. We were very robust indeed in our defence of the Glen and obviously it has been remembered as the Dandie Dinmonts, quoted often, in the new press release have virtually word for word used the Glen of Imaal argument of a few years ago about figures taken out of context.

We know the Kennel Club means well with their statements but why won’t they check with the actual breeds first?  Some appreciate the help but others really don’t need it and then are left to deal with the fall out from well meaning interference.

Interesting mix but what criteria?

The terrier tent at the Game Fair was a very interesting mix but nobody seemed to know what it was. There were Glen of Imaals, Sealyhams, Smooth Fox, Skyes, Dandie Dinmonts, Manchester, Irish & Norwich so the first reaction was the “so-called” Vulnerables but where was the Kerry, Lakeland, Welsh and Mini Bull? It wasn’t working terriers either. Does anybody know?