This one NEEDS noting!

There are quite a few Glen of Imaal Terrier DNA results being sent and, thank you, there will be an updated list shortly but one result stands out. Ch Pajantick Sky Masterson at Malsville is affected by PRA……except he is clear by eye test and he is a Veteran. The last list recorded that Ch Rainbow Springs Gotta Lotta Moxie was the same; genetically affected but clinically clear and she is older than Brando. So here with these two Glens are the reason that all must be DNA tested as years and years of clear eye certificates can lull breeders into a false sense of security.

Peg (Moxie) and Lora (Brando) share their DNA results with everybody when it would have been quite easy to only share their opthalmascope results as they show “good” news. Applause to them for being out there and hopefully everybody will follow their example WHATEVER THE RESULT.