Brotherly Group 2s

One show was bigger than the other but Glen of Imaal Terriers now have another two siblings (as well as the Abberann boys) that can record Group Placements on the same day in different countries. In Finland Gleann Dynamite Mike took Group 2 at Seinajoki International and in the UK Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty also took G2 at Birmingham Gundog & Terrier!

At Lahti Puppy Show (12 Glens entered) BOB went to Rosears Miss Miimos with Rosears Master of the House Best Opposite

Discover Dogs is always a great place to meet Glen of Imaal Terriers. At ExCel this weekend Misty, Dylan, Toby & Candy flew the breed flag with style & aplomb….Toby in particular showing true Glen temperament!

Good weekend everybody.

So you saw the dogs at Crufts….

…….and were particularly taken with the Terriers; the most wonderful group of dogs there are. They come in lots of sizes and lot of shapes. Some have hair and some don’t. Some are a bit butch in looks and others totally cuddly. You’ve now had chance to go through all your brochures, leaflets and photographs from Discover Dogs. You’ve read the websites and followed the links and a terrier is definitely, absolutely for you. Just remember though that all terriers are this:-


Let’s hear it again….

We applauded yesterday so let’s hear it one more time for Glen of Imaal Terriers (and their people) at Crufts. Every year Discover Dogs is the place to be for so many visitors and flying the Glen flag most distinguishedly were, amongst others, Basil, Brogan, Digby, Dylan, Gill, Inga, Lady, Misty & Mutley. There were more people than ever around the ring and some serious travelling had occurred. The East Coast of America was well represented and, this year, the West was there as well. Glen Team Finland were there in force and some flew in to spectate. Nice to see you all and hope the journeys home weren’t too long and tiring.

It was the EFG 20th year and the invitation had gone out to “come and eat cake”. What can be said other than the invitation was certainly taken up and it was so nice to see so many people. The Cake, it has to be a definitive, was a Nicki Montford double flavour creation. Suffice to say people just walking passed stopped to take a quick picture with usually a comment of “wow”. Thank you for joining us.

Unusually for Glens they made appearances in the rings other than Terrier Day so a quick thumbs up again to Emma and Muffin in the YKC Grooming and Billy with his remarkable 3rd in the Vulnerable Breeds Final. Great publicity for the breed.


Where can I see Glen of Imaal Terriers at Crufts?

The NEC is a huge place and so is Crufts. It’ll be in Halls 1-5, Pavilion 1 & 2 and the Genting Arena from tomorrow (Thursday) until Sunday. The biggest number of Glen of Imaal Terriers will be seen on Terrier Day, which is Sunday, but there will be Glens there every day.

On Sunday Glens are first in the ring at 9.00am in Hall 1, Ring 6. Hall 1 is easy to access (if a visitor) via the NEC main entrance. They will be in the ring for around a couple of hours and then at the benches afterwards if you want to talk to the owners, take photographs etc. (After the breed has been judged the EFG invites anybody interested in Glens to join them in eating cake to celebrate 20 years since the club came into being.)

Discover Dogs is in Hall 3 throughout the duration of the show and at Terrier Booth 13 there will be Glens so don’t worry if you are there Thursday, Friday or Saturday, it will still be possible to have a Glen fix.

This year though there will be two other opportunities to see the breed. For the first time this year the KC are holding the final of the Vulnerable Breeds Competition. Glens are represented by Romainville Billy Whizz and it’ll be held in the main arena (Genting) on Friday at 6.10pm. Also the Young Kennel Club Groomer of the Year is being held on Friday at the YKC ring (Hall 3). The Over 18 Groom Clip/Trim & Strip will see a Glen in the ring as Emma Bull has picked Muffin Baldock to work her magic on. Caitlin Forbes, in the same class with a Westie, also used to show a Glen.

There is television, web coverage and live streaming throughout the entire event. That’ll be listed on here tomorrow.

We’re busy running up to Crufts but if you have a few minutes do have a look at this as National Purebred Dog Day are featuring Glen of Imaal Terriers!

It has to be the lead in….

