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Staying local for once

It was “The Girls (rather than the boys) are Back In Town” at the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club Open Show when both Best In Show & Reserve Best in Show went to the ladies in the form of Wickholm Breaking Dawn and Jeonty Mini MeMe. The Best Dogs were Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty and Golden Spur. Boudivella Tegan was Best Puppy and Donvaleset Rebus Best Veteran so with the dog food, rosettes, cups, specials and actual real life money on offer quite a few cars returned home with more in than they had started with.

The EFG Open Show is one of the very rare times that 2 shows can be attended for one lot of travelling money and at the “other”, Birmingham Gundog & Terrier, Best of Breed went to Romainville Becks Blue for Zippor, Best Bitch Bregorrey Madam Defiance and once again Best Puppy to Boudivella Tegan

Nice going everybody!

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It’s the EFG Open Show this weekend!!!`

Sunday 23rd at the Sports Connexion, Ryton on Dunsmoor, CV3 3FL will be the place to go if you want to see Glen of Imaal Terriers this weekend. The EFG Open Show will begin judging at 9.30am and Birmingham Gundog & Terrier Glen classes will follow in the same ring as soon as the EFG Show is finished.

Finally the Coventry roadworks are being reported as nearly finished and no other traffic problems are being reported (at the moment).

There will be a ring number prize draw after judging has finished so a chance of even more to go home with. The usual bring and share table will be there so nibbles, drinks etc. would be appreciated


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Final reminder for the EFG Open Show

Entries close for the EFG Open Show in April 10th so take this as the last reminder to get your envelope into the post. Schedules are still available on the EFG website. Don’t forget Birmingham Gundog & Terrier as well-two chances to show your Glen of Imaal Terrier under 2 breed judges:-Karen Forbes at the EFG event and Jamie Sage for G&T. With the EFG there’s £10 on offer for BIS and £5 for RBIS, BP & Best Veteran so you could even get some of your fuel money back. That doesn’t happen very often these days!

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Reminder for the weekend.

It’s National Terrier on Saturday so check the show bag to see if you’ve remembered to put the entry in for the EFG Open Show (Sue will be there to collect them) and any membership monies you forgot to give over at Crufts. If you can’t find your EFG Schedule it’s on the website and entries close on April 10th. Karen Forbes is judging.

The EFG Open Show is held alongside Birmingham Gundog & Terrier so you’ll get two bites of the showing cherry for just one set of travelling costs. Jamie Sage is judging Glen of Imaal Terriers at G&T and entries can be given either direct to Rachel Leeson at NT or made online at Fosse Data

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“When you do the list for Crufts remember to…..” “Will there be a list for……” “Don’t forget to put on the list about….”

Okay so in no particular order here’s THE LIST as asked for by Glen of Imaal Terrier people.

  • Remember your passes
  • Some comfy shoes
  • Headache tablets
  • Breed Club subscriptions (in a sealed envelope please with your name on the front)
  • The map in the car in case of overrunning road works or stupidity by the satnav
  • Your entry for the EFG Open Show (again the sealed envelope with name on the front please)
  • Getting an EFG Open Show Schedule to replace the one you’ve put somewhere safe.
  • Remember Glens are 3rd in the ring (not before 2.00pm) and as dogs are accepted up to midday you don’t really have to arrive at the NEC before sun up.
  • We WILL be doing a Bring & Share. Finger food is best so it can be eaten as folk walk around, gossip and groom. Dips and things that needs forks and spoons are very nice when you have lots of time but with it being a lunch (pre-judging) slow, easy and languid won’t be words of the day
  • Money for the shopping. Whatever you think before hand you will need it. So to assist with the assault here’s a list of all trade stalls

National Terrier have extended their closing date until Monday 13th March. Entries can be made on

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Ticking off the list.

We’ve “done” an eye testing notification, Crufts closing date, AGM, January KC Kennel Journal, Open Show schedules, committee minutes, critiques and asked if people would be interested in a calendar for 2018? Think that’s the main bulk done. Obviously there has to be a reminder about paying breed club memberships…..we all forget these things but they do need to be done so Jean (EFG) and Noel (Association) would love to have an envelope from you and so would the various secretaries and treasurers of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Clubs around the world. Oh yes, don’t forget National Terrier-Glen judge Peter Bakewell-closes February 17(postal).

So it’s now time for the annual hibernation. Best of luck if you are entered for Westminster, if you have misplaced your EFG Open Show schedule it can be downloaded from here and we’ll close with a photograph that says Glen of Imaal Terriers CAN do it, just believe!

Golden Spurs-Best In Show North Wales Canine Society Christmas Show

Golden Spurs-Best In Show North Wales Canine Society Christmas Show


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Open Show Schedules

We’re always happy to put up Open Shows that schedule Glen of Imaal Terriers but the details do need sending..unsubtle hint!

West Midlands Terrier-11th February-Glen judge David Howarth-closing date 16th January

Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire-12th February-Glen judge Mick Oxley-entries close 21st January

Retford Canine Society-20th March-Glen judge Maud Hawkes-entries close 29th February

North Lincs Dog Club-15th April-Glen judge Mark Walshaw-entries close 13th March

Birmingham Gundog & Terrier-April 23rd-Glen judge Jamie Sage (10 classes)-entries close 31st March

and the EFG Open Show is also on April 23rd with Karen Forbes as the judge. Entries close April 10th

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