Midland Counties and Birmingham G & T critiques


May I thank the officers and committee for their hospitality. The support of the exhibitors was much appreciated, especially on a Friday. If only we could award first places to everyone.

PGD (1) George’s Rockbuster From Romainville. 2yrs blue dog. Good head with dark eye & good ear carriage. A strong neck leading to a well sprung rib. Not too long in the loin & a good length double coat. Has the desired bow to front legs & moved soundly with drive. Will only improve with maturity. BD

OD (3) 1A 1st Sage’s Romainville Fast N’furious At Wickholm. 51/2 yrs Blue dog with a good head. Correct ears, eye shape & correct scissor bite. Level gentle rise to the topline & a good broad chest. I would like to see more muscle but moved soundly.

2nd Alsteads Ch Golden Spurs Almost 4yr old blue brindle dog. Much to like and on another day positions could be reversed. Needs more drive on the move.

PB (1) George’s Romainville Rock on Lizzie. At 8 months this wheaten pup has a lot to fill out but once the muscle & maturity arrives she should turn into a nice bitch. Good angulation front & rear. Well sprung ribs. Shoulders well laid back. Nice deep chest presented with good textured double coat. Sound movement fore & aft. BP + RBB

OB (4) 1st Harley’s Ch Donvaleset Brier. At almost 10 years of age this wheaten bitch still commands in the ring. Well muscled throughout on good bone structure. Good front & rear angulation. Nice strong scissor bite, dark eye, correct ear shape & carriage. Level topline rising gently to good tail onset. Good length & texture to wiry top coat with soft undercoat presented neatly. Good broad chest with well sprung ribs. Sound movement. BB & BOB.

2nd Georges Romainville Maggie May. 3yr old wheaten bitch. Although on the smaller size she is well proportioned. Muscle will add to the overall picture as I couldn’t find any major faults. I’ll be watching her future development

Tony Hadley (Judge)


Glen of Imaal Terriers

Puppy:  1st Rogers Jeonty Jyn A New Hope 9 month wheaten bitch, full of spirit, good head and mouth, nicely anguated front and rear, lovely front, held her topline on the move, a very promising youngster who should have an excellent future. BP RBOB.

PG: 1st Rogers Jeonty Minnie Meme nice size and shape, very feminine, lovely head, good mouth.

Open: 1st Garners CH Johnny Be Good at Romainville 11 years old but not showing it, good mouth, lovely head and ears, nice size and shape to him, good front and good angulation front and rear, good topline, excellent movement, lovely harsh coat. could not deny him BOB.  2nd Hogburns  Pajantick Razamataz

3rd Rogers Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty.

Wendy Tobijanski(Judge)


Nearly the end of October

Admittedly at October draws to a close Glen of Imaal Terrier results aren’t as numerous as the summer months but still some keep out there bringing the breed to view. Last week we applauded 11 year old Johnny Be Good for his BOB well this week the veterans lead in again with 10 year old Donvaleset Brier at Midland Counties. Rock Buster from Romainville was Best Dog with Romainville Rock On Lizzie RBB (and BP) with Romainville Fast N’Furious at Wickholm Reserve Best Dog.

Just one result from Finland, at IDS Seinajoki Best of Breed was Highlanders Dream Casper. Over in the States Delaware Ohio Kennel Club saw Daulton’s Caoimhe of Pines Meadow was BOB and OHG2. Brandon Florida Kennel Club was 2 Best of Breeds for Finnabair Double D Friend of a Friend with Kilkenny Irish American Classic at Castlerock & Finnabair DD Shut Up & Kiss Me Best Opposites. 7 month old Abberann Lament for Owen Roe was a rising star in Valparaiso where he took Best of Breed(over Champions) and Kilkenny’s Across The Universe to Setanta took a Best of Breed & Group 3. Canada saw Gleann Holy Hannah notch up a Group 2 AND a Group 3 at Island Dog Club

Kelli Whitfield sends news of a great coursing and agility weekend “2 FAST AKC Agility Q’s with first place for Griffin plus 4 AKC FAST CAT Q’s which gave Griffin his AKC BCAT! (Cooper earned some ribbons too!)”

Well done all!

