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Do you do puppy packs?

BREEDERS! Please help us to spread the word about the Glen DNA Archive!

We are asking breeders to help spread the word about the Glen DNA Archive by including this Puppy Pack letter into their own“Puppy Packs” …

If every puppy owner knows about this invaluable resource, hopefully we will have regular contributions to the DNA Archive to build up the number of swabs stored at the AHT … an extensive number of swabs stored will enable any future health research projects to “hit the ground running” …

We gratefully accept swabs from Glens of all ages and health status … not just puppies! Please visit the Glen Archive website for more information, a video demonstrating how to take swabs from your Glen and an online swab kit request form:

Our target for 2017 is to reach 250 submissions! Thank you for supporting a resource that may one day benefit YOUR Glen …

Alison Seall   



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It’s a Friday reminder


(We still have over 150 to go …)

This is Tamar and Storm at the Animal Health Trust, where all the swabs are stored for the Glen DNA Archive. If you have a few minutes this weekend, please visist the Glen Archive website and request a swab kit for YOUR Glen … the DNA from your Glen may one day help scientists with their research into canine health. There is a swab kit request form, video demonstrating how to take the swabs … and lots more information about the Archive … on the link below!

Thank you!


​Alison Seall

Glen DNA Archive Coordinator​

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A Health Reminder

Will your Glen be the 100th Glen to contribute to our DNA Archive …?

Calling all Glens … young and old … those in good health … and those with health conditions …

Please give up just a few minutes of your time to make a valuable contribution to the archive … for the benefit of future health research projects …

 It’s easy … we now have a dedicated website … with a video … and an online swab kit request form:

The Animal Health Trust (AHT) … where the archive is located … request a voluntary donation of £5.00 per swab kit to cover the costs of the swab kit, admininstration and long term storage.  However, if your Glen has a documented health condition, the AHT is happy to waive this small charge.

Let’s aim for 100 Glens “on the books” by the end of the year …!

If you have a swab kit at home … but just haven’t got round to persuading your Glen to having his/her cheek swabs done … please do it now!

We welcome photos of dogs and their swabs … to go onto the Glen Archive Blog!  Check out our first photos … and please do send in a picture of your Glen … and a swab!!

Thank you for your support!




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