We’re having a heatwave!

Leeds Champ Show was hot! Harewood House grounds have little shade in the area they use for the show and the lack of breeze made it seem ridiculously hot. There will be some very sore, pink people tomorrow.

Glen of Imaals were scheduled for around one o’clock and we actually got in at that time. Quite a change from the 5.12pm it was one year. Best of Breed was Buster with Eilish Best Bitch. She was sporting a rather good “cool coat”, it kept her cool without making her wet. If your Glen sufferes from the heat have a word with Ann.

Terriers were the last Group in and glory of glories there was a bitch in full season just a couple of dogs ahead of Buzzie. The Dandie had to be taken out of the ring because he was so beside himself and Buster most certainly did not give of his best. Rude words don’t like good on nice blogs but you can imagine what was really wanted to write!!