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Anything you’d like to share….in print?

The EFG Summer newsletter is being put together. Is there anything you’d like to share/ laugh about/ rant over even with everybody. It can (obviously) involve things with Glen of Imaal Terriers but it can just be something that might be of interest to their people. Linda Samuel would love to hear from you.

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and the EFG Winter newsletter. This is the final call for articles etc. please send them to Linda Samuel (

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Feeling inspired?

It’s getting towards time for the EFG Christmas newsletter so over to you. What has your Glen of Imaal Terrier done that should be shared with people? What have you thought about that needs a wider audience? Linda Samuel ( would love to hear from you

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EFG Summer newsletter

Linda Samuel is now compiling the EFG Summer Newsletter and would welcome any contributions, thoughts, ideas, tips, photographs….

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Parish Notices

The EFG Spring Newsletter is currently being posted. It is online for overseas members and people who said they would prefer it that way. Email Jean for the password.

Items for the agenda of the Annual General Meeting of the EFG need to be with Jean by tomorrow. Dates, times etc. are on the website.

The EFG Open Show schedule (in conjunction with Birmingham Gundog & Terrier who have allocated 10 classes this year) is online , coming out in the newsletter and will be available at Crufts. Entries can be handed in to Jean or Sue at Crufts but they must be in sealed envelopes with EFG Open Show on the front please.

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Newsletters are on the way out.

The EFG newsletter is on the way to you if a member. If you indicated you wished it electronically (and haven’t received notification yet) please email Jean ( for the password to access the member’s area on the website

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Got your newsletter?

Hopefully by now all EFG members will have either received their newsletter or picked it up at the Funday; if not can you please let Jean ( know. It was rather a full envelope and in the rush to get things off one important piece of paper got missed. Do you actually want a hardcopy newsletter to drop through your door or are you happy to read it online? Again please let Jean or Linda Samuel ( know. Not too sure?

Included in the envelope was an excellent Health Newsletter that shouldn’t become a slightly dog-eared, crumpled, tatty little booklet but however hard you try things do get moved from pillar to post and mugs stood on them etc. The Health Newsletter is online so is there to be looked at again and easily shown to any interested people. Another example is the Health Report that was available at the AGM. Anybody remember what they did with it? Online it’s available to be referred back to.

Things from the EFG can be delivered however you prefer but we MUST know if you have a preference!


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