On a lead or not?

It seems that  a future Glen of Imaal Terrier owner (never owned one before) thinks it ” very sad to see a dog on a lead in the countryside……. and they become nervous and defensive…….all breeds like to chase the occasional squirrel given half a chance…” and “To read that a Glen of Imaal should NEVER be walked off a lead is very off putting to say the least”. Obviously if the person concerned has a couple of fenced off acres or can guarantee that they won’t meet anybody or anything else it’s fine but in the normal course of events it is still a definite recommendation to follow the below (Taken from the Glen Services website) and it has to be asked why, if longtime experienced breeders do say that a Glen is best on the lead when out and about, would you consider one if you think a dog should be a free runner?.


Cars win – dogs lose
Walking is a good aerobic workout for both of you!
Lead walks protect wildlife.
Not everyone likes a strange dog in his or her face.
Walking with your dog creates a bond between the two of you.
Leads are cheap – your dog is irreplaceable.
“Never” happens more often than you think.
Your dog may be friendly – mine is NOT.
You are responsible for every action your dog takes.