Want to try Earthdog with your Glen of Imaal?

EARTHDOG WORKSHOP      FRIDAY, 14TH October 2016 – 9am -18.30pmearthdog-workshop-logo-with-fox-head

Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Coventry Warwickshire        CV8 2LZ United Kingdom

Inner terrier-get terriers off the table and into the earth!

All terriers are earthdogs and this workshop is open to short legged and long legged small medium terriers Border/Plummer/JRT/Cairn/WHWT/Welsh/Cesky/Fox Wire/Smooth/Parson/Norwich/Norfolk/Australian/Lakeland/Glen of Imaal/Dandie/JagD/Patterdale/Fell-Dachshund

Earthdog workshop to tunnel train and develop voice, nose, sight comprising of anatomy-diggers, Test Aptitude to bring out the “voice”, sight training and nose training culminating in running an artificial den. The tunnel for the larger chested terriers will be 25cm x25cm

No animals will be killed or injured during the test training or artificial den running

Dogs 12 months minimum age

Motivation to eventually have a happy dog and owner as your dogs’ inner terrier has been released and can lead to further work in Master of Fox Hound working certificate and vermin control. The best way to bond with your terrier.

Inscription form: jrasamuyr@gmail.com £48 per dog

Also last weekend….

From Larry Nattrass and his Earthdog Glen of Imaal Terriers

Golden Gate Dachshund Club held an EarthDog trial at Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, CA this weekend – 2 days, 3 trials. Saturday AM was windy but the good news was that the rain held off. No such luck in the afternoon – the strong winds blew the downpour under awnings and through every gap in rain gear. The clay soil turned to greasy, slick mud and a couple of the tunnels flooded. Oh yeah, a couple of cars got stuck but that didn’t interfere with EarthDog. Today, the sun was out and all we had to contend with was the mud.

Molly (Maille of Cnoc)finished her Junior EarthDog title in the AM run yesterday. She went straight to the quarry and began work immediately, continuing for the required 60 seconds (seemed like 60 minutes to me – the wind was masking the softer sounds and I didn’t know if she was working or not). Retrieval went very nicely.

Quinn ran before Molly (it helps if she is jealous and thinks Quinn ate HER rats while he was in HER tunnel – No, she doesn’t wait calmly or quietly and voices her opinions of what she thinks he’s doing). We didn’t get any times, but he passed and got his first Q. In the afternoon, he reached the prey 7 seconds after release (that’s 10 feet of approach and 30′ of 9×9 inch tunnel with 3 right angle turns in 7 seconds), started work in 1 second (the judge couldn’t hit the button on his stopwatch any faster than that), and carried on for 58 seconds, just missing a second Q. He made up for that this morning by earning his second Q and JE title. The judge commented that he was among the fastest dogs she had seen, reaching the prey in 9.01 seconds.

Molly ran the Senior earth yesterday afternoon and did extremely well for a first try. She dawdled around the entrance, ate some grass, went over the check out the surface area around the false den, tried to visit with the judge, and finally eentered the tunnel at the 50 second mark. She reached the quarry well within the remaining 40 seconds, stared for a few seconds and then began work, working very loudly for the required 90 seconds. Senior requires that the dogs exit the tunnel on command (well, sort of)after the prey is removed and the handler gives a command (or about a hundred commands, pleas, begging, etc. in our case). Molly popped out the false entrance with not too many seconds left and, when I moved to get her (about 20′ away from my station at the main entrance), she decided I wanted her to keep hunting and dove back underground. This morning’s run might have been more successful if we had remembered to bring Molly’s brain. She wandered around on the surface until the judge called time, then dove into the tunnel, stared at the rats for a minute or so, popped out the false entrance, dove into the main entrance, popped out the false entrance, dove back in the false entrance, etc., etc.

We are very proud of both dogs for earning their titles and very pleased with Molly’s willingness to take on the challenges of Senior. She did very well and we can practice recall and other stuff at home, getting ready for the next event.

Nice to hear about other things Larry, thank you.

Now this IS an announcement!

Lara Brown sends:-

We’re very excited to announce that Madra (Liberty’s Listerlin) earned his Senior Earthdog title today in Woodland, CA.  The Border Terrier Club of the Redwoods is hosting a three day, 4 event earthdog weekend, taking advantage of the Veterans’ Day holiday yesterday.  

To pass he was required to reach the quarry in 90 seconds having been released 20 feet from the tunnel entrance. The tunnel entrance is built up, so the dogs cannot see the entrance from the ground, but it is scented.  Underground there are 30 feet of liners with three right angled turns, a false exit and a false den.  The dogs have 15 seconds once they reach the quarry to start working, and must work for 90 seconds.  The rats are then removed, and the dog has 90 seconds to be recalled and back under the handler’s control.  

Madra passed yesterday afternoon with a 35 second recall, passed this morning with a 7 second(!) recall, and passed again this afternoon with a lazy 45 second recall!   We are still surprised but delighted that he passed his first three trials and will be moving to Master Earthdog tomorrow morning.  We’re not sure if he will fit through the 6 inch constriction, but if there are rats involved, we know he’ll certainly try his best Houdini impression! 

Mary Ainsworth’s Bucky tried Junior Earthdog.  He was a bit stubborn on removal, but incredibly enthusiastic to go down the tunnel!  Larry and Karen Nattrass’s Quinn is a wee prodigy – he is reaching the quarry and working hard in Junior.  We’re hoping to congratulate him tomorrow with his first qualification.  The Nattrass’s Molly is also excelling in Junior, she’s a bit slow getting in the tunnel (not unlike Madra!), but she works really hard.  So hard in fact that she destroyed two dowels today!  

The Glen of Imaal Terriers all worked so hard this weekend and were great ambassadors for our breed.  We’re so proud of them all.

The “other side” of Montgomery

Many people from Europe travel over to Montgomery to see some of the most beautiful terriers in the world but there is another side to all this; the performance events. If you want to see breed, not just Glen of Imaal Terriers, doing tracking, agility, earthdog etc. these are the events around that weekend.

All-breed AKC tracking test on Mon 10/4 (Elkton  MD, about 1’15 min from Montgomery):Contact  Christine Gates, Event Secretary @ (302) 738-6885   

 All Terrier AKC Agility premiums for Tues 10/5 – Fri 10/8 (Kimberton PA,  ~30 min from Montgomery):


 All-Terrier AKC Rally premium for Wed 10/6 (Kimberton PA,  ~30 min from Montgomery):


 All-Terrier AKC Obedience premium for Thurs 10/7 (Kimberton PA,  ~30 min from Montgomery):


 Hatboro Dog Club All-breed Obedience & Rally on Fri 10/8 (Wrightstown PA, ~40 min from Montgomery):


 Delaware Valley German Shepherd Dog Club All-breed Obedience & Rally on Sat 10/9 (Horsham PA, ~15 min from Montgomery):

Contact  Bonnie Ludwig, Event Secretary @ (610) 265-9544