Goodbye 2014.

Another year already, where did the time go? As usual we have to do the “Oscar Speech” of thanking the director and the producer but most of all it has to be the extras that are thanked in this variant. All the Glen of Imaal Terriers who perform effortlessly all the year to bring a bit of Glendom to everybody that meets them. They are the reason we get together on this page so thanks to them and thanks to all for sending the news and photographs. It couldn’t happen without you so do consider an extra New Year resolution; keeping the EFG blog EVEN MORE the place “that keeps Glen of Imaal people up to date”.


You’ve got to love it…..

We’ve said for years now that this may be a blog that the EFG hosts but it is for all Glen of Imaal Terrier people for anything they might think will be of interest to others. Have a look at this, you’ve just got to love it! Who is it based on? Our nomination is for Peg Carty’s Tate

Welcome back!

Finnegan (Rainbow Springs Wicklow’s Warrior of Ber-D-Mar) starts off the 2013 season. The boy was being taken after his second Westminster Best of Breed when, rather than the traditional shot, he suddenly sat up. The photographer, and New York Times editor, were so taken with the Glen of Imaal Terrier sit that it was featured on the  back page of NY Times Sports section!

Quite a lot of news was sent in January, new working titles and a Best Veteran in Show being the most exciting, and we’re ready for lots more. As we often say the EFG blog exists for you so the new email of is ready anything you think will be of interest to fellow Glen people.

Credit: Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times /The New York Times Fred R. Conr

And another…

Another Open Show for the immediate diary. Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire is on 17th February and the 2 classes for Glen of Imaal Terrier will be judged by Rachel Leeson.

It was asked if the EFG blog would be willing to give a bit of publicity to Open Shows? Of course as the tag line of the blog is “Keeping Glen of Imaal people up to date”. Any news (show or otherwise) is always welcome but it has to be sent along. Just like the information was that WELKS and Southern Counties are putting Glen classes on this year.

Some people are so organised!

The strapline of the EFG blog is Keeping Glen of Imaal People up to Date and, as everybody knows, it runs on what you send that might be of interest. This is for anybody planning their holiday (with your Glen of course) next year and why not? If Bath can have their schedule out so early why shouldn’t we be planning possible holidays!

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

After over 1150 posts regarding the Glen of Imaal Terrier it’s a personal post today. This evening the computer will be packed away ready for a house move. BT have assured that a phone (and internet) connection will be live in the new place as soon as is possible but “possible” hasn’t yet been defined. Hopefully normal service will be back next week!

Whilst we’re away have a think about the first few words of the above-over 1150 posts-and where we can go next? Should the EFG blog continue how it is? Should it do things in more depth? Should it possibly go more political?

Blowing the trumpet

Yesterdays EFG blog post was number 1,040. That’s a heck of a lot of (mainly) Glen of Imaal Terrier information. Huge amounts of it couldn’t have been done without you sending stuff in and taking the time to read it. So thanks a lot and make sure to keep sending it all in. It’s appreciated!!

After Crufts….

Emails are coming in asking about the 2010 PRA Fundraising Event. Yes, there will be eye testing (all breeds as well as Glen of Imaal Terriers). Yes, there will be a Companion Show. Yes, we are hoping to do an ebay auction. The date is Saturday July 17th and there are some details on the EFG blog but fuller details will be released after Crufts.

Anybody who has been to any of the previous Fundraisers should have a look at a new dog toy….our retro idea is catching on everywhere!