Just report them to Facebook

Sometimes emails arrive saying that Glen of Imaal Terriers are being advertised for sale on Facebook. Sometimes outright with a price and sometimes photographs with words along the line of “three of these beauties are still for sale”. Facebook have recently made the selling of animals illegal so if you have concerns you can now let them know direct.

Busy in the evening….

If you are busy in the evening and haven’t got a hard-drive to record Crufts coverage on More 4 it can be seen during the day.

www.dfscrufts.tv  runs live during the day and there are regular updates via Twitter and Facebook.

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust have done their bit for Glen of Imaal Terriers over the years so have a look at their first ebay auction (It has been pointed out to them that the collars don’t have any lengths on them so hopefully that will be altered)