2018 AGM Agenda available

The agenda for the Annual General Meeting of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club (EFG) on Sunday 22nd April at The Sports Connection. Ryton on Dunsmore CV8 3FL (to be held after the preceding Club Open Show) is now available. A stamped, self addressed envelope should be sent to the Secretary (Jean Rogers, HedgeGreen Cottage, Blackjack Road, Swineshead, Boston, PE20 3HH) or it can be read on the member’s area of the EFG website



Open Shows in the Spring

Retford (19th March) closes on February 27th has Jane Howarth judging Glen of Imaal Terriers

Manchester & District Sporting Terrier (9th April) closes on March 25th has John Scanlon judging Glen of Imaal Terriers. This is not downloadable so schedules can be obtained from Miss C Clarke O’Neill 0151 474 6012

North Lincs Dog Club (15th April) closes on March 13th has Mark Walshaw judging Glen of Imaal Terriers

Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club (EFG) Open Show (23rd April) closes on April 10th has Karen Forbes judging

The EFG is sharing the venue with

Birmingham Gundog & Terrier who has Jamie Sage doing the Glens so the opportunity for two shows in one day under two breed judges!!

So everybody is eating at the weekend but what else?

The EFG do try to give you “value for money” and anybody who has been before will certainly know how we stick to the idea. There is the Fun dog Show with a Dutch judge this year and as well as the usual rosettes Sea Treats have donated for the 1st-4th in each class. Engraved classes have also been offered for some class winners including Best Veteran if you’d like to take your oldie for a day out.There is a new event (for us) of tracking. Also our dog world can be a little odd, when viewed from the outside, and it’s always good to get people involved to see how good Canine Companionship can be so this year we’ve invited the Cub Scouts. The lads will be running a stall, some games and, possibly, for a small donation to Cub funds, be available to do and fetching or carrying you may need assistance with.

Of course there are raffles (and notice the “s”). There is to be a bottle raffle, a general raffle and prizes for either, or both, would be appreciated. Finishing off the “s” is a raffle for a food mixer. Rather good, eh!

As it’s an Enthusiats & Fanciers of Glens event there will be Glen of Imaal Terriers to be admired, talked about and stroked but any and every breed-and not a breed-are more than welcome to take part in everything and that includes the grooming……….grooming, that’s not mentioned above? No it isn’t because that’s for tomorrow

From the EFG Committee and A REMINDER!

At the recent Committee Meeting of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers Club the following was discussed:-

Arrangements for the Open show are well in hand. Donations of rosettes, prize money and support from dog food manufacturers have been obtained. The committee also agreed to provide a small gift to all entries in addition to the usual entrants raffle to commemorate the 20th year of EFG.

The judges for the open show have been nominated up to 2019. It was noted that it was likely there would be a shortage of judges going forward following the KC’s change of approach. It is therefore import to bring on new judges and ensure that we get nominations for consideration at the next AGM

To mark the 20th year ring clips have been produced, a dog  diary with EFG logo, calendars and a cake, that was very well received, to celebrate at Crufts.  An update on these items/events was noted.

The website has been refreshed and costings were received for the production of a new Introduction to Glens booklet. It was agreed to circulate the original to the committee so that input can be gathered as to content and design.

The successful participation in the Genome project was welcomed and the Health update noted

The opportunity to run a grooming event was discussed and it was suggested that  advice on dog showing  could be usefully added to the day for new owners. The committee agreed to look at the possibility.

The Funday has been moved to 16/17th July to avoid a clash with East of England. Eye testing has been arranged as usual. A 20th anniversary soiree will hopefully also be held following the show.

Date of the next committee meeting was proposed as 16th July so if any member has anything they would like bringing up please let a Committee Member know.

That’s the official boring bit and now a reminder about the FUN BIT. Sunday is the EFG Open Show (in conjunction with Birmingham Gundog & Terrier) and it’ll be a blast. The Club Show is in first so it’ll give plenty of time for a get together before the afternoon session of judging. Remember we’ll be doing the usual bring and share of food because together we can! Looking forward to a great day to celebrate the EFG 20th year since formation





Let’s hear it again….

We applauded yesterday so let’s hear it one more time for Glen of Imaal Terriers (and their people) at Crufts. Every year Discover Dogs is the place to be for so many visitors and flying the Glen flag most distinguishedly were, amongst others, Basil, Brogan, Digby, Dylan, Gill, Inga, Lady, Misty & Mutley. There were more people than ever around the ring and some serious travelling had occurred. The East Coast of America was well represented and, this year, the West was there as well. Glen Team Finland were there in force and some flew in to spectate. Nice to see you all and hope the journeys home weren’t too long and tiring.

It was the EFG 20th year and the invitation had gone out to “come and eat cake”. What can be said other than the invitation was certainly taken up and it was so nice to see so many people. The Cake, it has to be a definitive, was a Nicki Montford double flavour creation. Suffice to say people just walking passed stopped to take a quick picture with usually a comment of “wow”. Thank you for joining us.

Unusually for Glens they made appearances in the rings other than Terrier Day so a quick thumbs up again to Emma and Muffin in the YKC Grooming and Billy with his remarkable 3rd in the Vulnerable Breeds Final. Great publicity for the breed.


Summary of EFG Committee Meeting LKA 2015

A committee meeting of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & fanciers Club (EFG) was held at LKA on the 13th December.  A number of things were discussed.

The Calendar project was agreed to be a success with all 175 copies being sold. The Committee asked for a formal letter of thanks to go to DDP the printers for their excellent work and prompt turn around.

Some of the dog show diaries with our commemorative logo are still available and will be promoted as Christmas gifts .

An offer of sponsorship for the celebratory cake at Crufts, to celebrate 20 years of the EFG, was gratefully received.

Quotes will be obtained for the printing of a new green book (introduction to the Glen) and new badges.

A Grooming Day is still being planned and ideas were discussed for a new EFG website in 2016

A number of EFG members and others provided the Glens for the KC’s JDP on the breed. The presentation was well received by the participants and the KC JDP panel. A formal vote of thanks to all those involved was recorded

Judges were confirmed for the open shows as Roger Cruden 2016,Karen Forbes 2017, and Frank Kane 2018. A Glen Specialist is therefore needed for 2019.

It was agreed to try and arrange the AGM around the 19th/20th March and, as previously decided, as it was held “north” in 15 it will be “south” in 16.

There was also discussions re: the AGM proposal and the KC. One other matter bought up in AOB was referred for the AGM