How will it work?

The FCI have released BASIC STATEMENT FOR SHOW JUDGES-DOGS FIT FOR THEIR ORIGINAL FUNCTION and it makes interesting reading with one or two things being certain eyebrow raisers. The thing though that is of interest to many exhibitors comes under Abundant Coat and Grooming/Presentation of the Dog: It is increasingly common that breeds, standing as well as moving, are presented in the ring on a upstraight and neck-tight leash. This does not promote the welfare of the dog, and moreover it inhibits correct movement and makes natural and breed specific movement impossible to be achieved. A dog should be shown on a loose leash in a natural way with a correct and breed specific movement. Pulling the dog up at the neck and/or tail is prohibited.

Lets ask the first million dollar question here; how does loose leash in a natural way equate with some of the guarding breeds that have to have a very tight hold kept on them to stop them acting in their natural way? How does loose leash in a natural way work in a ring of terriers? How does loose leash in a natural way work in a ring of dominate males in any breed?

The second million dollar question is natural and breed specific movement. How many judges actually know what breed specific movement is and could recognise it in the unnatural arena of the exhibition ring?

Is it us?

Have a look at this. It has been examined upside down and inside out. The microdot has been looked for and invisible ink has been mused upon but even after half a dozen times of reading the same answer still comes up: the Kennel Club have had another one of their moments!

It was an incredibly International Crufts with the canine exhibition world showing their support. The KC reaction to this (according to that press release) we don’t DO international anymore. Just think about the number one and two male Glen of Imaal Terriers at Crufts. Homer is an Irish, American, Swedish and UK Champion who happens to do a lot of commuting. Why should Nick and Ann bother to come here anymore if the KC can’t be bothered to acknowledge any more titles he picks up. Buster is a UK, Belgian and Dutch Champion and Jean was thinking about a few more overseas trips to hopefully turn Bussy into an Int. Ch. She might decide to still do it but it will never appear on anything “official” in the UK now.

The Rare Breeds and Imports have been huge overseas travellers since the Pet Passport came in. Some of the most multi-titled animals are amingst their ranks. They won’t be there anymore, well they might be but nobody in the UK will be aware of it just by reading the show catalogues.

Just wonderful how the Kennel Club seem to decide to acknowledge the time, effort, money and expertise of the breeders and exhibitors who go out into the world to show how good the UK dogs are!