Docked and Denied

The Docked and Denied campaign is to point out to people that genuine working dogs can still be docked by the law of the land. The law also states though that if a dog is docked it cannot be exhibited anywhere that an admittance fee is charged. Crufts wildly advertises they only want “fit for function” dogs attending but because an admission fee is charged some of the fittest dogs in the country are unable to.

The Kennel Club are happy to have vets in attendance to check dogs over to ensure they are healthy and that they “fit the breed standard” and are not “over exaggerated”  but yet they are depriving the very core of the best and the “proven healthiest” breeds by way of the docked working HPR’s, docked working Spaniels and any docked working Terriers and Glen of Imaal Terriers do still have dogs in that category!

Dog World is running a feature Crufts’ week (available at Crufts) to bring the above to the attention of the public and advertising is incredibly reasonable. A full colour space 7 x 8cm is only £25.00 but it MUST be there by Monday and is the lady to contact to reserve your advert. At that price breed clubs and individuals can also show their support.