Yes, clipping can be done

Next Sunday, the day after the EFG Companion Show, there is to be a grooming workshop. This will cover ALL Glen of Imaal Terrier presentation. Yes, stripping is nice and means a great coat but we appreciate not everybody has the time or inclination to do this. The whole idea of the workshop is to demonstrate that you don’t have to be afraid of dealing with the hairy individuals in your life. Clipping it off, or scissoring, is far better than the coat becoming just one huge mess.

There will be a dog present specially for demonstration of the “now” method of Glen grooming so don’t be afraid you’re going to be laughed at for wanting to know more about the “run over with the clippers”. The workshop is for all Glens and so that includes you!

It’s this weekend!

Monday is normally round up day, thank you to the people who have sent weekend results and well done all, but this week we’re doing ourselves! Less than a week to go to the EFG Companion Show (in aid of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf), the first tents are up and the annual sacrifices to the weather God are beginning.

Just to catch up; Thursday is a bring and share supper, Friday is fish & chips and Saturday Chinese. If you are thinking of coming along please let Jean know. Last year an incredible 40 people stayed after the show so it is crucial to have some idea of expected numbers. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a Glen of Imaal Terrier, anybody and everybody is welcome to come and join in the legendary hospitality.

Camping anybody?

As usual there is camping available at the EFG Companion Show (in aid of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf) and everybody is welcome but Jean obviously would appreciate a phone call or email The first vans have checked in for the Thursday before (which is only next week) and there will be a bring and share supper for all early comers so do remember to bring your contribution. Up to date the furthest traveller is motoring down from Scotland but for sheer mileage the cutting short of the Italian holiday to attend the weekend really takes the biscuit!

Make me an offer….of what?

Thank you but a load of concrete isn’t quite what we had in mind, you can always trust Glen of Imaal Terrier people to be literally minded! The “Make Me An Offer” stall is a new one at the EFG Companion Show (in aid of Hearing Dogs For the Deaf) but there are a few interesting items.

Have a look at Holly & Lil and the their collars. There is a 17″ vanilla calf leather collar  size 4 so 13″ to 16″ buckle to hole
(nominally 18″ overall) waiting to see what interest it gets. It was part of the celebrity collection and decorated and signed by Emily Head of the Inbetweeners and engraved with her name on the reverse of the Holly & Lil charm. It has only been lightly worn as a dress collar for Discover Dogs & high days & holidays.

Remember the Vistascreen 3D viewers? We’ve got one in full excellent order (with box), believed to date from the late 50s/early 60s, and with it is a full set of 25 “Working Dog” cards and, yes, the Glen of Imaal Terrier is there. This should go as a set but we are willing to part with individual cards; the set comprises of

(1)    The Corgi (shows a Pembroke corgi), (2)    Whippets

(3)    Springer Spaniel, (4)    Labrador Retriever, (5)    Beagles

(6)    Basset Hounds, (7)    English Pointer (small pen mark, 6mm, on reverse)

(8)    Guide Dog  –  illustrated with a Golden Retriever in harness.

(9)    Old English Sheepdog

(10)  Flat Coat Retriever (this is the worst condition of all the cards having a small tear to the top edge, a 10mm P in biro on the back and a light crease however it works in the 3D viewer and  would look fine in a frame.)

(11)  Border Collie – shown working  a black faced sheep

(12)  The Clumber Spaniel  – shown with gun and possibly at the home of the breed  –  Clumber Park near Worksop.

(13)  Alsatian – illustrated by a working police dog and using the name in common use before German Shepherd Dog (GSD) became the norm.

(14)  Husky –  possibly a Canadian is pictured but the Siberian is also listed on the reverse along with the Samoyed, the Eskimo and the Alaskan Malamute.

(15)  Bearded Collie, (16) The Dalmatian, (17)  Shetland Sheepdog

(18)  Pointers  –  possibly showing an American Style pointer in the field.

(19)  Glen of Imaal Terrier, (20)  Bloodhounds, (21) The Irish Wolfhound

(22)  Foxhounds  – naturally illustrated with a mounted huntsman.

(23)  Papillons- don’t ask us why a toy breed is part of a working dogs set unless being a companion comes into the definition of work.

