Rest of the “European” results.

The European Winners in Dublin last weekend had, for some breeds, a US style cluster. Glen of Imaal Terriers were one such with the Irish Association Club Championship Show and the Kennel Club Special CC Show being held either side of Terrier Day.

At the Irish Association Club Show the results were:- Green Star Dog (BOB) Homer-Multi Champion Abberann Conan. Green Star Bitch Rosie-Ir/Ch Abberann Ennya. Reserve Dog Green Star Declan-Romainville Bodhran. Reserve Bitch Green Star SuCh Donvaleset Bonnie Colleen.

The KC Irish Native Breeds Show saw a repeat for the Abberann siblings with sister Eilish getting the nod for Reserve Bitch. Declan was Reserve Dog

From cover to cover

Homer (Multi Ch Abberann Conan) was the Irish post office cover stamp boy for the European Show and now, the weekend of the actual show, is a cover boy again, Nick and Ann have arranged a colour advert on the front page of Our Dogs. Certainly putting Glen of Imaal Terriers out there!

Canine Brucellosis outbreak in Southern Ireland

With less than a month to go until the Irish Kennel Club hosted European Winners Show in Dublin an outbreak of Canine Brucellosis has been announced in Southern Ireland. This is a notifiable disease and a zoonosis (can be caught by humans). By current EU law if an outbreak is confirmed, rather than an isolated case, the worst case scenario would see an embargo on all movement of dogs in and out of the country. Even the best case scenario, if such an outbreak is confirmed, could see an instant imposing of no canine movement without up to date vaccination.

No, it isn’t true.

The word has been flying around that the Irish Kennel Club hosted European Winners Show is changing venue from the RDS Showground up to the IKC Show Centre to the north of Dublin. This is a rumour and is NOT true. Due to the economic downturn the entry at the show isn’t quite what was hoped for but everybody can be assured that the well known Irish hospitality will be still at full throttle at the RDS Ballsbridge.