As we were asked (what a surprise)….

Yesterday saw quite a few requests come in & obviously we always try to oblige. Basically, condensed & re-written, they all said the same thing “where on earth did the fad (a ruder word was used) for ears stuck on top of the head come from?” It’s a good question and the photographs below make it even more pertinent. Two of these were taken in the first two years of the recognition of the Glen of Imaal Terrier by the Irish Kennel Club (34 & 35), so these are dogs that performed for a living, not show bred specimens and the higher ear is definately in the minority. Whilst looking at the photos you might notice the length of leg these dogs have but shall we do that next week?


Ear we go again

Last Thursday the “difficult or awkward”  question of the day evoked some comment. One suggestion made was pictures of ears should appear on here for discussion. Over the weekend some were sent so would anybody care to send more? If your skills aren’t quite up to cropping of photographs etc. don’t worry. It can be done and no Glen of Imaal Terrier will be identified by name.

This question may be a surprise to some!

The “difficult or awkward” questions sent for discussion have certainly been varied & caused fingers to hit keyboards. Today’s may do the same.

“I don’t hear it spoken about too often but I think many of us aren’t sure if taping (of ears) is commonplace—what are the pros and cons—should we be taping at all—how do you tape?????”

For folk who aren’t aware of the practice taping (or gluing) of ears of Glen of Imaal Terriers is done to give desired carriage and/or placement.