CRUFTS…up and running.

Well, it’s day one and the only gossip from Crufts seems to be that betting has been suspended by a top bookmaker on who will take the eventual number one spot. A certain Group has been mentioned and a dog from that group has been tipped for weeks to take the number one spot so although two and two could make ten it seems the bookies have come very late to the news!

If any Glen of Imaal Terrier owner who doesn’t belong to either of the two breed clubs is attending over the next three days do make sure you pick up a “Headcount 2008” form. The Enthusiasts & Fanciers of Glens newsletter will be available down on the Glen of Imaal benches on Sunday so if you are a member do come and pick one up. Also anybody who hasn’t paid their subscriptions yet are more than welcome to cough up. Put them in a sealed ¬†envelope please with your name and amount on the outside. As usual cakes, drink etc. will be available.