Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow is the day, the usual ritual sacrifices have been made to the weather Gods & it’s looking promising; nicely warm with only a possibility of light rain in the early evening. The signs will be going up and these include the “eye” for the BVA/KC eye testing session (this is very full so please keep to your appointment).

If you are coming via the A17 and turning off onto the A52 before turning right onto the B1391 don’t panic if there aren’t any signs! There is an agricultural auction at the A17/A52 turn and they have previously taken the EFG signs down because they say it distracts people from their event. The same “don’t panic” applies if you are a somebody newly attending and are travelling via sat-nav….you aren’t lost when it says “you have reached your destination” for PE20 3HH and you can’t see anything. Blackjack Road is quite long so just keep motoring along, you won’t miss us.

See you there and (depending what you’re coming for) don’t forget your dog, lead, KC registration certificate, purse and maybe a raffle prize or two.

So everybody is eating at the weekend but what else?

The EFG do try to give you “value for money” and anybody who has been before will certainly know how we stick to the idea. There is the Fun dog Show with a Dutch judge this year and as well as the usual rosettes Sea Treats have donated for the 1st-4th in each class. Engraved classes have also been offered for some class winners including Best Veteran if you’d like to take your oldie for a day out.There is a new event (for us) of tracking. Also our dog world can be a little odd, when viewed from the outside, and it’s always good to get people involved to see how good Canine Companionship can be so this year we’ve invited the Cub Scouts. The lads will be running a stall, some games and, possibly, for a small donation to Cub funds, be available to do and fetching or carrying you may need assistance with.

Of course there are raffles (and notice the “s”). There is to be a bottle raffle, a general raffle and prizes for either, or both, would be appreciated. Finishing off the “s” is a raffle for a food mixer. Rather good, eh!

As it’s an Enthusiats & Fanciers of Glens event there will be Glen of Imaal Terriers to be admired, talked about and stroked but any and every breed-and not a breed-are more than welcome to take part in everything and that includes the grooming……….grooming, that’s not mentioned above? No it isn’t because that’s for tomorrow

It’s the Final Countdown……

…… the EFG Fun Show (with BVA/KC eye-testing) is this coming weekend!

One of the things that the EFG excels at, indeed the majority of Glen of Imaal Terrier are exactly the same, is in the provision of “refreshments”. Yes they will be there and new for this year will be Cream Teas because……all together now….it is Summer and there just has to be scones and clotted cream!

If anybody attending would like to bring a cake (homemade or a quick trip to Asda) it would be appreciated.

Saturday night will be the usual Chinese so if you will be staying-you don’t have to be a Glen owner-can you please let Jean ( know as soon as possible as she needs to give a rough idea of numbers to the owner of the Chinese Take Away.