Well, what do you think?

The recent debate over tailset led to the offer being made of “send photographs of what you think is the set on of a Glen of Imaal Terrier tail” In other words how does a Glen naturally carry its tail? Both docked and fully tailed Glens were sent.tail51a42a40343a4 




0734a4Glen of Imaal7a38a39a310a3b4211a312a3302_1313a3dscf06563m13glen-0013io63glenlrg3Glen of Imaal Terrierglen_of_imaal_terier3irish-breeds-book4

The illustration above is the Glen of Imaal Terrier from the Irish Kennel Club produced book of Irish Native Breeds…with a very familiar tailset.

Thank you all for the photographs and there were more but 25 are enough to be looked at in one go!

Another 24 hours only

The photographs sent to show people’s opinion of the desirable set on (where the tail joins the body) of a Glen of Imaal Terrier’s tail will be on the blog Wednesday so there are another 24 hours left to send your contribution.

Has anybody sent anything? has been one of the regular emails. Seventeen came today so, yes, there will be something to look at in a few days time! Something else that came today was this query”Why a photo of a docked Glen in a debate about what undocked Glen tails should look like?”. That is what the debate turned into but originally the talk was about the set on of a Glen tail and “how gay was gay?” One person was of the opinion that carried gaily was NOT a Dandie Dinmont carriage and another that “carried gaily” meant up. The EFG have always been open for discussion so said send the photographs that support what you think is the natural tail carriage of a Glen.


How do the Kennel Club do it?  They are really good at making people go “huh?”. The tailed Glen that was used to illustrate the breed standard made eyebrows rocket to the moon. It was neither a good tail nor desired carriage. The Glen of Imaal Terrier standard is now using illustrations rather than photographs but if anything it is a lot worse.

Obviously the KC do know what the desired carriage is as they have a docked “illustration” with a fabulous tailset. They have then got the illustrator to stick a full tail on the same animal and it looks truly ridiculous! Couldn’t they have actually asked somebody? Talking of asking, there is the usual statement of unauthorised reproduction of images prohibited but this one might be reproducible. The person who took the photograph certainly wasn’t aware that the Kennel Club were using it for illustration so most definately didn’t give permission for it to be bastardised with a tail!