So how did it go then?

This slideshow is just a flavour of how it all went and there is a bigger one on the EFG website

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The (now annual) sacrifices to the weather Gods worked and it was a beautiful day-sunny but not too warm. There is always that first thought of “will they come?” but as one American film said “if you build it, they will come” and it was true once more. People laughed, talked, gossiped, met up with people after a 30 year gap and generally had a great day. How far did they come then? A field in Lincolnshire had folk from as far away as Manchester, Bournemouth and all points between. We were pleased and they seemed to be as well. The raffle sold out. All the Chinese was eaten in the evening. The fun dog show judge was approved of “well he’s Dutch isn’t he so worth coming along for”. Even the hired toilets, blue for boys and pink for girls, got a laugh. Actually that makes an excellent summing up to it all, it was a laugh

For the September diary

The Glen Association will be holding a Glen Weekend on the 3rd and 4th September 2016 at Sedgebrook Social Club, Abbey Lane, Sedgebrook, Lincs. NG32 2EY.

 There will be having a ‘talk’ by Joanne Davis who is a Reiki practitioner on animals

 The usual Glen activities as well as an optional Agility competition for those who wish to compete, grooming advice with a demonstration and the renowned World Famous Sausage Race!

 On Sunday there will be a fun dog show for the local people and anyone who wishes to enter.

Camping and caravan parking is available adjacent to the club, as well as a range of local hotels and B&Bs for those who prefer something more comfortable.

For more details please call Lynne and Gordon on 01435 866575 (email or Geraldine and Alan on 01949 842192 (email

There will be drinks both hot and cold and some food available for purchase.

We look forward to seeing you on 3rd September, please would you be kind enough to register your interest so that we have an idea of how many will be attending and who will be camping or caravanning.

So with the EFG weekend (including BVA/KC eye testing) on July 16th  & 17th anybody wanting to meet Glen of Imaal Terriers on an informal footing will have lots of chance over the summer!




…but can Glens track?

The EFG Funday Flyer mentions “Tracking” and the question has come in about the ability of Glen of Imaal Terriers to do it? There are Glens in America that do tracking and in this country Woody Garner has had a few goes with Cresta reporting he loves it so we’ll see what they can do.

There will be two tracking areas, one for total beginners and one for anybody who thinks their dog doesn’t need the easy-peasy area. There will be experienced people around to show the owners and dogs the ropes so why not give it a go? It’s part of the EFG day but any breed can have a go!



The EFG Fun Day (on July 16th) always has a habit of turning into a weekend. Well Glen of Imaal Terrier people, any dog people really, like to chat, gossip and eat and, of course, supper must be taken. Suddenly it is quite late so it’s easier to stay up a bit longer than drive home or go to bed!

If you’d like to bring a tent, caravan or motorhome just let Jean ( know and she’ll make sure there is room. Also accomadation can be arranged at local Bed & Breakfasts etc.

On the 16th there will be……

Okay there is eye testing (appointments and there is a Fun Dog Show. For the first time there will be tracking, this is for any breed remember not just Glen of Imaal Terriers. There will be the usual Grooming Workshop and it doesn’t matter what your personal experience is; there will be somebody there to show YOU how to do your Glen’s coat. There will-of course-be the usual Saturday night supper! Tents,caravans, motorhomes can all be accommodated but we do need to know you are coming, just drop Jean an email.

And The Sun Was Shining!

People & glens from all over the country converged on Swinehead for the EFG funday on Saturday – some of them won’t be home yet and more pictures will be up as they come in.

The weather gods smiled and ten Glens turned up in the special Glen class.

Plans were laid for a special event to commemorate the twentieth aniversay of the EFG in 2016IMG_2352 IMG_2347

Glen of Imaal Terrier folk; you have to love them for their dedication. At the International Show at Tvaaker (Sweden) McCormac Setna Sithbacc was BOB with Bilbo’s Roisin Best Opposite and now a Swedish Champion. In Finland Stiubhard Cutie Pie at Gleann led the way with Pearytail Batman at Gleann Best Dog. Ireland and Irish Ladies All Breed Show had Ch Abberann Phelan get the nod for BOB with his sister Dervla Best Bitch.

Over in America a busy weekend: At Woodstock Dog Club BOB was awarded to GCH Daulton’s Emerald Green with Kilkenny’s Granite Great Gatsby Best Opposite. Astabula and Grand River saw a double for GCH Emerald Isle Keely with Daulton and also two Owner Handler Group placements. Green Mountain was a nod to the big ribbon for Kilkenny’s Granite Glen Rooney and Brookhaven KC had GCH Rainbow Spring’s Wicklow Warrior of Ber-D-Mar take BOB and Group 2 with Ch Ber-D-Mar My Dream of You Aoife taking Best Bitch. At the second Brookhaven Show Aoife was again BOS to Cormac McCarthy’s BOB.

Well done everybody!!!

48 hours to go…

The eye testing session is absolutely full and, for the first time, there is a waiting list. The lure machine has been checked and re-checked (this is a Tony special so nothing else would be expected). Rosettes and trophies have been collected and the ring marking out tape found. The mammoth bake for the cake stall has begun and the books have been priced. (This year the books are 10p holiday reading/10p other and 25p other so plenty of stocking up opportunities and there is always the 50p to look box; this is for what could be loosely termed adult/alternative reading & we can’t possibly reveal who donated which of these). The tombola prizes are being assembled and the hamper raffle prize has all its bits assigned. The Good Citizen’s Test has the highest number of dogs we have ever had entered & the toilets are due on site shortly.

The EFG Glen of Imaal Terrier Companion Show and Fund Raising Event is practically good to go!!

Is there a drought?

The news has been speaking of a “drought in the east”. When you have to mow a large field a bit less rain is an advantage! The field will be fine for July 16th (the date of the Companion Show & FUNDay) and, even though some have booked in, there is still room for anybody who would like to bring a tent, motorhome or caravan. Some schools break up the day before so if anybody is thinking of doing the Lincolnshire coast for a few days…

At the EFG FUNDay

There will be a Companion Show and Eyetesting (have you booked yet?) but also there will be an examiner for the Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Test. It isn’t a too hard standard of obedience to reach with your dog, Glen of Imaal Terriers have taken it so any breed can, and gives an incredible level of satisfaction being given a certificate! Have a look what is required and then why not let Jean know ( ) you’ll be having a go?