Get the hankie out….

A matter of a few hours and already comments and emails. It is very touching to know the blog was missed!

The photograph now resident at the top was taken in 1981 and to those of us around then it isn’t old. How can it be when we aren’t….well not on the inside anyway! Left to right the Glen of Imaal Terriers are:-

Pippa (Sammac Pippa Girl at Laureats). She was bred in Northern Ireland and was a cream. Are there any of that colour still around? The most recent that springs to mind was Dixie.

Bib (Eversley Beatrice at Laureats). Bred in Scotland and was brindle in colour.

Berg (Eversley Patrick) brother to Bib. He was a blue-brindle and led what is know commonly known as “the second coming”.

Carrie (Irish Champion Knockroe Shevaun). Bred in the South-West of Ireland and was a closet-grizzle.

Zac (Malsville Guitar Man). Bred in Wales and was red and white. On maturity his deep red wheaten coat with the contrasting nearly white head hair and feathering led many people in other breeds to very discreetly ask his owner just what did she put onto his coat to get that effect? Lyn would just smile and reply (quite honestly) “nature”.

LIver Pigment: Is it the Dudley Terrier?

 The liver pigment that appears in some lines of Glen of Imaal Terriers is often attributed to a cross put into the breed in the Sixties but could it actually be a much earlier one?

In England the “Black Country” was known for its fighting dogs and one strain was known as the Dudley Terrier, a characteristic of which was a light coloured nose and lack of black pigment; the term “Dudley nose” appears in many Breed Standards today. This breed was held in high esteem and was especially noted for its courage, gameness and ferociousness. The late 1800s (1870 onwards) saw many Dudleys exported to “the fancy” in both Ireland and America. Indeed the 1906 Syracuse Show saw classes allocated for the Dudley Terrier so obviously the breed also came to the notice of the pedigree world.

Many current Pit Bulls still show the lack of black pigment as a direct acknowledgement to the Dudley; could “our” livers be the same?                


Dog Of The Year

Dogs Today are running their Dog of the Year Competition. below is one of the nominees. If you would like to vote for him drop an email to the following and put DOG OF THE YEAR as the subject.

Paddy, a Glen of Imaal Terrier owned by Ryan Gough from Aberdare, Rhondda
Six-year-old Ryan is autistic. He doesn’t like to interact with other people, and he is reluctant to speak or play. However, when Paddy came along four years ago, there was an instant connection. Within three days, Ryan was calling Paddy’s name and they are now inseparable.
“Now, Ryan will initiate communication with Paddy – which is a big thing with autism,” says mum Gaynor. “The first thing that Ryan does in the morning is call for Paddy – and then he calls Cassie, our other Glen of Imaal, and then the cat. And they all go up into the bedroom to see him!” The only other things that Ryan will ask for are his basic needs, such as a drink or a biscuit.
Ryan will also play with Cassie – something he does with no other child or adult.

…..oh it’s just the RSPCA….

The post of the 17th got a lot of personal comment; too much to be answered in one session so this week could be a bit heavy on the reading. At Driffield dog show one person said “oh, surely it’s just the RSPCA having a pop so if we keep our heads down it’ll all blow over”. The only words that spring to mind are “HOW INNOCENT”. Turn up the mac collar and pull down the trilby here and it is fully realised that America is a long way west of here but the following are posted just for the record and interest.

PETA has this on their site:- The AKC demands that dogs adhere to strict breed guidelines even when they’ve been proved to cause medical problems, like with pugs’ breathing difficulty. Sound familiar?

PETA has just run a poster campaign:- a large heap of body bags containing dead dogs. Remind anybody of a certain campaign run here?

Wednesday was a black day for dog owners all across America, as animal rights extremists posted legislative victories in Dallas, California and Pennsylvania. Dog owner advocacy groups fought hard in all three contests and had clear majority support, but animal rights groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Humane Society of the United States cashed in political chips with elected officials. PETA and HSUS have been infiltrating local and state advisory boards for many years, backed by a war chest exceeding $150 million, hundreds of paid employees and thousands of volunteers. Apathy remains the greatest problem faced by dog ownership advocacy groups. The system may be a bit different here but again does anything sound familiar?

Just the RSPCA eh?

You’re sure to have some……

There will be stalls at the Companion Show on July 13th. One of which will be books. Everybody has them lying around so when you next tidy up any that are in decent condition could find a home at Swineshead. Our effort to help you tidy up. After all the holidays are approaching and most people take at least one book to read so why not get it from the book stall and help the Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA Fund!

PRA Talk

The talk by Professor Epplen, at the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend, is an open meeting available to anybody with a Glen of Imaal terrier. Indeed anybody who is interested in gene research is more than welcome to attend. No invites have been sent out because none are needed!

Peter Bedford will also be present on both the Saturday and Sunday to do eye-testing. This is NOT restricted to Glens but is open to all breeds. To enable the day to be arranged an appointment system for ryr tests will be operating so email to reserve your time