A reverse topline????

Yesterday’s link to the grooming article by Gay Dunlap caused a bit of head scratching in some quarters; a Glen of Imaal reverse topline??? When queried this reply was kindly sent with full permission to place onto here:-

“A reverse topline is one that slowly rises from withers to base of tail.  As you, I am certain know, the standard states that toplines are: Straight, slightly rising to a very strong well-muscled loin with no drop-off at the croup. This is unusual for most breeds. The only other breed to my knowledge, calling for such is the Havanese, where the standard states:  The straight topline rises slightly from the withers to the croup. It is interesting that the FCI Standard for the breed (the standard used in Ireland) simply states that the topline is “level,” where the AKC standard is more specific. I have photos of Glens with dead level toplines where their stifles are more bent than those with the slightly rising toplines. The lack of rear angulation is obviously responsible for the rise in topline. I hope this answers your question. If not, I am happy to take the discussion further.”

It’s a 2 day blog so remember to check tomorrow.

This article “Grooming and Presentation Trends Over the Decades: The Terrier Group” has caused quite a bit of comment. It’s of interest to us because it mentions the Glen of Imaal Terrier in a way that is unusual to say the least.

It’s author, Gay Dunlap, kindly replied to the query as to what she actually meant? That’ll be on here tomorrow to give folk chance to read the piece fully today.