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Why DNA tests won’t make dogs healthier is certainly a title to get notice taken. If you don’t have time to read it now maybe bookmark it for later

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A busy couple of weeks.

Normally the period after Christmas and early January is rather short of news but this year it’s been busy so the slightly new direction taken has obviously met with approval. Nevertheless though it’s time for the Winter Break and to gird loins for a (hopefully) equally as busy Spring and onwards. Let’s make it a date for February 18th to hit the EFG blog icon on your favourites list once again.

Before we all airkiss goodbye for a few weeks there are just a couple of things: Crufts online entries close on January 14th and this timely reminder, particularly after the post of two days ago.

If your Glen of Imaal Terrier has been DNA tested for GPRA-crd3, please can you check that the result is listed on the Kennel Club website: There are links to lists of all the Clear, Carrier and Affected Glens.

If your Glen’s results do not appear on the list, please send a COPY of the DNA result certificate (from Optigen or Bochum, both now send results direct to the KC but it could have been missed) to the Kennel Club to:

Health & Breeder Services Department, The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1J 8AB

If you also want your Glen’s registration document updated, please send the original registration document (along with the copy of the test result certificate) and you will be issued with a new one, with the DNA status included.

Another couple of 2013 diary dates

Val Tiller (Foxbarton Border Collies) holds two (all breeds) Optigen (USA) DNA testing sessions a year – in February and September.

From Val:

“Optigen are offering 30% discount off DNA tests, paid for online, at Val Tiller’s next Optigen 20/20 Clinic, on TUESDAY 5th FEBRUARY 2013, in Epsom, Surrey.

Glen of Imaal Terriers are invited to be DNA tested for crd3-PRA. Clients may attend the clinic in person, or be Postal Participants. Contact Val Tiller direct for further details and to book places … ASAP … AS SHE IS AWAY FROM 8th-15th JANUARY.

E-mail: or Tel: (01372) 273597.”

Should they be used?

Everybody in Glen of Imaal Terriers should be aware that they have PRA and that a DNA test has been developed but what to do with the results? What do you do if your beloved animal is found to be a carrier, should it be removed from the gene pool totally or, if good enough, bred from? It can be a difficult decision that might need some thought and advice from others.

Let’s start as we mean to go on.

Huge strides have been made in Glen of Imaal Terrier health so let’s  keep it going through 2012. Eye testing (both physically and by DNA) is the promotion so mark it in the diary for this year.

Bochum, the cheaper of the two options available to the breed, is easier if you are able to arrange things yourself. Jean Rogers will provide details. Optigen is done in the UK via clinics and the next one is February 7th at Foxbarton, 15 Beaconsfield Road, Langley Vale, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 6HA.You can either attend the session with your Glen, or you can choose postal participation. Either way, please contact Val Tilley as soon as possible to either arrange an appointment or to find out when she needs blood samples sent.

There is a 5% discount for online submission of paperwork, which is pretty straightforward to do but needs to be done in advance of the session, so that you can print off and bring the paperwork with you. If you are going to do this, please wait until you have spoken to Val, because she can give you her discount code to enter on the paperwork, and which entitles you to a further 25% discount. Alternatively, you can print out the submission form and fill it in by hand; or Val can complete paperwork for you at a small charge that is donated to Border Collie Rescue.

Your dog must have some form of permanent identification (PI) – microchip or tattoo – to be eligible for testing for GPRA-crd3. If you are doing “postal participation” please remember that OptiGen will only take BLOOD samples for Glen testing; you will need to arrange for your vet to draw blood and then send the sample and paperwork to Val for shipping to the OptiGen lab in America.

There is a reasonable charge at Val’s sessions to cover drawing blood, labelling and shipping. Tea and biscuits are provided!