Association Championship Show

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Championship Show is a chance for the many companion owners to bring their dogs to meet “the family” and possibly have a go in the ring and this year was no exception. Always nice to meet and talk to Glen enthusiasts that aren’t often seen. Judge Pat Clayton was awarding her first set of Challenge certificates in the breed and she finished off the Top Glen of the Year, Ch Romainville Billy Wizz, in fine style with the dog ticket and Best In Show. Reserve Best In Show, Best Veteran and Reserve CC was awarded to Ch Beatrix’s Boy with Windarra from Donvaleset who was not looking his ten years. Best Opposite Sex and the Bitch CC also went to a Veteran, 7 year old Ch Donvaleset Brier. The Reserve Bitch CC, Ch Jeonty MeMe Fern, headed a family affair as she was the dam of both the Best Puppy in Show, Jeonty Diamond Ring, and the Best Puppy Bitch Jeonty Minie MeMe.

Congratulations to everybody and well done to the catering team for a fabulous chocolate cake! Secretary Ann Hardy wasn’t at the show as she broke her leg the previous Sunday. It’ll be a long road back for her but everybody sends their best wishes for recovery


National Terrier critique


My thanks to the Committee for their warm welcome and excellent hospitality and to the exhibitors for an excellent entry of 27 dogs. I was very pleased with my main winners and thought the representative in the Group ring gave a very polished performance. However, through the entry I was a bit dismayed to find a Dandie-style head, a Skye-type head and those expressions did not look at me like a Glen and a couple of Cesky Terrier-like trimmed outlines. This is something that breeders and exhibitors need to address – a Glen should have none of these attributes! A Glen should look like a Glen of Imaal, with strength and substance, not like a mix match put down to look like something else for appearance sake. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed judging the breed that is a great favourite of mine.

MPD (1) 1 Hardy’s Amhard Justin Thyme. Just coming up 8 months this wheaten boy has a good body shape and outline. Promising head with good width of skull, good stop and correct shaping to the foreface. Strong front assembly for his age and a good shaped ribcage with a short loin. He has good muscling in his hindquarters and this assists his free-flowing movement. Very steady both coming and going and his overall type and ring presence won him the Best Puppy award over the bitch.

JD (1) 1 Alstead’s Golden Spurs. 16 months blue boy with an attractive bit of brindling through the coat at the moment. A shade square in outline at the moment carrying a very full harsh coat for his age. A well balanced skull and foreface with correct ears and good scissor bite. Good length of rib but just a bit flat at the moment and a good strong loin. Good muscling in the quarters allowing free flowing movement though a shade tight both ends. I will be interested to watch how this young man develops.

PGD (2, 1) 1 Sage’s Romainville Fast N’Furious At Wickholm. Stood alone in this class but stood out in the Dog Challenge for his breed type that is so correct to the standard. A cracking headpiece with powerful foreface and beautiful dentition with a correct scissor bite. Correct rose ears, well set and with that lovely Glen expression. His blue coat has such a good harsh texture and his body proportions are spot on with a great ribcage, strong loin and a correct topline both standing and on the move. He has very well muscled hindquarters and the best tail carriage on the day. He moved with such purpose and drive both coming and going and really covered the ground when viewed in profile. I was please to award this top quality Glen his first CC and BoB and I am sure his crown is not far away.

LD (4) 1 Hardy’s Amhard High Flyer. Two and a half yr old wheaten lad with a very good outline. Well balanced skull with good stop and tapering muzzle and a good scissor bite. He has a strong muscular neck that runs into a well-structured front assembly with good bone and correct feet. A nicely extended ribcage and good loin but unfortunately he had left his jacket at home. However, this is temporary and with a full coat should be able hold his own in any company. Strong quarters with good muscling and a very well set tail. A sound steady mover in profile, though just a shade tight at the back going away. Well put down and handled. 2 Welch’s Romainville Brannigan At Brockland. He too presents a good outline with his strong head, this red/wheaten has a good, harsh quality coat, dark eye and balanced muzzle. He has a good strong neck running into good set of shoulders and front with excellent bone. Just a shade flatter in rib today but has good strong loin. Not as good in turn of stifle as winner but has good muscling in his quarters. He moved steadily in profile though a tad wide in front coming towards me. 3 Withers’ Pajantick Star Trooper.

