3 Counties critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers: JD. 1) Holmes’ Bailielands BB Ben. Loads of time on his sidde, strong head & muzzle, clean scissor bite, powerful jaw, excellent shoulder placement, grand  topline, well constructed, moved with power. BOB.

PB. 1) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Aoife.Very similar to the dog in many ways, powerful headed, excellent muzzle, good bite, well constructed, excellent profile, ample hindquarters, moved with drive. JB. 1) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Inki. Excellent in all quarters, full of substance, beautiful head & expression, strong in muzzle, grand front powerfuul quarters, excellent rib & angulation, hindquarters full of power, moved satisfactory. BP & BB. PG. 1) Holmes’ Grizzlemarsh Cassie. This fine girl is rarely shown mores the pity, did nothing wrong, fine head, expression & mouth, good front, straight bone, super profile & stifle, excellent topline, satisfactorily filled quarters, moved with distinction. RBB. 2) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Ellie. Fine head & expression, powerful jaw, clean mouth, excellent front, grand profile, commanding quarters, suuitably constructed, moved satisfactory. OB. 1) Wakefield’s Abberann Delta Lady at Norriss. I liked this young girl, friendly, loveable. Needs to improve in several quarters. Grand expression, good coat, moved OK.

Fred J Gadd (Judge)