…and day two as well

And as you can see the 2nd day was equally as fortunate with the weather. The Glen walk happened in near perfect conditions and a gentle mile suited everybody including the oscar performers of the Glen of Imaal Terrier world. Two dogs powered to the front with I’m in front, no I’m in front whilst another group fell a bit behind and one youngster smiled slyly from the arms of her owner as she convinced him she needed to be carried.

The Good Citizens Test saw three more Glens become “certified” includingly  Muttley. Why is he singled out? Everybody else told Nicki he could do it but she was convinced he hadn’t a brain in his head; he proved he did!

The grooming demonstrations were well received and a couple of jaws dropped when their previously very hairy animals were seen in all their glory. Under there were rather nice Glen of Imaal Terriers and “Grooming Is Good” will be done again.

For anybody who wants to see lots of photographs from the day Paul was very busy and so was Scott. David was doing his photographic bit as well.

An EFG(Proposed) committee meeting was held to approve and finalise the CV submission to the Kennel Club. It was also decided that members are a crucial part of the EFG and, as has always happened, they will be kept up to date with committee things via the blog and breed notes.