Back to Glen of Imaals…

Two of the most popular questions regarding Glen of Imaal Terriers are about their late maturing and, as the Americans call it, prey drive. The concept of a breed not being really mature until it is five and often not at its best until seven has always been difficult for some people to grasp. Also many people now want their animals to be politically correct and not follow instinct at all…….like will Glens live with house rabbits? They are always surprised to be told the Glen will live with the rabbit until they decide not to because expert so and so has told them they can be trained.

A veteran Glen is currently driving their owner demented because whatever they do the Glen is managing to escape. The local rabbit population has myxomatosis and the Glen has discovered it can catch rabbits. It is obsessed. It has dug out, climbed over and chewed through. It may be over seven years old but it has a new mission in life and nothing will stand in its way for long.

Glen of Imaal Terriers certainly still have a very high prey drive once awoken and Veteran is the two year old of other breeds.

PRA Fund Raising

In the Summer (yes there was one) t shirts were worn with the PRA Fund Raising slogan on. The sweatshirts are being worn now but what about Christmas? Why not help raise a bit more money by sending a fund raising Christmas Card?

Admittedly great aunt Martha may look a bit surprised to get a card with a group of dogs on but why not consider them for your canine friends? We all know how important health is and for Glen of Imaal Terriers the discovery of the PRA gene is right at the top of the heap. Currently the cards are available with either traditional trees or a more modern coloured setting. Drop Jean an email and they will be with you in time for Christmas posting….even overseas.

National Terrier…done and dusted.

In at a reasonable hour and home at a reasonable one…unless you were one of the two ticket winners who live in Ireland and the North of Scotland! It was Homer again for the dog ticket but a new one for the bitches with Karen and Ceilidh. Bet the nine hour drive went quicker going home.

The new sweatshirts were there and more orders were taken. We all need sweatshirts in this climate and showing that you support the fight against PRA can only be for the good. Let us know if you would like one

Spring IS Here…..

Forget the forecast for more bad weather Spring IS here. After being on set-aside for a couple of years the field where the Companion Show is to be held has been harrowed and by July it will be lush meadow courtesy of Boston Seeds. Yes, do look at their website via the link. It’s the least we can do when they are another company that has agreed to sponsor the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend. Talking of sponsorship, Lings have said if anybody who is attending the weekend would like any particular mower or piece of equipment taking along for a testdrive just get in touch with them but do remember to say where you got their name from!

Happy Easter

At least all the WEATHER over Easter was useful for the Glens. It was too awful to go anywhere so there was only dog walking. Hats, gloves, coats for us with the Glens just leaping around going out, out out!!! In case anybody ever wonders Glens do not need coats or waterproofs of any sort, they are very weather tolerant. All the snow flurries (the east of the country had a lot) meant that there weren’t many people out so the dogs actually got out more than usual. I s Spring ever going to come?

Glen of Imaal Terrier Temperament

Are Glens prone to hysterical behaviour? It can categorically be stated that they aren’t. An earthquake strikes and they don’t make a sound whilst their owner works through everything from crashed helicopters to road accidents! Not a usual example to use for a terrier test description but as everybody knows Glens aren’t ordinary.

It’s only 10 days until Crufts so it’s becoming preparations R US. Crufts is always getting a quart into a pint pot and this year is no different. People and Glens are coming from all over the world so it’ll be busy, busy. There will be details of the PRA Fund Raising Weekend available at Crufts but the (get the jargon) high profile advertising will start end of March. Keep an eye up for it!

PRA Fundraising Weekend

July may seem a long way away but plans are well advanced for the GLEN OF IMAAL PRA Fundraising Weekend. The judges are booked and the licence has been granted for the Companion Show. Dr. Bedford is coming to do the eye testing and Professor Epplan will be giving a talk. Events are being organised, stands booked and stalls organised. There is even a Burger Van coming! Have you remembered to circle July 12 & 13 in the diary yet?