Some weekend!

The triple Winner Weekend in Finland, Helsinki, Nordic & Finnish had excellent Glen of Imaal Terrier entries all three days. The respective Best of Breeds and Best Opposites over the three days were, Gleann Ungus MacGuire & Pearytail Artless Tess, Gleann Una Noonan & Gleann Ungus MacGuire with Rosears Humpty Dumpty and Gleann Una Noonan at the Finnish Winners.

The Eukanuba Cluster saw BOB and BOS going to GCH Abberann Abaigael and GCH Kilkenny’s Sullivan of Castlerock at the first two shows and at Eukanuba itself GCH Daulton’s Emerald Green was BOB with GCH Liberty’s Darren of Daulton BOS. The Amsterdam Winners saw Highlander’s Dream Arthor waved to the Glen BOB with Romainville Kyla at Knockcarrig BOS

Many congratulations to all.

It’s the final countdown!

Well, we’re finally here. The PRA Fund Raising Event is this weekend. Some people have been camped on site since last Monday with the bulk expected today and tomorrow. The rosettes and prizes are sorted for the Companion Show and the dog food firms have been very generous. Wagg, Burns, Chudleys and Eukanuba have all sent contributions to the cause and we say “thank you” for it.

Last yeat the Space Hopper Derby saw a lot of “I’d love to have a go but don’t know if I could do it now”. No problems this year. For 50p a Hopper can be used for a re-accquainting session. Word has already been received though that one person coming has been in practice for weeks.

The ye testing vacancy has now been filled so the day is running with a very full card.Please be on time i.e. 15-20 minutes before your appointment so the drops can be put into the dog’s eyes…..and don’t forget your registration documents.

There are quite a few tombola prizes already with us but there can never be too many so bring things along.

Of course you can bring your own picnic but there will be food and drink to buy and yes, there will be toilets!

Eukanuba 2008



Eukanuba was a great event for the Finnabair affix. Best of Breed Ch Finnabair Waking Kilmurray and Best Opposite Ch Finnabair Roisin O’Tipperary. Chris Levy (the judge) is interested in minority breeds, is secretary of the Terrier Club of Oregon and apparently spoke about Glens at some length whilst over in the UK to…….Jean Rogers.

The American Kennel Club put great store on “Bred By Exhibitor” and they have their own Group with the Glen of Imaal bred by being Ch Fourth Hunt’s Pure Gold….who just happened to have a Finnabair sire. The Bred By video is already up on the AKC website

Eyes go west….

This weekend any Glen of Imaal Terrier people who are interested in exhibiting may be thinking “westerly thoughts” as the big Eukanuba Invitational Show and accompanying circuit happen in California. EFG people never miss a good bash so we have somebody normally UK based there to report on it first hand as well as the US people.

An interesting thing has already happened though. The US Glen standard used to say that “imported” tailed Glens should not be penalised and this was changed to full tails not to be penalised when the breed got full recognition in 2004. A judge at a show yesterday excused a US bred Glen for having a full tail and his reason for doing so was that as it wasn’t imported it was wrong. All exhibitors there told the judge he was wrong but he would have none of it and the dog was excused. Somehow or other the judge did not have an updated standard and he stood by what he had.

The KC have just changed the standard here, the change is slight and doesn’t come into affect until next year, but the above indicates that folk will have to be vigilant with the reading of critiques if anybody thinks their adult Glens are being penalised for something that was “fine” before 2009. Well we still have judges that would swear on the bible that the Glen of Imaal standard says “eyes- dark brown” when no shade at all is mentioned!