Have you noticed the “P”?

The front page of the EFG website now has a button on the top left hand corner that says Pinterest. If you hit the link it will take you to the board we have started. The generosity of Glen of Imaal Terrier people world wide in sending their news and photographs to share means the blog has one of the best (as in varied) Glen breed collections in the world so we’re sharing it further. Want to send anything?

Winter newsletter and 2017 show schedule now on the website

The EFG winter newsletter has now been posted, handed out and is on the EFG website (members area) for overseas members. Get in touch with Jean is you haven’t had yours (if you prefer a hard copy) or can’t remember the password for the member’s area if you prefer to read online.

The 2017 EFG Open Show schedule is also on the events section of the website

An excellent AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club (EFG) was held last weekend. It was a busy (and productive) 90 minutes for the attendees, some of which had seriously travelled! Future plans were provisionally put into place, judges ratified, rules revised and discussion brisk. The AGM was then followed by a “full house” Committee Meeting.

The EFG website is now updated with the Breeders Section added to the Code of Ethics.

In case you haven’t noticed…..

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club has a new website. It’s obviously a work in progress with things to be added once ratification happens at the AGM. Do note that the full criteria for the judges list is on there along with a downloadable application form (which can be sent electronically) so there is no excuse if you want/think you should be included!

This is the first site the EFG have had that is optimised for mobile viewing etc. (initial feedback gives it high satisfaction ratings) but we need to know if it doesn’t work for your operating system.

New stuff already here and on the way

The Glen Services website was recently updated. As always it doesn’t promote any country, kennel or breeder. It just tries to give the full story of the Glen of Imaal Terrier to anybody doing research via the internet. One of its greatest, and best thought of, features are the photographs provided by Glen people worldwide of Glens doing loads of everyday things. The “classic shots” are still there (David Seall’s bluebells, Anne Roslin-Williams’ Berg profile etc.) and the working photographs have a page of their own. For the first time in the update there is a Glen in a Therapy Vest so Mark Brown’s shot of Winston shows yet another talent to the breed’s bow. The front page of the site “lifts a paw” in gratitude for everybody who has sent photographs and those thanks are happily repeated here.

Obviously after the news at the back end of last week, the EFG is now registered, as well as recognised, by the Kennel Club, there will be a new EFG website. That won’t happen for a while yet because there are just a few things that take priority but rest assured it will be fully updated and it will appear on here when it happens!

It’s June!

So as not to tax everybody’s brain (including ours) too much we normally take a break a quarter. We did it in January  but somehow or other we missed the Spring break. As it’s now June-well the calendar says so even if the weather  doesn’t-we going to take a week off now. We’ll be back on June 19th so don’t forget to send anything that could be of interest to fellow Glen of Imaal Terrier people.

Whilst we’re away have a look at the new EFG website and let us know what you think of our work in progress