(24)  Maremma Sheepdog, (25)  Irish Setter (Pencil 8mm S on reverse)

Pre-offers will be taken on the items above. If further details are required or you want to make any offer email

IMG_0710 (2)

Counting down

18 days until the EFG Companion Show (in aid of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf). The Companion Show schedule is online on the EFG website and there are still a few places left for the eye testing-appointments from Sheila on

Wagg Dog Food have offered specials and they have been joined by Fish4dogs so thanks to both of them. There will be all the usual side attractions and stalls but this year there is a new one….Make Me An Offer! It’s for the unusual and uncommon. Some items that certainly fit that bill have been donated but do have a look into your cupboards and on your shelves. What is there that is too good for a raffle and you don’t really want to give to a charity shop? Jean would love to hear from you!

Counting down…..

Less than 6 weeks to the EFG Companion Show and Funday on July 13th. That very crucial thing of toilets have been booked and Wagg Dog Food have continued their very kind sponsorship with the donation of six bags of their complete food. BVA/KC eye tests need appointments and Peter Bedford is always popular so do email Sheila for an appointment

Less than 2 months!

It’s now less than two months to the EFG Companion Show and Funday( all breeds not just Glen of Imaal Terriers). Saturday July 13th is the date and Swineshead is the venue. There will be BVA/KC eye testing by Peter Bedford and appointments ARE required. Please email Sheila on and she will be pleased to allocate you a slot.

Now National Terrier is over….

…thoughts turn to the summer and the EFG Companion Show.

It will be held on Saturday July 13th and the two judges will be Max King (Pedigree) and Jane Withers (Fun). There will be eye testing by Peter Bedford and appointments are necessary, Sheila is the lady to contact if you want an appointment.

More news about the event-yes, we already have lots-will be on here over the next weeks and months!

…and day two as well

And as you can see the 2nd day was equally as fortunate with the weather. The Glen walk happened in near perfect conditions and a gentle mile suited everybody including the oscar performers of the Glen of Imaal Terrier world. Two dogs powered to the front with I’m in front, no I’m in front whilst another group fell a bit behind and one youngster smiled slyly from the arms of her owner as she convinced him she needed to be carried.

The Good Citizens Test saw three more Glens become “certified” includingly  Muttley. Why is he singled out? Everybody else told Nicki he could do it but she was convinced he hadn’t a brain in his head; he proved he did!

The grooming demonstrations were well received and a couple of jaws dropped when their previously very hairy animals were seen in all their glory. Under there were rather nice Glen of Imaal Terriers and “Grooming Is Good” will be done again.

For anybody who wants to see lots of photographs from the day Paul was very busy and so was Scott. David was doing his photographic bit as well.

An EFG(Proposed) committee meeting was held to approve and finalise the CV submission to the Kennel Club. It was also decided that members are a crucial part of the EFG and, as has always happened, they will be kept up to date with committee things via the blog and breed notes.

Thank you-Weather God!!!!

That tells you everything; after seemingly months of rain the Weather God decided he would, in divine magnificence, deliver sun for the EFG Companion Show and everybody came out to pay homage to his divine benevolence. On a weekend where everything seemingly cancelled we went ahead and it was brilliant. Over 200 entries for the Companion Show, over 40 people stayed on Saturday night for the Chinese supper and get-together. There was eye-testing, there was agility, there was competitions, there were raffles. For the first time the cars had to be double parked and nobody could believe it when a mini-bus turned up.

Thank you to Allan Stephenson for coming to judge and we all hope Peter gets better soon. Thank you to the people who came Thursday to  help set up and who were still there Sunday afternoon to help knock down. Thank you to the folk who travelled from all over the country (literally) and thank you to the people who came across a blog on the internet and had enough faith to visit somewhere they had never heard of, to spend time with a group of people they knew nothing about. Thank you all for giving up your time and effort to (once again) show that when the EFG does something everybody has an absolute ball and the first emails and photographs were coming in Saturday night to say “Yeah, brilliant time!!!”.

Best In Show was awarded to a Lhasa with Reserve to a Glen of Imaal. Best Puppy went to a Chi. More photographs have been promised so do check back. Whilst we were all doing our bit the Glens in America were covering themselves with glory. GCH Finnabair Song O’My  Heart was turning in three Group 4 placings and GCH Coleraine Mandalay Royalty added another Gp4 to her tally. Pride of place though has to be 6 month old Briarhill Flaithes Eirann who went Best Puppy in Show at Woodstock Dog Club. What a debut! Congratulations everybody