OD (3) 1 Hadley’s Donvaleset Rebus. Striking blue veteran with a good Glen outline with good harsh coat presented correctly. He has a good strong skull of the correct shape with good strength to the foreface and good dentition for his age. Excellent power in his forequarters with the correct amount of bone with well balanced body with good ribcage and short loin and correct topline especially when on the move which he did with ease and precision. The harsh textured coat covering his body was very well presented. He is well muscled still for his age and this and overall type won him this class and the Reserve CC. 2 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Billy Whizz. Attractive red wheaten just coming up four years with a well balanced skull and good stop but was just a shade short of strength in the muzzle. Good ears and correct dentition heading up a well-laid front assembly with plenty of bone. Good width of chest, well-sprung ribcage and short loin that is covered with a good quality harsh jacket. His quarters are well-muscled and this helps give him the required Glen topline. Moved steadily both coming and going but was just a little too fond of his tail on the move and this spoiled the overall picture. 3 Welch’s Ch & Ir Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. Must mention this super 11 year old blue, unfortunately had left his coat at home. Lovely breed type and can still cover the ground with relative ease.

MPB (1) 1 O’Brien & James’ Amhard Jessie Jay. Attractive wheaten puppy with a good outline if just a little square looking at the moment. She has a well balanced skull and foreface for her age with nice dark well set eyes and a lovely expression. Good neck and front assembly with good bone for her years. Good shape of rib and neat loin with a nicely muscled set of quarters. Just a baby with a lot of potential and at only 8 months she moved and showed very well.

PB (2) 1 George & Sullivan‘s Romainville Anna Belle. 11month wheaten with a well balanced skull and foreface with good scissor bite. Neat ears and well set eyes, strong neck for her age and plenty of bone in a well laid front assembly. Nicely proportioned rib to loin balance with good angulation and muscling in a very nice set of quarters. Moved steadily in profile and was well put down with a good harsh coat for her age and was well handled. 2 Hardy & Tune’s Amhard Jeez Louise. Litter sister to the winner of Minor Puppy and many of the same attributes apply. A good quality coat covered a slightly flatter in rib than the winner but she had an equally well-proportioned balanced outline. Good muscletone in a very nice set of well angulated quarters. Moved a bit erratically at times but could be sound and steady when she put her mind to it.

JB (1) 1 Studd’s Wickholm Gone In Sixty Secs. Just a month out of puppy this young wheaten lady was another who had left her coat at home. Balanced skull and foreface with a good scissor bite, though with a slightly larger, lower set ear carriage. Good neckline with a well boned set of legs below, running into a nicely sprung ribcage and a well muscled quarters for her age. Turned in a shade coming towards but moved soundly in profile and was sympathetically handled.

PGB (1) 1 George & Sullivan’s Romainville Fade To Grey. Two yr old blue with a nicely balanced outline covered with an attractive, if softer textured overcoat. Good head proportions with nice toning eye and neat ears and scissor bite. Strong neck and sound forequarters with good bone and correct feet. Shade flatter in rib but with good strength through the loin. Moving soundly enough in profile but was a shade tight both coming and going. Well put down and handled.

LB (5) 1 Baldock’s Ellerton Dusky Beauty. This blue bitch who is just coming up 3 years has a very typical Glen outline with that constant reminder of the characteristics of the breed. Very good skull and foreface proportions with neat set ears and correct scissor bite. Lovely muscular neck  running into a very good lay of shoulder and excellent bone and feet. She has a nice deep well sprung ribcage and a good strong loin ensuring the topline is maintained throughout. Really covered the ground in profile and was very positive both ends coming and going. In the bitch challenge I felt that she was, on the day, just a shade better in forward reach and drive than second in Open and was delighted to award her the Reserve Bitch CC. 2 Hadley’s Donvaleset Domino. Full sister to my CC winner, this 7 year old wheaten has a very good quality coat and typical outline. A very well balanced skull and foreface with neat ears, just a shade lower set, and a lovely expression. Strong neck flows into a well-laid shoulder with good bone and neat feet. She has a good well sprung ribcage with a strong, short loin behind and well set tail. Well muscled quarters that assists that free easy movement in profile though was incline to be a shade tight going away. 3 Rogers’ Jeonty Meme Fern.