Glen of Imaal Terrier people can be so proud that the lead to the “round up” this week just has to be Working News as we have certainly been out and about in that sphere with a vengeance. First Ollie NACSW Nose Work 3 Exterior (NW3-E) Element title on Monday October 19th in Martinsville, New Jersey and with the cooler weather, he was very energetic and eager to find the hidden birch, anise, and clove scents. Then Griffin with NW2 in Griffin. A near miss for Winston with 3 out of 4 elements in NW2 but he was 2nd fastest in vehicle search whilst Tula got 3 out of 4 in NW3. It doesn’t finish there as Niamh earned her PCD Obedience title. That’s Pre Novice, which will be renamed Preferred Novice come Dec 1. Same exercises as for the CD title except the Stay is not with other dogs (how sensible of the AKC.)

Glens have been showing as well with a Group 1 for Abberann Torcan in Valparaiso, a Group 4 for Emerald Isle Keely with Daulton and a Group 2 OH Keadeen’s Blue Boy for Bluesette in Washington. Even the babies are at it with a Puppy Group 3 for Gleann Elite Ellie in Finland. At other shows My Dear Fellow Brunhilde de Coco was BOB at Hanover, Gleann Una Noonan took the BOB at Seinajoku International with Gleann Cotton Cody Best Opposite and at Midland Counties Romainville Billy Whizz was BOB with Gleann Maggie May Best Bitch and Boudivella Oscar Best Puppy.

The Autumn Discover Dogs took place at ExCell & Lynn Fraser writes ”

On Saturday there were the following: Sally and Alan Barnaby with Murphy and Whizzer ( an honorary glen)

Sean Percy with Leia accompanied by their friend Lesley

Geraldine and Alan Cook (who sadly lost their Glen earlier in the year) who brought everything down and set up the stand

Gordon and Me with Dylan and Misty and on Sunday Gordon, Misty, Dylan and I were joined by

 Kate and Duncan Emms with Daisy and her pup Fergus (6 months)

Beth and Ian Rogers with Basil

Nicki and Richard Montford (without hound, but who were a great help)

Just have to applaud all that news!


Discover Dogs is this weekend!

If anybody is thinking of going to Discover Dogs this weekend do remember that it is now at ExCel rather than Earl’s Court. It’s got shopping, it’s got events, it’s got competitions and it’s got dogs and that includes Glen of Imaal Terriers at booth 98 according to the Secretary and 78 on the Facebook page….so enjoy looking at the dogs as you wander between the two numbers!

Last applause for 2015…probably

We’ve congratulated the Glen of Imaal Terrier winners and exhibitors plus the long distance travellers so today it has to be the “I was there” brigade and for you it’s the biggest salute. Whether you came by train, car or bus just to see the Glens at Crufts we appreciate it because without you there would be no breed. There would be no applause ringside and nobody to spread the word further….and it’s a word that sticks. At least two folk at the show “just visiting” had their first Glens in 1981, way before most current exhibitors had even heard of the breed. Great to see you again!

Of course the Discover Dogs heroes must be listed as they, and their human companions, do Glens proud right through the four days. Digby, Inga,Nellie, Leia, Misty, Murphy, Mutley, Milly and Molly are just a few on the roll of honour; if anybody cares to send other names they will be fully recognised and thanked. Of course there has to be a mention for the very well received (and very, very edible) Glen biscuits baked by Lynne Fraser and enthusiastically consumed by all who had them.

After a Crufts with very peculiar publicity the call has gone out for every breed to show how positive we are; the photograph below will do nicely for Glen of Imaals



Double checking & reminders.

We all know where we are for Crufts but some people will be visiting and some people will just suffer total brain fade when faced with the actual reality of the NEC so…….Glen of Imaal Terriers are on Saturday in Hall 1 and Ring 2. They are second in the ring after Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and the judging times for us are (approx.) 14.00-15.30. If you can’t get Saturday and still want to see Glens they will be in Discover Dogs (Terrier section) right through the show, people there will be able to help and point you in the direction to meet the breed away from the NEC.

Crufts is shopping, shopping, shopping, everybody does it, so having a list may help. There are an incredible number of trade stands and they are over 5 halls so wear comfortable shoes and think about a back pack for the stuff you just won’t be able to help buying. The car parks are a long way out and it’s £10 to park. This is from the Crufts schedule “Please note that only a limited number of spaces are available in the West car park and the West car park has only one exit so there may be delays in leaving this car park so knowing the problems in previous years-and Glens are on Saturday and late-it might possibly be an idea to go somewhere else than the West.