OB (6) 1 Harley’s Ch Donvaleset Brier. This attractive wheaten bitch really belies her 8 years as she commands attention and has great ring presence. Her body shape has the classical Glen outline and that look of sturdiness and substance. She has a lovely balanced skull and foreface with neat ears and a dark eye. A good set of teeth with the correct scissor bite. Her muscular neck runs into a very well-laid front assembly with excellent bone and correct feet. A beautiful ribcage with good depth and length and with her neat short loin her topline remained constant throughout. Such a sound steady mover, she covered the ground so easily in profile, one of the deciding factors in this class and was very true both coming and going. Very well handled and could not be denied the Bitch CC. 2 Baldock’s Ch Jeonty Maybee Daysee. Another wheaten lady who belies her years, one would never suspect she was only a year younger than winner. Another classy Glen outline with the look of substance without coarseness. Another beautifully balanced skull and foreface with that endearing Glen expression coming from those dark eyes. She has the best of fronts with excellent bone and correct feet setting up the well formed, correct ribcage required by the standard. A strong loin and well muscled quarters led to sound steady movement in profile but felt she did not have as much reach and drive as winner. A very nice bitch to go over and was very well handled. 3 Sage’s Jeonty Lola May At Wickholm.

Bob Cross (Judge)

Busy few days

The show season seems to be certainly starting for Glen of Imaal Terriers. In Finland Rosears Fuzzbuster was Best of Breed at Kajaani whilst in Luxemburg Bregorrey Wannabe Victory By Jeonty took the top award. CH Tipperary American Girl JE took two back to back Best of Breeds at Monroeville and two Group 2s were recorded by GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned in Florida (why doesn’t the UK have such fabulous names as Greater Orange Park Dog Club?). At the Utrecht Show(Holland) Madra Athos Annowre Aobh an Solais was Best of Breed

It’s the terrier high spot of the year when National Terrier takes place and BOB there was Ch Donvaleset Bier with Ir Ch Abberann Karl taking the dog ticket. The two reserves were, respectively, Romainville Jean Genie and Bregorrey Wannabe Victory By Jeonty. Best Puppy went to Romainville Jazzman.

Well done everybody

Romainville Jean Genie

Ch Donvaleset Brier

Bregorrey Wannabe Victorious By Jeonty

Ir Ch Abberann Karl


Madra Athos Annowre Aobh anSolais


Very international!

The Crufts 2012 Glen of Imaal Terrier entry was certainly international for judge Kathy George. The entry was swelled by 5 from Germany, 4 from Finland and 5 from Ireland and this was reflected in the awards. Best of Breed was Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad with Best Bitch going to Ch Donvaleset Brier. The two Reserves were Multi Champion Abberann Conan and Int Ch Spirit of Ireland Ashanti. Best Puppy to Amhard Ginger Snap. It was really nice to welcome so many from overseas but special mention must be given  to Sue Sutton with her first Glen, her first visit to Crufts and her first red card–a memorable day!

National Terrier Results

After a journey to be forgotten, a fast ferry that didn’t, traffic jams, diversions & a stroppy car park barrier, judge Nick White gave a full set of “firsts” at a National Terrier. First bitch Champion,  and Best of Breed, for Don & Val Harley with Donvaleset Brier (Amhard Damson Sauce/Monavoth Girl Among Donvaleset). First CC to Donvaleset Rebus (Beatrix’s Boy with Windarra from Donvaleset/Donvaleset Blue Crystal). The Reserve CCs were also a first for 10 months old Kirikee Celtic Warrior (Abberann Tyrone/Ir Ch Abberann Eilish at Kirikee) and Romainville Tigan(Feohanagh Bryan at Romainville/Briar Rose of Romainville). Best Puppy went to Roaminville Inki (Johnny Be Good at Romainville/Roamainville Rags’n’Tatters) from Minor Puppy.

Birmingham National

If you are at a loose end today, and in the area of Stafford, you could visit the showground for Birmingham National. Glen of Imaal Terriers are on today and not in the ring before 12.30 so no rushing!

Some interesting results. Judge Kathy George made one Glen up & started another on its way. Beatrix Boy with Windarra from Donvaleset can now put those two letter CH in front of his name and kennel mate Donvaleset Brier got her first CC and then beat her grandad for Best of Breed so quite a day for Don & Val Harley! International Champion Brockland Brayhead Lad took Reserve Dog with Grizzlemarsh Cassie the Reserve Bitch